Realm First? Brag About It Here!!

This space is reserved for all our readers who want to regale us with stories about their Realm First Achievements and other amazing finds they want to share on Launch Day.

If anyone wants to share tips and tricks in the Comments (especially you EU folks) I'll copy and paste them up here for others to read.

Good Luck to all of you and I look forward to hearing your stories!!

7pm PST: Several EU readers reporting that the realm reset happens 5-10 minutes ahead of midnight. Be prepared and log in early! Also, some problems targeting the quest giver for the trip to Pandaria - macros may be helpful.

9/25 Update:
The Old Boys of Gilneas snagged a Realm First Working as a Better Team achievement! You can visit their site to read more about it. Gratz guys!!


  1. We gonna try to finish Realm First Working as a Team. We should be finished before US servers start (we are EU). Will post all infos asap. :)

    1. That is seriously awecome! I can't wait to hear how it turns out :)

    2. Holy crap I can't spell this morning. Yikes!!

    3. I'll try to weigh in on what i can too. I'm going for herbalism (tauren druid = win), and possible alchemy depending on how my herbing goes. So especially i'll try to let you know if the gray nodes still give points. And anything else that might pop into my head. Good luck everyone!


    4. Servers are up. Quest think works instantly, but massive lags.
      Started farming (alle 3 professions), works fine.
      Door is open, means can go to the new "capital city".

    5. We got First Aid, Mining and Herbalism. No Prob with your guides.
      Going for Juwe and Cooking right now.

    6. We got all server first so far except Fishing (Our Anglers had problems with login). We are still missing Archeology, but we port our man round the world. Will be finished in about 20 minutes.

      Kaliope - Everything is 100% right according to your guides! Thank you so much!

    7. You guys are doing an incredible job, let us know when you finish the last two professions! Thanks for sharing about the guides, I'm glad there aren't any "gotchas" yet :)

    8. Done - Mentioned you on our page: (But German).

      Maybe information for you: Servers start 10 min earlier (11.50 instead of 00.00)

      Thank you again - We are really happy :)

    9. Woohoo!! So glad you guys got those last two before anyone swooped in to nab them :) Thanks for the link, I'm going to add this to the post - cuz it's AWESOME!

    10. Congratulations on your Realm firsts! I was curious were you able to reach maximum mining through ghost iron ore or did you end up having to mine trillium?

    11. No..Just Ghost Iron Ore. Here are more details:

      - We had 8 people (2 in each team, 1 crafter, 1 addition) who farmed SoH to be able to buy the recipe viz. have materials for the last skill point
      - 1 guy who run up the "mountain" to check if the sneaky way through the back door into the new capital city is open or not. If this would not be open, the 4 crafters, who needed the SoH, would had to level to 88 ASAP. (not the case)
      - We had 3 people with 8 alts in total with cooking 525, who did the cooking quests and shared the mats
      - One Person how got some materials for necessary for cooking
      - 1 up to 15 people (in the end) who protected and ported the archeology guy around
      - 2 people in the organization team, just telling people what to do, checking the status etc.
      - had a backup for each proffession
      - 7 miners getting around 1800 ghost iron ore for 3 proffesions
      - Windwool Cloth we just got by farming SoH (specific spots where also cloth dropped)
      - We could not find anything in the Auction House that early
      - 1 alt warlock to port our cooks
      - 3 farmes for leather
      - We didn't get ANY Golden Lotus
      - 2 to 5 farmes (in the end) for leather
      - 1 for each other proffesion
      - Our planning sheet hat 31 tabs
      - We started planning mid July

      In total we needed around:
      1800 Ghost Iron Ore
      400 Herbs
      615 Windwool Cloth
      80 Green Tea Leaf
      80 Silkherb
      40 Snow Lily
      330 Exotic Leather
      ~60 Spirit Dust
      ~35 Mysterious Essence

      Again - Special thanks to Kaliope. Without you we wouldn't neither have been able to manage RF: Working better as a team nor 14 out of 15 proffession RF!

