Blizzcon: Brainstorming the Castle!

As you know, Blizzcon is around the corner. And this year I am ridiculously excited to be a part of it for the first time. Just like in past years, I hope to blog the news as events unfold with particular interest in professions-related information. Unlike previous years, I may have the opportunity to ask a few questions on our behalf and get "official" answers. So I'd like to build a list of our top burning questions for the future of the game. Here are a few I jotted down over the summer to get the ball rolling:

  • Are there any plans to add new professions to the game or are we at maximum capacity?
  • What is the official rationale for abandoning Sunsong Ranch development in the next expansion?
  • What sort of changes are planned for the new training recipes and gathering "bits" that were added to Pandaria content to keep them relevant in a new expansion?
  • Has Blizzard solidified on the "discovery" mechanic for learning new recipes beyond trainer recipes?
  • What happened with Spirits of Harmony that caused them to fall out of favor?
  • Are you happy with the way Cooking played out in Mists - did more players utilized the improved Cooking?
  • Are you happy with Archaeology in Mists as far as the quantity and power of artifacts?
  • Do you have plans to tweak Archaeology to give it long term stamina? All of the new artifacts were pretty easy to discover in Pandaria.
This might also be a good time to reflect on what we gained in this expansion. In our Cataclysm poll we logged over 100 votes on new features for MoP. We didn't get everything on our wish list, but here are some of the items that were improved:

A unified daily token vendor for all professions -- Spirit of Harmony used as currency for vendor recipes.
Spread faction gains among alts -- Grand Commendations added in 5.1
Static bind on pickup recipes for non-raiders -- Smart loot drops added for certain new recipes.
Let players influence dig sites -- Tokens added to Archaeology vendor to reset/modify spawn locations.
Consistent level requirements on scrolls -- Scrolls changed to scaling in 5.4
Portable Anvil -- Score! Added to the game :)
Add new discovery/proc items to the game -- Many professions now have discovery recipes.
Provide alternative to "orbs" for raiders only -- Most professions have a daily CD they can use.
Remove JC dailies and use another gating mechanism -- Done, now JC uses daily discovery recipe.
Create more ways to use green gems -- Primal diamond/jewelry recipes arguably count for this one?

This is a great time to talk about what we want to see down the road. Once we have a comprehensive list, we'll build a new poll to tally votes. So please leave a Comment and let us know what new feature is important to you!


  1. Is it feasible to access your bank whilst doing your professions? As often there are mats that you forget/stored on a different toon (global bank concept) or just didn't have enough of while crafting in a block.

    A global bank for all your characters.

    1. Personally I use Altoholic for that sort of thing. It grabs an inventory for all of your alts and adds the information to the tooltips for each item (how many you have, what alt has the item, etc). But I agree that a global bank which all toons can use would be even better!

    2. I actually slogged through the WotLK Argent Tournament rep gain and maxed out all of the alliance reps on my lvl 90 monk, just to get the pony bridal, which allows access to the bank.

      I use Altaholic as well, but I strongly also recommend Bagnon, as Altaholic only shows you how many you have if you can see a tooltip, and Bagnon lets you see and search all of your character's bags and bank (which then can provide a tooltip)

      Altaholics is also rubbish at caged battle pets, which were a real problem before they increased the pet limit from 600 to 1000. I have over 530 different pets, so I stored caged duplicates in an underplayed character's bank.

    3. Ofc an account bank would be wonderful.

      But my my initial take was that you meant the SWTOR capability to craft with mats in your bank. E.g., if you need 10 copper bars and you only have 3 in your bags then it will use 7 from your bank.

  2. I would like to see accountlevel professions, somewhat like the "Bind to account" items or heirlooms.

    The idea:
    * every character can pick up to two professions like it is now
    * at any time any of your character can "check in" her profession to the "account profession storage" (called APS further down) with the skill level and recipes she has earned
    * there may be more than one instance of a profession in the APS (i.e. you may have 2 x blacksmithing, 4 x mining, 3 x alchemy etc.)
    * each character may only have one instance of a profession (like now, you can't have 2 x tailoring)
    * a character with an empty "profession" slot may learn a new profession from trainer and begin with skill level 1
    * a character with an empty "profession" slot may also "check out" a profession from the APS, with the skill level and all learned recipes
    * all new learned recipes are tied to the profession instance they are learned
    * some restriction may be neccessary like only be able to switch at any profession trainer or only switch once a day, but maybe the switching can also be as easy a switching specialisation (shadow/disc).

