Where We Revel in the Awesomeness!

First I want to say that you guys are OUTSTANDING! I loved hearing about your Realm First achievements and the amazing feats some of you pulled off =) I feel like we went out to the Olympics and a bunch of you came back with Gold Medals. I'm so proud and really happy that the guides were a part of your success.

On top of this, we had some fantastic guild achievements as well. This is really incredible to me because you have a whole group of people working together and coordinating to pull off a really big challenge. Congrats to everyone on their hard work over the last 24 hours!

You guys are a big part of this success. I pushed myself harder this summer than ever before, determined to give you the best possible information. For the first time I leveled professions more than once to catch changes and make tweaks. You asked great questions that got me out there digging for more answers. We debated big issues like the Spirit of Harmony mechanic, faction grinding and the best strategies for Farms. All of these things helped keep me motivated so I was working harder and better. For this I thank you, this is YOUR success and YOUR blog just as much as mine :)

To illustrate this point, here are some stats I pulled off the "Brag" post:

  • I counted at least 145 Realm First achievements from folks reporting back in the Comments
  • We had at least 7 guilds report getting "Working As A Better Team"
  • At least a dozen of you got 3 or more Realm achievements. This is huge!
For those of you who had problems, faced lag or couldn't play Monday night, you were still a part of the story. You asked questions, shared tips and debated strategy with us. All of these things help us figure out a winning plan, so thank you for being a part of this awesome community we've built. You guys are amazing and I'm really proud to be a part of the positive and supportive group of gamers we've built.

Thank you!


  1. It was awesome :D too bad this happens only once an expansion ;) thanks for your help!


    1. I agree, I wish we had more windows like this. Still it was fun and I'm enjoying the invigoration of the crafting game again :)

  2. I realize it's no server first, but I just got Master of All. Your guides as always were a huge help, especially for the multiple toons that haven't been out to farm motes.