Thunderforged Weapons & the Market

So I posted a question on Twitter and got some interesting responses regarding the sale of Thunderforged weapons. I thought I would toss this out to the larger readership and see what kind of dialog might stir up about this :) I must have Spring Fever, I'm feeling a bit impish!

My hunter Korlyn is also my Blacksmith. She is not in any position to benefit from the new Thunder Forge-crafted weapons we learned in 5.2. Obviously my best course of action is to make and sell them. I could make them for my alts, but I'm not seriously gearing any of them for raiding. I know a lot of folks have been making weapons to use themselves, but even at this point most of us have surely made our first piece. So now is the time to be thinking about the market and how to benefit financially from these recipes.

I actually didn't bother making my first weapon up to the 502 level since I knew I'd be selling my goods. I opted instead to stay with the 476 weapon. My thinking is this: if I sink a month's worth of cooldowns into this thing, I better make serious bank on it. Sadly I don't think there are many people on my realm who will pay that kind of money. So I saved my ingots to unlock a new weapon instead.

I think I guessed right on this. From my casual research on TUJ I'm seeing higher sales for 502 but the best price per ingot from 476. I think the main reason for this is because crafters who take 30 days to make an item are going to be anxious to cash in on that item. Hence, they tend to keep cutting the price until it sells. Crafters who make a 476 item have less at stake and are more willing to stand by their price. I also feel that the 476 are in a better position to move because it's not as big of an investment to the buyer but it's still a strong enough gear upgrade to justify the cost.

Here are the stats I got from TUJ today:

  • 502 weapon = average price of 51570g (1719g per ingot used)
  • 476 weapon = average price of 30046g (2003g per ingot used)
  • 463 weapon = average price of 7798g (1559g per ingot used)
These calculations are based on the "US Alliance Market Price" value given for each weapon. You can see that the 476 weapons are selling for a higher "per ingot" value than the 463 or the 502. It's pretty easy to see it even with these three numbers because the 502 value should be exactly double the 476 value and it is not. If you want the best bang for your buck, it looks like 476 weapons are the way to go.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Leave a Comment below!


  1. It's a good observation, one I hadn't considered... trying to think of a reason why the 476 weapons might be valued more highly per ingot, could be that 476 weapons are being more frequently bought in order to get alts into LFR while 502 weapons would be more of a gateway to real raiding... basically, that the market for 476 weapons is more than twice as large as for 502 weapons, both from a population and an affordability standpoint (more players have 30K to spend than 50K). From the crafter side, an advantage of selling 476 weapons is that they can always be upgraded if they don't sell for your desired price... once you craft a 502 weapon you're stuck with it. Probably safer to stick with 476 weapons as long as they're even close to half the price of a 502 weapon. Another advantage is that if you craft different 476 weapons each time you'll open up all of the available 502 recipes more quickly, allowing you to craft to order sooner than someone crafting 502s.

    1. I think it's because the market is larger and therefore the crafter can more easily get the price they want. It wouldn't surprise me if 502 weapons require more repostings before they sell - as you say 50k is a large sum for most players - causing the seller to panic and drop the price multiple times. The 476 weapons can be sold in the 25-30k range which likely means they will sell more easily and result in fewer panic-driven price drops.

      I'm sure the crafter would happily take 60k if they could get it, but I'm already seeing prices on my realm go from the 80k range last week to 40-50k this week which to me reeks of impatience.

      On the plus side, I prefer the diversification factor of selling 476 weapons. Over 30 days I can make two different items to sell while 502 guy can only make one. Therefore I've got my items in two different buyer pools while he has to gamble on just one.

  2. i think the sample number is an important missing number.

    1. Well the numbers I listed from TUJ are from all US servers of the weapons sold, so that should be a meaningful sample. The casual numbers I list above that were just the observation on my own server that got me digging a bit deeper :)

  3. So, we have melee weapons, caster maces... Other than the BoA inscription staves is there any crafted weapon love for mages and warlocks? I feel I must be missing something.


    1. No, you are not missing anything. There are no crafted caster items except the mace from Blacksmithing and the staves from Inscription. I agree that it seems like a hole in the lineup but apparently casters are not a high priority for crafted goods? Don't know, I don't have a great rationale for it.