It's beginning to look a lot like... Scantily Clad Elf Season!

The Feast of Winter's Veil started today and there is plenty of fun stuff to keep you busy, including crafting goodies. Every year one of the things we do at Crafter's Tome is encourage Tailors to get both copies of the Green/Red Winter Clothes. Typically this involves a suicide run into the opposing faction's capital city to purchase from the Smokywood Pastures vendor (the vendors are neutral).

Late last year I got a tip from a reader that there was a Smokywood vendor in a neutral city, eliminating the need for kamikaze shopping. So my first mission today was to verify this vendor and confirm that she had the recipes. The good news is that she's still there this year. The bad news is that she only has one of the two recipes. I'm sorry Horde Tailors, you still have to do the suicide mission if you want the Red outfit :(

But Alliance players can get their hands on the Green recipe quite easily. Simply go to Shattrath City and track down the goblin vendor outside the Aldor bank. She will sell you the Horde version of the Winter Clothes recipe. If you're a completionist or just want the option to have/sell both versions of the outfit, this is the simplest way to take care of it.

On the other hand, there's a certain sense of accomplishment (and bragging rights?) that comes with getting this recipe the hard way. This is just my 2 copper, but the comments we've gotten in previous years on this mission show that players really enjoyed the challenge of doing this and had a lot of fun with it. So if you're open to the idea, I say give the cross-faction adventure a shot. You can always hit Shattrath if you aren't able to pull off the heist.

For those willing to take the plunge, here's my list of tips:

  • Use the Wondervolt Machine in your home city to disguise yourself before you head out! 
  • Make sure you ride a faction-neutral mount within Horde zones 
  • Pick up some Invisibility Potions or Free Action Potions, just in case things get hairy
  • Embark on your expedition during off-peak hours to minimize interference 
  • Choose a less populated city such as Thunder Bluff or Exodar 
  • If you die, corpse-rez on top of the vendor to avoid visual detection.

Thank you to reader "Raxx" for sharing this tip with us last year :)

Winter's Veil Prep - Do It Now!

I don't know how many of you have checked the in-game calendar recently but Winter's Veil is right around the corner. Ok so it's more like 10 days around the corner, but it never hurts to be prepared! Now is the perfect time to start collecting materials for the Winter's Veil frenzy. Whether you plan to craft items to sell or just build up a stash of materials to mark up and flip, odds are you'll get most items pretty cheap right now. What with all the leveling pandas running around, there's bound to be plenty of deals available.

4 bolts of Runecloth + 1 bolt of Woolen Cloth = Winter Clothes

1 bolt of Woolen Cloth + 1 copper bar + 4 Rugged Leather = Winter Boots

Gingerbread Cookie = 1 small egg + 1 Holiday Spices

Egg Nog = 1 small egg + 1 Holiday Spices + 1 Holiday Spirits + 1 Ice Cold Milk

Hot Apple Cider = 1 Holiday Spices + 1 Holiday Spirits + 1 Sparkling Apple Cider

All of the materials in bold must be farmed by players. As a result, you often see newbie zones crawling with high level players, killing all the local fowl. The prices for these items also skyrocket as soon as the event goes active. By planning ahead and purchasing any items you need, you can avoid the worst of the price-gouging (or stockpile goodies and participate in the gouging!). Currently small eggs and bolts of wool cloth are going for around 1 gold apiece on my realm. These prices will shoot up to 5 - 10 - 20 gold or even higher in the first few days of Winter Veil. So I encourage you all to spend a few minutes and pick up these items while the prices are still reasonable :)

If you have any other suggestions of items savvy shoppers should grab before the start of Winter's Veil, be sure to leave a Comment!!