    12. Thanks Kaliope! I got 2 realm first on my server Anetheron. I got both the Mining and Jewelcrafting realm firsts. This is actually a repeat from Cataclysm as I achieved both Mining and JC server firsts on the Cata launch as well. All of these were possible because of your guides. Thanks for everything!
      Taliessin (Druid JC)
      Thorsan (Pally Mining)

  2. Desade here.
    After all the work you and I put into these guides it would be a shame for one of us not to have a RF !!!
    I just now not 5 min ago finished up another run thru of each craft and finished up my node map and route.
    I think I could make a dual server first mining and either BS or JC.
    I will let ya know how that turns out.

  3. Will be interesting to read the stories here ;D
    Aiming for alchemy/engineering/first aid RF here and if no one goes for them the herbalism and mining also.
    Fishing/cooking/archeology if they are not taken in the first 5 hours.
    I have 2 friends that will be farming herbs and ore with me. I hope I did the wise thing picking a rogue for my miner/herber...
    I'll also be spamming /1 with WTBs for ridiculous prices aswell, I stored up about 500k gold and I expect to throw away around half... will report back in 1 day.

    1. Good luck you guys, I hope you get your achieves!!

    2. RF engineer! and enchanter! Kaliope, i didn't farm the Harmony, i made thermal anvils, needed about 10ish of them, was amazed they gave such good skillups even though they were green.

      My initial plan of going for herb/mining/first aid was thwarted, had login issues for the first 40 mins and then another 20 mins inbetween
      snagged engineering around 3am and enchanting around 3am. Enchanting was powered exclusively by making bracers with blacksmithing from the bars that were leftover from the engineering realm first. Other mats i bought from the auction house. Encahnting was easy as hell!
      Currently pursuing cooking, it is 4.5hours after realms opened, will report back

      Mel @ Mazrigos EU

    3. **** enchanting around 4 am****

    4. Cooking was grabbed at around 5:30, not by me. Final tally remains Enchanting (easiest ever) and Engineering (round 80 stacks of ghost iron ore and 3 stacks of cloth).


  4. Can't believe I forgot about this blog until Googling for the new recipes over the weekend - helped me claim 3 firsts for Cataclysm (JC, Alchemy, Enchanting) - helps to be on a medium-low server with few others interested in crafting. So, belated thanks for that.

    Going to see if I can match (or even beat that) again. This time, mining/herbalism right at midnight, with a new Tauren Druid I just spent a week levelling up and grinding JP gear for. Don't really expect to win either of those - but do expect to get enough mats to - along with a large stash of gold to search the AH with - make a decent run at JC/Alchemy/Inscription/Engineering, with enough of the products DEable to try Enchanting. Worried I might be split so many ways I won't bag any of the seven, but imagine if I did ...

    1. Idd I too am worried that i'm split too many ways, so I'll go the safe route:
      start mining/herbing, try to grab herb first, then mining, try to get alchemy first as there arent many materials required, go back to mining and try for engineering... allthe while spammingto buy cloth 5k/stack on /1 for first aid....
      After those are done I'll see about JC, and if JC turns out well Ench will follow. Then cooking perhaps :D

      Good luck!

  5. this is going to be interesting :D

  6. Figured out the "mining bug" which isn't a bug. Just threw away my mining pick on a fresh toon copied to beta yesterday since you no longer need any gathering items. It is the +10 on the pick that turns nodes gray. Trillium starts at 600 and regular ghost iron nodes are still green at 596. (Not going to grind those last 4 levels as it takes forever with a lvl 1 guild, so no better chance at skill ups and this answers enough of my questions for live tonight). The +10 is also why you skilled up to 525 off of elementium even though it appeared to be gray to you.

    Next question: do you think it is better to stay in Valley of the Four Winds or to travel to Townlong? I will be doing this on a 85 rogue and have been pretty good at shedding aggro so far. Kyparite is great for skill ups, but that makes my only death while mining so far across 2 rogue toons (my goblin and gnome).