    This way you could easily switch profession, your learned recipes are not gone, you can hand the "raidlevel recipes" to your working labor character once you gathered and learned the difficult recipes. The restriction of 2 professions should stay, which makes it easier to balance the profession perks. However it would be easier to switch a profession, to gather and find recipes with the character you like, you can have multiple gathering profession during leveling and switch them once you reach max level without the gathering being wasted, because the gathering profession are waiting for you with top skill level.

    1. That's an interesting idea but it sounds like it could be a lot of work to code. A scaled down version of that could simply be BoA recipes. Since the tech is already in place for that, I could see it being an easier sell. I suspect in terms of the convenience factor of switching professions - they think they already dealt with that with the new Pandaria gathering mechanic and Blacksmithing "trainer" recipes.

  3. I'd like to see hybrid, or mutually beneficial professions. So armor a jeweler/BS could only make or leather that is BoP from skinning for a LW recipe.

  4. My biggest question is regard to alts and in particular crafting alts.

    Grand Commendations were nice, but MoP still felt alt-unfriendly. Crafting (non-combat) alts are a common MMO elder game. Any chance WoW would be more friendly to crafting alts than Rep Recipes and BoP SoH?

  5. I am sad they are not expanding Sunsong Ranch. Without player houses or Guild halls, it is the only place in the game it looks like we can modify, even if they all are going to end up the same. Not sure what they could add as a new profession with there current content.

  6. I only have one big item on my wish list.
    Allow retention of skill points previously gained when switching professions.
    Mainly because of the way recipes are gated behind reputation and I would prefer not to grind out the reputation on multiple characters.
    I understand only allowing two "active" professions but if I have leveled the profession to max level and want to switch, please don't punish me when I switch back.

  7. Just for fun, I would like to see some kind of profession related achievements based on more that simply maxing it out. For example, I like to collect recipes and I also enjoy mogging, some kind of love and marriage in those areas would be great! And a big thank you to Blizz for listening to us and spoiling us rotten :)

    1. OMG so with you on this. We actually had some similar requests on the Cataclysm list and I would still love to see it happen. It would be so great to distinguish us hard-core crafters from the casuals =)

    2. I also would like crafting to receive achievments, we have guild achievements for crafting x number of x level items why doesn't a toon get achievements for doing the same. I really like the idea of having an achievement for knowing all of an expansions recipes. I would like it to be balanced for the gathering professionals somehow.

    3. How about a recipe you can only learn if you know all the recipes in an expansion that is a great transmog recipe

    4. I would also like for recipes to be removed from the raiders arena. They should be a 1 in a 1000 chance of being learned by crafting something. I know its a game but it breaks with reality somehow and forces me to do stuff in game I don't want to. When I raid im doing it for the raider only gear titles and mounts. When Im crafting I do it for fun and gold but feel ripped of when I dont get the recipe I want to drop and have to go buy it. Why cant I get the blacksmith recipe for being good at blacksmithing?

  8. The MoP enchanting materials are wonderful the way they combine and break down. It makes handling MoP enchanting materials very friendly. Could that be expanded to include classic and earlier expansion enchanting materials? I like my enchanter to have lots of recipes, but heavenly shards can be hard to come by right now, so those purchaseable recipes are waiting while I haunt the AH.

    1. I also like the enchanting build up and breakdown. Leatherworkers have it as a build up process, what would you think about some more tie ins between professionals allowing the building up of mats and breaking them down. For example 1 take 5 stacks of green tea and a inscriptionist can take out parts to make a golden lotus. Example 2 A herbalist can convert them. We kind of have this with alchemy but why not expand it and make it a rare ability you can only learn if you do alot of stuff in the profession? If it rare its valuable and if its tied into the profesion it would reward the toon for practice ing thier profession. In the earlier example make it only learnable if you have milled 100k of green tea or herbed 100k of tea or some other very high number. It woud not be a game changer for the casual or dedicated professionals but rewars toons for doing alot of what they like.