Patch 5.2 Coming Today!

I'm sure you all know that we're getting the latest patch today. For those who may have missed a post here or there, I've put together a quick list of the information we compiled so far:

Blacksmithing: The Thunder Forge Quests (my walk-thru of the process for getting your hands on those new weapon recipes! May not be available until later in the Isle progression).

Stockpiling: Items you may want to hold onto, grab at cheap prices, or charge insane prices for!

Jewelcrafting: New patterns and statistics on gem output.

Leatherworking: New patterns and statics on daily recipe discoveries

Tailors: Use your daily Imperial Silk cooldown to learn new recipes!

Engineers: The new 5.2 plans did not make it into the patch and the status of the new Stabilized Lightning Source is unknown.

Fishing: Visit El's Anglin to read all about the new Fishing goodies. According to El, the biggest patch for Anglers since 3.1.

Archaeology: The Mantid are added as a new race, plus two new BOA weapons and some additional trinkets.

I would like to remind all armor crafters that while the new 458 PVP gear is the majority of the discovery recipes available, 5.2 raid-quality recipes are also in the mix. Even if you don't care about PVP gear, use your daily discovery mechanic to unlock those new raid recipes!!


  1. TYVM Kaliope for all the work you have put in to bring this to us.

    1. You bet - I enjoy helping you guys out! Feel free to report back if you uncover new information that could help other crafters :)

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  5. You have done an amazing job and this site has really helped me level my professions and I have been playing since release!

    Any word on when the new Engineering recipes will be added? I haven't seen anything from Blizz yet.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad that you're enjoying the site :) I haven't seen anything about the new Engineering recipes that they pulled at the last minute from patch 5.2. At this point I'm betting they will just save them for 5.3.