  7. just now they deactivated CRZ half an hour before midnight - much less lag now in molten front daily area ;-) tons of people waiting here with their questlogs full

  8. Have spent the last half hour attempting to get into Pandaland, some people already in Vot4W though so not looking good for my R 1sts :(

  9. Thank you for your guide! I got RF: mining in about 40 minutes :)

  10. on my realm MoP started 5 mins before midnight - just so you guys know, keep waiting for that quest to pop up!

    my leveling group managed to finish 2 dungeons, and then we all got stuck at 90% loading screen. there's a lot of noise about it in the forums, but so far it hasn't been fixed. maybe for US severs they'll have it figured out, but for some of us EU people realm firsts might be impossible -.-

  11. Realm first mining in 45 min. Grey deposits gives skill :) Going for JC now

  12. i've just got realm first.. did all my farming in Valley of the four winds, even through gray nodes

  13. Realm First Herb in less then 1 hour :)
    Thanks for a great guide! :)

  14. Realm First Herbs on Elune Europe with my Drood (Shayna) :))

    Thanks a bunch for the guides, I checked out the path on the beta for aggro and stuff and it all worked out great, Kaliope you rock!

  15. yeah realm first mining got in cata too
    painxgiver EU alliance azuremyst
    took 54 mins this time

  16. Realm First Miner both cata and i mop, EU-Aggrammar - Solei Horde
    Thank You very much for the guide! Ot was Brilliant!

  17. Realm first Angler on EU-Agamaggan; Rougly 5.5 casts/level, though it fluctuated from 11 casts required to 1(Happened 3 times).

  18. Kaliope, i love you! Seriously, awsome work!

    I got realm first herbalism after about 40 min. I was on a tauren druid, so with my bonuses (racial + 10) i ran for silkweed straight away. I did pick a few green leaf teas along, which was very good. The 2nd flower i found as a Golden lotus! (still 550 limit). Also seemd like i kept getting skillups after it had gone gray, so that could be a possible strategy. I picked a few flowers in Vot4w, but only enough to get me high enough to be able to pick Snow Lilys. After that i headed to Kunlai and One Keg. Did the trail up in the mountain and that area, had it all to myself. Ran about 2-3 laps around, and got it. As a tauren, snowlily stays yellow all the way to 615, so lucky there.

    Also got realm first alchemy! I just started working on alchemy following 'logical' progresion. Ran out of flasks and ran halfway round the world looking for more. Didnt find any, got a guildie to mail some to me. Make sure you bring plenty! (I had around 60-70 to start with, wasnt planning on doing that one so fast). And since i already had found 3 golden lotus while lvling herbalism, i just ran around herbing till i found 2 more (didnt take as long as expected, maybe 10 min). Bing, i had it!

    My realm (moonglade) first miner was done at around 40 min, same as herbalism. We just got first scribe (about hour and a half) and first fishing (what!?). Rest so far havent gone off.

    The transition to MoP was fairly smooth, for being a crammed Orgrimmar on a medium server. It did come up about 5 min before midnight, and quest popped smoothly into log. Even if everyone and their mother was standing on q'giver in garrosh-hold, it was no problem. I might have been lucky and beat the crowd in pandaland, but was fairly empty while i was there (i skipped all cinematics for first character, as i was aiming for speed). For those questing, some guildies are reporting a few q's with bugs, but not many. (sorry, cant remember name, was something with an engineer is all i know).

    While typing this, realm first medic just popped. Bout 1 hour 40 min.

    Battlepets seem to be flowing well. Seen alot of achis for it in guildchat.

    And i think a lot of rares, if not all, are up. While herbing i got 5-6 alerts going off. And the stupid Sha of Anger was up, sitting by One Keg and sending elites at me.

    Just tried leveling mining a bit now. When i got to pandaria i instantly had 3 nodes on my map, all were 'rich' nodes, which requre 550 to mine. Ran past another 10 or so before i even found any 'normal' ghost ores. Not sure if there is a relatively high amount of rich ones, or if people going before me have dug up all the normal ones. Just a not for those going for mining, and +bonus you can get will be useful.

    And thats it for me! Thanks again Kaliope!


