MoP: Breaking News on Shoulder Enchants

Ghostcrawler has just posted a response regarding head enchants (not relevant to professions) being removed in Mists of Pandaria. But this little nugget at the end of the post IS relevant:

"Shoulder enchants can now be provided by scribes, so those still exist, but they are also not part of the faction reputation system."

Now I can't be certain, the way this is worded, but it sure sounds like Scribes will be able to make shoulder enchants for everyone. This doesn't specifically state how they will be provided, I'm simply assuming it will be an item similar to enchant scrolls or armor kits. If so, it would be a new item type for Scribes AND a welcome consumable.  I gotta say, I think this is pretty awesome for Scribes :)

Let me remind everyone that new Inscription recipes are not in the Beta so we don't yet know what's in store for the profession. But we now know that at least one new product type is on the table. You can read the full posting from Ghostcrawler here.

MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Herbalism

Last week Herbalism and Mining nodes were finally activated on the Beta realms. This will only be a brief look at them because they are only showing up in one zone currently. I rode through Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds but did not see anything on tracking in either location. That said, I've had a chance to do a fair amount of collecting, so I can give some useful information on gathering at this stage.

MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Mining

Last night herb and ore nodes were activated in the first zone of Pandaria, Jade Forest. I hunted for ore in two other zones (Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds) but did not find any nodes there. It looks like we get just the starter gathering materials for now. I was still leveling my Panda Monk miner when the changes were made, so I spent some time in Cataclysm zones to get my Mining up to 490. I purposely stopped at 500 so I would be able to see the gathering requirement for the new ore.

MoP Beta Files: Fly-thru for Kun-Lai Summit

Shamanana has created a new video for us of the latest zone to be unlocked in Pandaria: Kun-Lai Summit. I haven't been there yet and I'm not quite sure how he got in either. It's bordered on all side by zones that are still closed. Either way, here is a video of the new zone for your enjoyment!

MoP Beta Files: First Look at Tailoring

Another new build went up on the Beta servers today and we finally have some Tailoring recipes on the trainer! (sorry Engineers, Scribes and Jewelcrafters -- still nothing for you just yet). Just like the Blacksmithing recipes, these recipes have no item data. A name and a list of components is all we get to see. For that reason I'm not going to post every recipe, it's a lot of work when half the information is MIA. But I knew you guys would want to see what's in store for Tailoring so I selectively grabbed recipes to give an overview of what's available.

MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Fishing

At this time actual Fishing content is not yet available to players. Somehow El (of El's Anglin) has managed to piece together some interesting information about how it's going to play out. Instead of reinventing the wheel I'll just post a link to his excellent article on the new Fishing content coming in MoP:

MoP Angler's Preview by El

You can also see data-mined item information at MMO-Champion in case you missed that:

The Anglers from MMO-Champion

Enjoy and rest assured I will post updated information as it becomes available to players on the Beta Realm!

MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Leatherworking

Today a new Beta build was released and with it we got some Leatherworking recipes! There are still some functionality issues with tradeskills, so I'm not going to try leveling up or anything. But at least we can see what's in store for us :)

 The first thing I noticed about the starter recipes is that they have no stats. Strangely, they also do not have the "random" flag on them either. I still think we're looking at random stat generation though, my guess would be that the devs are just tweaking the mechanic behind it. I tried crafting one just to see what would happen, but all I got was a blank item: