Thunder Isle Blacksmithing Quest Update

I'm sad to report that there have been some issues regarding the Blacksmithing quest content on the Thunder Isle. We had a couple of comments yesterday from a reader asking for specifics on the drop rate and faction requirements for quest items. I went out last night to check on my hunter and I couldn't even get into the location where Itoka, the Master of the Forge, is found. There were massive walls near the Beast Pens, making it impossible to get to any of the mobs beyond that part of the island.

I had previously reported on the PTR that you only needed to find him and kill him to get the quest drop once his section of the Isle was unlocked. I also recommended getting your rep up to at least Honored just in case that was part of the requirement. Including myself and a few guildmates I spoke with about this quest, it appears that you may not be able to breeze right out and kill this guy. On the other hand, we've had readers (in the Comments below) indicate they had no trouble doing just that. If you are not able to reach this guy when you first get to Thunder Isle during Stage 4, try completing the new Scenario and running through the daily quest chains.

For me, I could not access Itoka, until I did the scenario for Stage 4 and also ran through the regular daily quests all the way to the Conqueror's Terrace. After turning in those quests, I got two follow-up quests. There may be phasing active on Thunder Isle which would make this area unreachable unless you are on this portion of quest chain. At this point you should be able to find Itoka and take him out. He is a shared mob, so any number of players can participate in the kill and loot the quest item. After he's dead, you will enter the Thunder Forge (door at the north end of his area) and click the book to complete the quest.

You can read my original post here for more details about the fight and the recipes you'll receive from the quest. There is also a map with locations marked for Itoka and the Thunder Forge door.

Blacksmiths should do this quest as soon as possible if you haven't already. The spell to craft a Lightning Steel Ingot is on a one day cooldown, so you'll want to start cranking them as soon as you can. Each time you make the ingot, you'll learn one of the new Crafted Dreadful plate recipes or Haunted Steel 522 epic patterns. Finally, you will learn the upgrade versions of each weapon only when you craft that weapon. Ingots will be required as materials for each version of the weapon. So making ingots is something you'll be doing for a while :)

If you have any questions or relevant information to share with others, please leave a Comment!

Patch 5.2 Coming Today!

I'm sure you all know that we're getting the latest patch today. For those who may have missed a post here or there, I've put together a quick list of the information we compiled so far:

Blacksmithing: The Thunder Forge Quests (my walk-thru of the process for getting your hands on those new weapon recipes! May not be available until later in the Isle progression).

Stockpiling: Items you may want to hold onto, grab at cheap prices, or charge insane prices for!

Jewelcrafting: New patterns and statistics on gem output.

Leatherworking: New patterns and statics on daily recipe discoveries

Tailors: Use your daily Imperial Silk cooldown to learn new recipes!

Engineers: The new 5.2 plans did not make it into the patch and the status of the new Stabilized Lightning Source is unknown.

Fishing: Visit El's Anglin to read all about the new Fishing goodies. According to El, the biggest patch for Anglers since 3.1.

Archaeology: The Mantid are added as a new race, plus two new BOA weapons and some additional trinkets.

I would like to remind all armor crafters that while the new 458 PVP gear is the majority of the discovery recipes available, 5.2 raid-quality recipes are also in the mix. Even if you don't care about PVP gear, use your daily discovery mechanic to unlock those new raid recipes!!