    1. Awesome guys - I'm so happy for you all!! Congrats to our EU friends who've gotten a Realm First!! Thank you so much for sharing =)

  19. Realm First miner in 40 min
    and used the ores (35 stacks) to get
    Realm First JC (got it 1.5 hour after release - crafted necklaces/rings to 585 and then research and crafted bold primordial ruby all the way to 600)
    and then I disenchanted the jewelry to get
    Realm First Enchanting (got it 2 hours and 15 min after the release. Required more ores though. In total 47 stacks. But I think i was very unlucky with getting Mysterious Essence. Think I only got 10 of those from disenchanting jewelry.)

    I was failing/had problem at two times during this time:
    1. couldnt get to the general to get the quest to go to Pandaria. I recomend that those in US use "/target" and bind the interaction-key
    2. When I got to Jade Forrest my map bugged, showing me on other places than I accually was at. Before realising this I ran into the alliance starting place (im horde....) /reloadui fix this.

    1. Couldnt get to the General because there was a loads of ppl standing on him with their mounts*

    2. I had the issue with targetting NPCs when Cata hit. So this time I was ready. I created all target macros I would need...all quest NPCs, the Mining Trainer, and even the first flight path. Tested these macros out in Beta. I then set the "Interact with Target" hotkey to CTRL-T. This brought up their quest and everything else. Worked like a charm.

  20. Realm first miner in about 40 minutes. While farming ore i noticed that i had forgotten to get zen herbalism. big fail...Nevertheless I got also realm first herbalism. There was nobody in Vot4W or in Kun-Lai Summit except me.
    Then realm first inscription. Realm first juwelcrafting. Realm first alchemy :D

    As I did not participate in the beta, I would not have achieved this without your great help!
    Thank you very much and keep up the exceptional work!

    1. Dang dude, you're not cursed! You've got a leprechaun under lock and key or something =) That's amazing, I'm so happy for you!!!

  21. Dun-Modr realm firsts: mining and alchemy

  22. Update on Solei - Eu-Aggrammar

    Also got Blacksmith and Enchanting :) Gl all

  23. Got realm first tailoring. Jesus was tough. Didn't know you needed to be level 87 to access the recipe vendor (research ftw!) so ended up having to farm a LOT of cloth and 3 spirits just to push me past 90. All in all it's taken 5 hours, though 90 minutes of that was spent on the bloody copter!

    1. You shouldn't need to be 87 to get to the vendor. Did you try sneaking up the wall at the Shado-pan Fallback in Kunlai?

      Gratz on the Achieve, you got it the hard way!

    2. No, didn't realise there was a way to get in. My heart sank when I found the gateway only to see it barred shut. Thankfully the mobs were spawning almost instantly by the first quest hub, so I just took up position and killed 100s of them. I dinged 86 before I had enough Spirits to get the last 5 points. 590 to 595 took about 20 hoods/pants.

    3. Also got realm first engineering. Last one on the realm to go, 3 of us working at the anvil hahah.

  24. Is the Jade forest no good for mining? On wowdb there seems to be a TON of nodes there... Am I missing something?

    1. I would say no. It's bound to be a mob scene with other players. Also, the terrain is not as easy to navigate as VotFW. I would avoid JF purely from a lag standpoint.

  25. Ah so straight to VotfW ! Thanks for the prompt answer and many thanks for all your hard work here. /bow
    Bushwickbill , Nagrand, Oceanic, Alliance :)

  26. Managed to bag Realm First Engineering (3rd expansion on the trot) and Realm First Cooking. Took 40 minutes plus to get into Pandaria, high tailed it up for Vot4W but others who'd escaped the lag got the easy gathering done.
    Made anvils to 615 (am a gnome), was pretty straight forward all in all.

    Cooking, worked out that farming the birds on the pool north of Halfhill was going to be about my quickest route doing solo. 1K + kills later I'd handed in enough breasts in exchange for tokens to buy all the mats I needed for the food. If you have multiple toons, you can easily just buy all the mats with the tokens earned from first quests and then send to the one going for the achieve.

    Good luck all still aiming for achievements!

    Purpleurza (Darksorrow EU)

  27. Realm First Zen Master Scribe!!! Only took about 30 minutes and like....10 stacks of herbs (Tea Leafs and Rain Poppies)!!!

  28. Sorry, no bragging here. I followed your guide but totally screwed it up. I was doing great as I was at 580 @35 minutes. But then I decided I was going to go to farm higher level ore. Well, I made it to the tower OK. But after that I got really confused by your directions and somehow I wound up jumping down into the Summit. And after that it was totally down hill. I couldn't figure out how to get back up or where to go next and eventually I hit upon the idea of porting back to SW and taking the portal back only by them it was too late as I had blown my lead. Really depressed right now. All the time wasted planning and if I had just stayed farming gray ore I would have the achievement.

  29. Realm first Inscription on Jillíe on Blackwater Raiders! Awesome guide, thank you!

  30. Realm First Miner on Hyjal US!! Thanks for the help.

  31. RF Mining and RF Jewelcrafting. Thanks for the great guides!

  32. At 1:53am PST your Fearless Leader snagged a Realm First Leatherworker! A special thanks goes out to my guildmates Daven, Bimbee and Watcher for helping me murder turtles for the cause. You guys are awesome!!

  33. I managed to get both realm first herbalism and inscription, thanks in large part to the herbalism guide here. It took me about 35 minutes to get all the herbs and another 5 or so to mill them all and get inscription up. Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the guides. They were absolutely spot on.

  34. Yea! Thank you, Kaliope- I was |--| this close to realm first Mining... but I still ended up with Realm First JC. I would never have gotten either without the mining maps. :D

  35. RF Miner, RF Engineer, RF Scribe! Thanks Kaliope! =D

  36. Five realm firsts for me also (Herbalism, Mining, Alchemist, Scribe, JC) on US-Shandris! Ridiculous. Thanks so much for the guides.

  37. 6:12am PST - Realm First Zen Master Cook for Kaliope of Llane


    Going to bed, have fun peeps =)

  38. Eight! Eight realm firsts on US-Runetotem! Thank you.

    Straight to the Heartland with the Miner/Gatherer. Got 600 there on Ghost Iron, and 600 (of 615 ... Tauren) on Silkweed ... up to Kun Lai Summit for Snow Lilies after that. It really, really helped that, as far as I can tell, I had the Valley of the Four Winds all to myself.

    That turned out to be enough herbs to get Inscription outright. And nearly enough ore for Jewelcrafting - was enough after buying a few from another early gatherer. And DE'd enough rings/necklaces from that to get halfway to Enchanting.

    So, back to the Heartland. And STILL alone. From the proceeds there, finished off Enchanting, and did Alchemy all at once.

    Up to that point, it was nearly free. But I saw that there was a lot of really expensive ghost iron ore on the AH, and some RFs still unclaimed ... so time to do Enchanting. I hit 590, and think "Gee, 2 spirits of harmony and I'm done!" ... 30 minutes later, said screw it paid through the nose for ore to make 30-something anvils.

    And finally, Blacksmithing. Took almost 2 hours to get an SoH ... but when I did (mass genocide on stags south of Dawn Blossom) ... got that one too. (And while farming that, one of my guildies claimed Tailoring - half the server thought it was me again.)

    Anyway, thanks so much for the help. Time to sleep now. Levelling later.

  39. Haha, we got either 7 or 8 realm firsts for the guild, plus, of course the guild working together realm first! All of us had links to your blog, Kaliope, so thank you so very much for helping us achieve this. I myself got the engineering realm first - the toughest parts (the anvil) wasn't tough at all - the luck gods were indeed smiling!!
    Jaffle - Cenarius US

  40. Got realm first Blacksmithing on Kael'thas and my guild had 9/15 RF's. We got realm first working as a team all thanks to your guides.
    Thank you so so much couldnt have done it without you!!

  41. I was going for quintuple (is that a word?) realm first but the server lag crushed me and pretty much everyone else on the alliance side very hard. I'm on Sen'Jin EU and the alli to horde ratio is ~ 2-1. I dont know how many people got stuck on the gyrocopter quest but it was painful. We litterally couldnt play for over 90 minutes. here is a screenshot of the confusion. we were circling around there for like 20 minutes.

    while we were all stuck in the air a happy horde player secured himself herb RF after 40 minutes and inscription server first after 50 mins, congratz to him.
    next was mining server first but this time on the alliance side of things. a human was smart enough to not do the gyrocopter quest but instead heartstone back to stormwind once he was on the battleship and then teleport from sw to PelZin and just go about mining. the next one was fishing, but that was obvious as they didnt have to go to pandaria to get it and therefore didnt encounter the gyrocopters of slow death.
    around 90 minutes I was able to free myself from the gyrocopters, finish the quest and go off to do my skinning/LW Realm First. I was one of the first to get out of the copters and while I was rushing through Jadeforest there were NO NPCS and NO MOBS AT ALL. the whole server was completely lagging itself to death. people who went to rush through instances were able to do so for exactly one instance and then the instance server crashed mutliple times leading to a semi crash for the logging server.

    while I was doing my skinning RF, starting in valley of the four winds and moving on to dread wastes, someone else got first aid server first which I was hoping to get as well as I had 7 guildies ready to farm it for me but they all got stuck in the lag.
    So I did my skinning realm first and went on to farm leather like a mad man. I pulled off Leatherworking realm first and had like 80+ leather still in the bag, I guess I miscalculated the amounts I needed. However, this caused me to produce some more greens and blues and actually help out our enchanter with mats and BAM he got realm first enchanter without any preparations what so ever.
    We then spontaneously went on to farm cloth in a group in valley of the 4 winds and provided our tailor with mats so he could get realm first tailor and he did.
    we were so pumped for professions after that that we spontaneously decided to go for realm first working as a better team and we did it.
    Even though I missed out on 3 of my 5 realm first goals I'm very happy for my guildies to get 2 more realm first AND the guild realm first.
    We are -> Have Faith in Me <- on Sen'Jin EU and we're very grateful for your guides Kaliope. they helped us out a lot.


    Realm first Mining, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting on Bladefist. Had mining in 40 minutes. Had someone whisper me how I did it in under an hour. Thanks to your guides!!

    Your guides were awesome! Thank you so much!

  43. Dear Kaliope
    Thanks to your wonderful blog which I read with scrupulously and with great admiration for you I (amazingly got RF in mining and blacksmithing last night (this morning)!
    I just kept plugging away in the heartlands and finally BINGO! 600 mining lots of gratz and cheers from guildmates as well as many others. It took me by surprise as I was stopping to chat with guildies and others so I thought "no way" but there You go and almost no competition... Then I charged along gathering more ore and later the GRIND for MoH which I kept thinking was going to knock me out of the race but clearly others had the same problem. So off to 7 stars back to SW then out to heartland for motes then back to 7 stars and (excuse my french) voila! RF smithing too I was very pleased and rather stunned and owe it all to gatorade cheesy goldfish and you Kaliope who showed the way. So from Drak'thul alliance I, Arelius, salute you all Kaliope and other Realm Firsters well done!!!

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Yesterday with my boyfriend we tried our best for the realm firsts on Arathor-EU, and with your help this is what we achieved:

    Cavalorn (my boyfriend) - RF herbalist at about 0:33
    Zyoe (my alt) - RF miner at 0:37 (didn't even calculate with it XD )
    Cavalorn - RF alchemist at 1:03
    Eshanah (my main) - RF engineer at 3:50

    Later, since so many ghost iron bar remainedmy gready boyfriend asked what if... :
    Cavathas (Cav alt) - RF blacksmith at 5:35 - he checked your site and here is the result: it only took about 40 min

    We couldn't have done it without your brilliant blog!

    I must add that 2 years ago when Cata launched we also used your guide and got the job done :) Back then we haven't said thank you, so we would like to thank you for that as well :)

    Thank you very much (and we can't wait for your next guides XD)

    1. "Later, since so many ghost iron bar remainedmy gready boyfriend asked what if... :
      Cavathas (Cav alt) - RF blacksmith at 5:35 "

      That's exactly how I got skinning, I was sure someone else must be ahead after I'd done LW but decided, oh what the hell let's try it, and it worked ^_^. Goes to show it's always worth trying until it fails!

  46. Snagged RF mining alchemy jewelcrafting. Thanks for the guides!

  47. Realm first Herbalism again, and then did Alchemy since no one had yet. Thanks Kali, couldn't have done it without you!

