Portable Refrigerator coming in Patch 5.1

As you may already know, a new bag is coming in Patch 5.1 that will hold all of the various items associated with Cooking. Today I popped over to the PTR to check it out!

The bag is currently being sold by Nam Ironpaw, the token vendor at Halfhill. He'll give you a Portable Fridge for 10 Ironpaw tokens. This bag Binds when Picked Up, so you can't buy extra ones for your alts. Since Cooking can be started by level 85 toons, you can easily take those toons out there to get their own bag. The bags are not unique, so you could theoretically purchase several on one toon. I'm not sure that's a practical thing to do, but that may depend on how you have your alts set up. Here's a pic of the vendor page with the new bag:

Something to keep in mind is that there are tentative plans to create a Void Storage-esque option for Cooking. If this is implemented, it could reduce the need for massive bag storage. It's up to you to decide how invested to get with the bags vs. waiting for a better storage option.

I'm excited to see this new bag, currently I use the mail system as my pantry :) I'm not sure which toon will get the bag just yet, but hopefully I'll have that figured out by the time 5.1 drops. I have to say I'm pretty tickled to see this item get implemented. We asked for this in Beta and while it would have been nice to have it for launch, I'm glad to see them work it into the first big patch for MoP. Thanks guys!

If you have any other questions regarding profession content on the PTR, leave a Comment and I'll look into it!


  1. How I've missed this blog.

    Is anyone occasionally leaving a plant in your farm smothered or wiggling without realizing it until the next day? This morning I started trying to write an addon that hooks onto the tooltip window, and based on the first line in the tooltip it plays a note.

    High if it's growing, medium if it just needs water or insecticide, low if it needs work, and a two-tone if it's plump or ripe.

    The idea was you could scan out, run your mouse across a row, and hear 4 notes.

    1) Can anyone recommend a better idea?
    2) Would other people like this?

    I wanted to put up worldmarkers on the problem plants, but I don't think it's possible.

    1. What a fun idea for an addon!

      Also K, how many slots is the fridge?

    2. All the plants are targetable, right? So you could probably just make a macro like
      /tar wig
      /tar run
      /tar inf
      /tar par
      /tar wil

      etc. etc. and spam that. When you can no longer find targets you know all your crops are growing.

    3. Strangely enough I never had that problem in the beta (despite all the bugs that were thwarting me) and yet I've done it a handful of times since the Launch. I don't know what it is about the crop animations, but I think it's actually harder to see some "problem" crops. Very annoying.

      Thank you for the macro idea Faid, I may just do that. Since clearly my eyes aren't 100% effective at spotting bad crops =)

      I believe the Fridge is a 32 slot bag, but I can double check that. I should have mentioned it in the post!

    4. Is it on curse yet?
      I mean, great idea, would love it.
      So, when are you done? :)

    5. I haven't put it on curse yet because there are several bugs, but I think it might be worth it anyway.

      1) it uses the ingame tooltip, which takes over a second to fade, and I haven't been able to find a way to tell that the mouse isn't over anything. This means running the mouse over a row of identical plants produces 1 beep instead of the 4 I wanted. It always picks up the "bad" plants, but it doesn't behave the way a user would expect.

      2) WoW wouldn't play my lowest beep, so I copied middle.mp3 as low.mp3 . I wanted different notes for plants that needed personal attention versus plants that just needed water/insecticide. But now they sound the same.

      3) you have to edit the variable at the top of the sourcecode to change the timezone for the feature that keeps track of the last day your characters beeped. Typing /cropping or /cping lists all your farming characters, followed by either "Today" or the last day the addon beeped.

      4) I haven't tested it for all vegetables and all combinations; I've caught the obvious ones, e.g. songbell seeds don't produce "Ripe Songbells", but just "Songbell", but I can't guarantee all of them. I tried to include both singulars and plurals where I was unsure.

      5) I've made no efforts towards internationalization. It assumes everything is in english. Changing it to another language wouldn't be hard, but it would require the kind of testing mentioned in point #4, above.

      I've been happily using it for a week, but it looks too shabby to me to call it a finished product.

      It could easily be extended to beep if you moused over an onyx egg/dark soil, but it would record it as if you farmed for the day. I haven't done this, because I reached exalted before I thought of it.

  2. Oh, since some of my guildmates didn't know...

    For this holliday, there's a quest to light your bonfire.
    You can light it as often as you like without turning in the quest.
    Whenever you do, you get a buff for 10% more rep for 2 hours.
    It stacks additively with the 10% guild perk, and I think the human racial perk.

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I'll have to try to remember that, the Golden Lotus grind is killing me!!

  3. I have read that there is two upgrades to the Cooking bag. A 32 and a 36 slot bags that Engineers are supposed to make. Not sure how accurate this info is and not sure how it would be done with a BOP cooking bag.

    1. Have not seen any signs of this, though I've heard the same rumors. I'll check the Engie trainer later, maybe something will pop up.