MoP Beta Files: Archaeology

Now that we have a release date for Mists of Pandaria, I need to start pushing out some leveling guides for the professions! By my estimates we are probably looking at roughly 4 more weeks of Beta, so ready or not it's time to start compiling guides. I'm going to lead off with professions that I have on multiple toons, just in case new changes get pushed after my initial testing. First up is Archaeology, which I have capped on two different characters.

MoP Beta Files: Enchanting Gets New Goodies

The new recipes for Zen Enchanting have been available on the Beta realm for a good while now. I've been avoiding the leveling process because the recipes are still too spaced out for my comfort (525/550/575/600). That seems very "slap it up and call it good" to be final IMO. Some of you may have noted that the latest build has some changes for Enchanting.

The change that everyone seems to be talking about is the removal of all crafted Enchanting rods. I can confirm that the recipes my Enchanter has are showing just a Runed Copper Rod for the recipes I spot checked. The higher level rods will apparently still function in place of the copper rod, so you don't have to ditch your elementium rod if you don't want to.

MoP Beta Files: Tradeskill Overhaul Inc!

MMO-Champion is showing a new Beta build for today and there are a slew of changes for professions. Some of these changes may be purely related to components, but I'll be certain to check them all out when the servers are back online. The big news is that Spirit of Harmony is being dropped from quite a few recipes. Blood Spirit has also been dropped from Leatherworking and Blacksmithing.

Stay tuned for more information as I find it!


Alchemy: All MoP recipes removed from the trainer except 2 @ 500 skill.
Tailoring: Imperial Silk no longer requires Spirit of Harmony. Now uses 8x windwool bolts and has a 1-day cooldown. A new recipe has been added at 600 skill which also creates Imperial Silk and uses 5x windwool bolts and 3x Spirit of Harmony. This second spell has NO cooldown.
Inscription: Appears to be largely unchanged.
Engineering: Still MIA, no MoP level recipes available.
Enchanting: Appears to be largely unchanged, all recipes still clumped at 525/550/575/600
Jewelcrafting: Still MIA, no MoP level recipes available.
Leatherworking: Confirmed that Sha Leather is now Exotic Leather, all Sha Leather in my bags has been coverted to Exotic. Spirit of Harmony removed from all PVP gear and greatly reduced on PVE gear.
Blacksmithing: Spirit of Harmony removed from all armor recipes, PVP and PVE. Spirit of Harmony still used on weapon recipes. Epic recipes appear to have been removed from the trainer and are not on the SW vendor.

MoP Beta Files: Stuck on Broken Archaeology

Normally I try not to post about roadblocks I run into during the Beta. Since I know things are going to be broken, it's not a shock when I get bitten. Plus, I don't particularly enjoy playing the blame/flame game as it doesn't tend to be very productive. However, I wanted to let you guys know that I've hit a problem with Archaeology for a couple of reasons. First... it was working previously. And second, I'm not sure what else to tackle since so many other professions are looking sketchy in their current form. I know some folks on the Beta have managed to cap things like Inscription and Leatherworking. But there are enough oddities in the progression of most that I'm hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. I'm hoping to hold out for a release date announcement and maybe plan around that.

While I can't share final details about Archaeology yet, I can share the little booger that stopped me in my tracks. I think it could be an interesting item once it's working: Pristine Mogu Coin. While collecting Mogu fragments I created a couple of artifacts and then started getting these. The kicker is that right now I don't get any skill points when I make one. And I've made about five in a row, so I feel like I'm wasting my fragments at this point. I can see that there are about a dozen Mogu artifacts in Wowhead but perhaps they aren't tied into the system just yet. Or my luck is horrible. Who knows? Either way, I think I'll hold off until the next build and see where we are.

So under the circumstances maybe I should field suggestions from the readers. Is there anything you'd like to know more about that doesn't involve leveling one of the professions? If so please share it in the Comment area and I'll check it out for you :)

MoP Beta Files: Special Report on Mote of Harmony

I think many of us are curious (or anxious) about the situation with Spirit of Harmony. The drop rate on the Beta realms is really poor and yet many recipes require them. In the latest patch, a new piece was added to the puzzle. It is now possible to collect a Mote of Harmony and turn 10 of these into a Spirit of Harmony. This would seem to bring us back to the model of the primals and eternals. We've been seeing some anecdotal evidence on motes, so I took it upon myself to do some testing and learn more about how to get them.