  48. Gratz all - amazing stories!!

    BTW, just snagged Realm First Alchemy for my toons as well. No one on my realm even tried, it's been 13 hours since launch lol.

    1. LOL! I did the same thing with Cooking on Exodar- lollygagged around, leveled to 86, then finally had all of the pieces I needed and got it about 16 hours after launch. I was so shocked when I got it. :D

  49. Got RF Herbalism, Inscription (some dude whispered me he had 599/600 when i got the achi!), Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing :)
    And my brother got RF Skinning + Leatherworking!

    Alot thanks to this blog! :)

  50. Got realm first blacksmithing and cooking. The tip on how to running up to the blacksmith vendor was invaluable.

  51. As always, big thank you to Kaliope! This is the second expansion that Kali's blog has helped me reach my goal! I got realm first Mining in 40 mins, and then realm first JC 15 mins after that! I hold the first two RF's to drop on my realm, and I swear everyone thought I was hacking. I tried for cooking and missed out by about 10 minutes. But, Leatherworking and Engineering are still up on my realm, so maybe I'll log onto alts and get them leveled! Thank you again Kaliope for your amazing guides!

  52. Hello Kaliope! RF here for Leatherworking and Skinning (Shadow Council). My gf pointed me at your LW guide which was a great basis for my route.

    After referring to your Mining guide for the approximate route to the Shrine of Seven Stars, I hopped onto my beta toon and plotted the most direct route to the Hidden Stairs, which as I'm sure every LW knows by now, is a great farm spot. As a Worgen with a gnomish knife, I knew I could skip the first zone entirely and go right for higher level mobs.

    Was standing at the trainer when the expansion went active at ~ 2:54 AM. Trained and headed to the airship, and bailed off it immediately on arrival (thank you, Fangs wings). Rode directly to the stairs and just farmed Mushan and Turtles until around 330 leather, at which point I had 16 motes.

    I couldn't decide if the turtles or the Mushan were more efficient... I stayed near the turtles and alternated as I cleared them out, waiting for respawns. At 330ish leather I hauled up your route to the Shrine. Of note, I tested this route on the Beta servers with an 85 toon, to see how bad drawing aggro would be :]. Wasn't a problem at all, turns out.

    Skinning had gone grey in the Valley at around 600 (as a Worgen, I needed 615 to max it). I didn't want to risk LW by looking for higher mobs to skin, so I let it go and focused on just farming up the mats. At the shrine, I set hearth there (just in case I screwed up and needed to get back for more leather - the FP at the shrine is a quick direct connect to the Valley farm spot), bought the Contender Shoulders, used the portal inside to get to SW, parked at the trainer, and ground out leather armor like a madman. (Also of note: many of those items procced as blues, which was nice).

    At 5:34 AM, I got the realm first. Hadn't seen a Skinning announce, so I went back to Pandaria and started looking for things to skin...

    THAT turned out to be more challenging than the leatherworking! The best place I found was in Townlong Steps, a bit SW of where you come in. Random turtles and more Mushan, all Green to skinning, and eventually got those last 15 points around errrr 30-45 minutes after I'd gotten the LW first.

    Thanks again for your guides and advice!

  53. Realm First "Working better as a team" - Inner Circle - Argent Dawn ;)

    Thx for the tips !

  54. Our Guild got 11 personal realm firsts, and the realm first working as a better team - "Casual Tees" - Muradin. Your tips were invaluable.

  55. Well i managed to get Realm First mining , Blacksmithing , Leatherworking and Inscription.
    My brother got Realm First Herbalism , Alchemy , Archaelogy and Skinning :D
    And our Guild got Realm First Working better as a team
    ULDUM @ Lightning's Blade Eu.

    And all these thanks yo Kaliope = Legend.
    Thanks a lot for all the postiive info here and on twitter .
    You are a LEGEND mate.

  56. Questionable Ethics Doomhammer-EU

    Thanks for teaching us how to, Kaliope!!

  57. No realm first for me (no, I wasn't trying). But even without that, the tips on your site have proven useful. For instance the tip of leveling up mining in Vot4W near Poaquan Hollow - I got my mining up to 600 fast there yesterday during the day.

