Pilgrim's Bounty - Panda Style!

The last few months of the Azerothian year are so much fun. It feels like there's a new seasonal event every few weeks to break up the daily grind. Yesterday, Pilgrim's Bounty swung into action. Even if you've already done this event and don't need the achievements, you can still benefit from the reputation bonus available through the Spirit of Sharing buff. An extra 10% increase in reputation gains over the next six days could put a nice dent in your faction goals. You can get this buff by visiting any major city and feasting on all five foods until you get a five stack of each food buff. Once you have all food buffs stacked, you'll activate the Spirit of Sharing buff! I would make a point of doing this every time you head out to work on your dailies.

For those who are new to WoW or have a new character they're working on, Pilgrim's Bounty is the perfect opportunity to power level your Cooking! First, make sure you purchase the Bountiful Cookbook from the Pilgrim's Bounty vendors located just outside major cities. This contains all of the special Pilgrim's Bounty recipes you'll need to complete the seasonal daily quests. And you can use the Pilgrim cooking recipes to zoom all the way from a skill level of 1 to 300 and beyond.

There are Cooking trainers stationed with the seasonal vendors and quest givers who will teach you all of the standard Cooking recipes if you need them. More importantly, you can use the trainer to unlock each new tier of Cooking as you work your way up. Each Pilgrim recipe stays orange until you learn the next one, which makes the process very painless. This is a super easy and fast way to level your Cooking skill.

Truly the hardest part of leveling this way is traveling from city to city. Each major city has a specific ingredient that only their Pilgrim vendor sells. You'll have to visit each city to purchase that item (Sweet Potato = Teldrassil/Mulgore, Cranberry = Ironforge/Orgrimmar, Pumpkin = Stormwind/Undercity). You should purchase at least 3 stacks of each specialty food item from each city you visit.

While you don't need that much food to complete the first set of quests, you'll have to craft about 3 stacks of each recipe to get your skill up to the next Pilgrim recipe. Don't worry though, if you continue to do the Pilgrim dailies you will eventually turn in all the stacks of food (and then some!). Again, make sure you have your Spirit of Sharing buff up when you turn in the quests to maximize XP for your wee panda!

When you reach 280 skill and unlock the final Pilgrim recipe, you'll need to farm ingredients for it. This final recipe uses the wild turkeys that populate Elwynn Forest and Tirisfal Glades. While they are easy to kill, you'll likely face stiff competition from other players. Fortunately Blizzard has updated this recipe to grant 2 skill points instead of just one. So you can get away with farming just the 10 needed for the daily quest if you prefer.

I hope this information encourages you to spend an hour or so working on Cooking for your new characters. The next best option is to wait until you can travel to Pandaria, which may be a good while depending on your leveling process. Have fun with the turkeys!

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