Blizzcon Report, Day 2

The final day at Blizzcon is winding down and I made it back to my hotel to update you guys on the news. Not a ton of information to add to the pile today but I've been squirrelling away tidbits as much as I could. As you may have seen from my tweets I did not manage to get a good spot in the Q/A line and they ended the questions before I could speak. That said, there was not a professions developer on the panel and the answers they gave to other questions were a bit vague, so I'm not sure we would have gotten terribly detailed information from my queries.

Here's what I learned today:

The starter buildings for the Garrison will be a town hall, a mine, a farm and a fishing shack. You will use the town hall to interact with your followers and assign them tasks.

Small buildings include the Alchemy Lab, the Smithy, Enchanter's Study, Engineering Works and Scribe's Office.

Medium buildings include the Inn, Barn, Lumber Mill, Trading Post and Pet Stable

Large buildings include the Infirmary, Armory, Stable and Mage Tower

There will be Barracks and the barracks will allow you to get more followers.

Each building will have its own unique upgrade path.

The cost of a building on the sample screenshot was 10,000 gold!

Blueprints can be gotten via factions, questing, world drops and more. New tooltips will tell you the location for blueprints you don't have (much like the "not collected" pet lists).

After your garrison has been upgraded 3 times you'll be able to unlock a specialization. You may be able to change your specialization once per day (a cost may be associated with doing this).

All profession buildings can have followers

Your followers will be able to collect ore at your mine while you are offline.

New tiers of the garrison will offer more plots (for buildings). You fill all the current plots to upgrade to the next tier.

Missions will have difficulty ratings similar to quests (green, yellow, orange).

Your mine may have nodes inside that you can gather, in addition to followers who will gather for you.

Garrisons are unique per character and not an account wide feature, plans to support alts have not been fleshed out yet (WoW Q/A answer)

Garrisons will probably not allow you to make epic weapons from the Smithy but this aspect of garrisons has not really been planned out yet, they would like to balance it with players who are Blacksmiths. Current plans are to let players use garrisons to find recipes and do missions. No concrete plans on what types of recipes will be available this way.

The slots used for enchantments will be reduced but the number of enchants available per slot will increase.

There will be fewer gem sockets on gear but the gems will be more powerful. Meta gems are going away.

This is all I collected on Day 2, we'll see if any further information comes out in the aftermath!


  1. I am extremely excited to see how the garrison plays out. It feels like Blizz is really moving more and more toward a self sustaining model for gear and mats, which is great if you aren't a big AH seller.
    I think my goal next expansion will be to just have a lot more fun and not try to get all my trade skills maxed in the first month.
    I assume harder to get recipes will still require a main character profession slot. Lets just hope they aren't locked behind some crazy reputation system again.

    1. I think either a self sustaining model or a nice cottage industry for profession enthusiasts. I hope that harder recipes will involve a bit more effort. We were told today at the panels that daily quests would not be a huge part of WoD but no information about what reputations would entail.

    2. Thanks for reporting Kal,
      Do you think Blizzard will implement more random stats into professions? They seem to be fine with it on Uncommon and Rare craftable gear, and with Barrens and Timeless Isle "craftable" gear having random stats it seems like they are paving the way for us crafting epic gear with random stats.

    3. I think it's possible since they seem to be making their big move on item squish. I don't know how I feel about random stats on epic gear, it could be very hard to sell items that end up with less desirable stats. Since epic gear tends to be pretty expensive to make, that would be frustrating if you couldn't find a buyer.

    4. Thanks! I wonder if this will be enough to give up my (time wasting) reliance on lower level bank/crafting toons :).

    5. First, thank you for willing to be our reporter, it's good to be able to read the little bits and bobs of the game that apply to my interests. Yay!

      Second, a lumber mill!? Does that mean a wood crafter might be in the works?

    6. It would be great if the garrisons would allow access to recipes no longer available, like from the raid dragons.

  2. Thanks for all you efforts!

    Even without a question, perhaps "not a professions developer on the panel" is an answer, albeit not one I want to hear.

    Did you get a sense of timeframe when we will be knowing more?

  3. Io: I don't think so, I feel like a new profession would have gotten mentioned this weekend. It sounds like we have a lot of good ideas already percolating, so maybe a new wish list is in order. Let me stew on that for a few days and see what I can do.

    Hagu: I don't know that I would take the lack of representation as having any deep meaning, I have it on reasonable authority that our professions person is not the spotlight seeking type. Based on purely instinct I think we'll be hearing more when we get closer to a Beta. I would guess 6-9 months.

  4. smells like Farmville to me

    1. People said that about Sunsong Ranch too but I still do that on 3 characters. The ability to be self supporting and not have to ride in circles around (insert random mining area here) looking for 3-4 ore nodes will be HUGE.
      I could see the price or ore fluctuating greatly with these changes. Currently there is very little supply and high demand. This will help balance those out. Much more rewarding than Farmville in my opinion.