MoP Beta Files: Zen First Aid

I've decided to be brave and try testing some of the implemented professions in the hopes that more changes aren't going to roll out. For my first foray I've chosen First Aid. I have backup toons I can use if First Aid gets updated again, so it's not much of a risk. That said, after leveling to 600 I think it's possible that they will tweak it. It was a bit too easy and I'm always suspicious of too easy.

MoP Beta Files: Zen Inscription

I want to qualify right up front that my Scribe is NOT on the beta realm. The character copy service has been throwing errors for several weeks now and I don't know when it will be fixed. Any Beta Scribes out there who want to chime in on my leveling theories are free to do so in the Comments =)

MoP Beta Files: Inscription Dribblets

So the latest Beta build went up yesterday and I found some new items on the trainer. The bad news is that there's nothing over 525 skill, which leaves us still in the dark about Zen level Inscription. The good news is that some of the new staff recipes were added to the trainer and will be available immediately to Scribes when MoP hits (or possibly even a pre-MoP patch).

The monk recipes are also on the trainer. From what I can tell the Monk glyphs kick in around 155 skill, easily in reach for current Scribes. What we don't know is whether Monk glyphs will also be rolled into the various research abilities. I'm still unable to copy my Mage/Scribe to the Beta realm (copy service is still broken) but once she arrives I can try to answer those questions.

MoP Beta Files: Cooking & the New Normal

You might guess from my title that changes are afoot with Cooking. When you first log into the MoP expansion you'll notice that the Cooking trainers once again have very little for you. I'm not even certain why they bother putting new recipes on the regular Cooking trainers since the real action is at Halfhill Market. Luckily Halfhill is accessible to level 85 toons, as are the quests. The first NPC who will offer you quests is Sungshin Ironpaw. She can also train you in the non-specialized Pandaria recipes and will sell you supplies to make most of her recipes.