Engineering Goodies finally in with Patch 5.4!

Recent patch notes have indicated that the long-awaited Engineering recipes were finally going into the 5.4 patch. I did some research on Wowhead and it looks like the drop was changed from the Itoka kill to a random world drop. So I took my Engineer Kayree out into the world to try finding it. Because I know many of you have alts that you have not leveled in Pandaria, I decided to test an easy location. And I've confirmed that characters who are still 85 should be able to get this schematic. Please bear in mind that you will need a skill level of 600 to actually use the book!

Kayree went to Paw'don Glade and beat up some Twinspire orcs and peons right outside the village gates. This is one of the first locations Alliance will visit after they zone into Pandaria. The mobs are level 84/85 and should be fairly easy for a Cataclysm geared toon. I assume the Horde has comparable dudes to pick on in their starting areas. Assuming your toon is eligible for Pandaria content, you should be able to reach this (or a similar) location within 10-15 minutes of leaving your home city.

Kayree killed about 8 mobs at Paw'don before finding Chief Engineer Jard's Journal:

When you click on the journal, you automatically learn all of the new Engineering recipes, including:

Jard's Peculiar Energy Source
Sky Golem
Advanced Refrigeration Unit

Jard's Peculiar Energy Source is on a one day cooldown. If you want to make all of these new items, you'll need 65 jard-cores to create one of each. So you can see that the daily CD will be a limiting factor on production. It also means that we won't be seeing any pets on the market for at least two weeks, or mounts for a full month. So now would be a good time to stock up on ghost iron, trillium and/or living steel :)

If you have any questions about these new recipes or suggestions for additional research, please leave a Comment!


  1. I predict that mount will be very popular considering:

    It doesn't require engineering.
    It doesn't require vendor purchased mats
    The Energy Source is fairly inexpensive
    It is only limited by the daily cooldown

    So, 300 Ghost Iron bars and 30 Living Steel

    Bars sell for aboout 6-10g each and Living Steel is about 500-700 each

    So roughly 18,000 in mats, I imagine these will sell for 40-50k 30 days after launch of 5.4, which would be the quickest someone could see one.

  2. If you have a toon/alt with mining and alchemy you will be able to make the bars and living steel for no cost at all so you could be looking at pure profit !!

    1. True, I do have both of those professions, and there usually reaches a point where the price of the mount itself is LESS than the price of selling the mats. In other words, Living Steel may jump up to absurd levels and the quantity of mounts available may continue to grow. Therefore, selling the Ghost Iron and Steel to someone other engineer may be a better deal. Now I need to decide if I want to keep the first one I make for myself. :)

    2. Most "goblins" don't consider that pure profit because your time is required to collect those items :) I'm not so much in that camp, so I agree that you could potentially make them completely yourself if you have the right professions.

  3. I have killed many mobs outside of paw'don gates but still no journal drop. I'm using a 87 lvl warlock with 597 mining and 595 engineering. Any thoughts?

    1. I would guess your problem is that you do not have Engineering capped. All of the comments posted on Wowhead for this recipe are from folks saying their Engie skill is 600 or higher (for gnomes). I see no reports of anyone under 600 getting the drop, and I see plenty of folks claiming that 600 is required. I would say it's worth your while to grind out those last 5 points and try the farming again. My vote would be to make a mechanical dragonling - battle pets are selling really well right now :)

      Good luck and please report back with your results!

    2. will do thanks for the help.

    3. Based on this got my engineering to 600, but a hundred or so kills later, still no journal :(

    4. Just had it drop twice the first time I did a heroic instance after hitting 600 engineering.