SWTOR: My Final Review, Part 2

First, I should qualify my time in SWTOR and disclose that I spent around 20 hours in the open beta, and another 60+ hours in the live game. I leveled a Scoundrel to 25 and a Jedi Knight to 9 in the live game, and a Jedi Consular to 15 in the Beta. I feel like I got a pretty good taste of the leveling game with more time invested than a typical trial user would be able to spend. You'll notice that for all the hours I put into the game, I didn't get to the end game. I spent over 50 hours on my Scoundrel character and she barely hit level 25. That should give you a rough idea of the time investment needed to reach the level cap. This was mostly done with bonus XP as I did not race up to level 25, it took me about a month of casual gaming.

SWTOR: My Final Review, Part 1

Since the new Star Wars MMO was released I've been playing in the live game in order to continue my coverage of the crafting system. I didn't feel like I had enough opportunity to really explore as much as I wanted to in the Beta, so I've been spending more time with it. I've just completed my full review and I've decided to post it in two parts - one for crafting and one for general impressions. I'm the explorer/achiever type, so my opinions are going to skew along those lines. I'm sure the killer types have a completely different view of this game - this review probably isn't for you ;)

Lunar Festival is Almost Here!

In case you guys aren't following the seasonal calendar, Lunar Festival is kicking off this weekend on Sunday morning. For those who've rolled new toons or just started playing in the last year, there are collectible recipes available from this seasonal event. The bulk of the recipes are for Engineers, they are able to buy schematics for a bunch of fireworks recipes. They also get access to recipes for fireworks launchers! In addition, Tailors are able to purchase recipes to make Lunar Festival style outfits.

Faction Rewind: Timbermaw Hold in the Cataclysm

A while back we started revisiting some Classic factions and reviewing how they can be leveled in Cataclysm. I recently found myself working on my reputation with the Timbermaw Hold to pick up some new leather recipes for a twink druid. In the process I noticed some significant changes, so I thought I'd share my findings with you guys. This will mostly be of interest to completionists who want to chase down as many recipes for their professions as they can find.