  58. Thanks to your wonderful guide, I managed to grab RF Alchemy in less than 1 hour, and then because I spent so little time doing that, went on to take RF Level 90 Hunter. Thanks so much!

  59. Realm First Herbalism, Inscription, and Alchemy (between two of my toons). Had inscription done in like 30-45 minutes and was the first of any Realm Firsts. Thanks so much for the guides, they helped me plan farming routes.

  60. Thanks Kaliope,

    Because of your site, last expack I got RF herb and this year I easily got RF mining.

    I didnt want to set foot in the beta this time around so was heading over blindly and your post and the follow-up comments made by members was invaluable.

    Much thanks and regards.

  61. Personal RF herba , alche, skinning and archeology !!
    Guild RF 10 professions..
    RF working as a team.

  62. Hi Kaliope,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your guide, I managed to get realm first on both Herbalism and Alchemy thanks to you.

    Thank again!

    Féora, La croisade écarlate, EU.

  63. Realm first Tailoring and my guild got the realm first for all professions at 600. Guildies also got fishing, cooking, archaeology, blacksmith, engineering, jewelcrafting, and inscription. The guilds were a big help.

  64. Delighted to say my hunter snagged Realm First Miner in 47 min, and Realm First Engineer in 4:10. Your guides were excellent.

    Stationed myself in Org in the Goblin valley, for quick access to both trainers. As soon as the new quest appeared I trained Zen Mining and Engineering, flew straight into Grommash Hold, skipped cutscene, flew to the boat, skipped cutscene, and parachuted off the side.

    Raced for Valley of Four Winds, stopping only for a few nodes and when forcibly dismounted (Deterrence, Disengage, Feign, Mount). Immediately on crossing the bridge I found my first rarespawn - Nasra Spothide, female pandaren. Took a risk and fought her (turtle tanking) - got the kill, then kept racing onwards.

    Initially no competition in the Heartland or around Paoquan Hollow - but did start to see a few other miners. Kept at it, and was very glad to see gray skillups continue - I was debating running for Kyparite, but better not to move that far.

    Convenient that the Engineering trainer was at Nesingwary's camp (with the rare forge and anvil!). With cloth from a guildie I hit 580 within an hour, then burned ore on anvils... and began heavily farming motes in western Krasarang Wilds. Nearly two hours got my final mote, and Mist-Piercing Goggles.

    ... and in the aftermath proceeded to run around having fun at 85, using the wall trick to break into Vale of Eternal Blossoms early, killing rarespawns (elsewhere), mining more, and generally enjoying a whole new world.

    Also pleased to say my Mining was the first Realm First, and Engineering the first Crafting First. Can't ask for more... at least this time.

  65. Just to add to the chorus: thanks for guide; it was a huge help to getting RF mining and engineering on Bloodhoof (US). Following your advice, I mined ghost iron in the Heartland in Vot4W until it turned gray, then quickly ran to Townlong Steppes to get the last 10 points or so on kyparite. As a warlock, I'd found in the beta that I could actually take the mobs around the big tree in Sik'Vess where there quite a few nodes that I had all to myself.

    For engineering, I first got a few points off gnomish x-ray scopes (having stockpiled hardened elementium and dream emeralds.) Then the mats I'd mined gave me enough to get up to around 570 or so. At that point, I headed back to the Heartland. Thanks to the thermal anvil, every time I got a few stacks of ore, I could smelt it down and craft a few more items. It was slow going for those last few points, but crafting thermal anvils took me all the way to the top. (Incidentally, if anyone reading this is on Bloodhoof and wants to buy thermal anvils in bulk, msg Daidalus; I'll give you a good deal.)

  66. So happy to have found this blog! Thanks for all the hard work, Kaliope!! I got 4 realm firsts (Mining, Herbalism, Jewelcrafting, and Enchanting) in no small part to this website :)

  67. Again Kaliope, thank you for your awesome blog, with awesome info in it :) This time, i didn't snag realm first 90 by only herbing, like i did in Cata (if you remember :)), since flying was not allowed till level 90. Glad to see you are still providing the community with loads of realm firsts :)

  68. Kaliope, thanks a ton for maintaining these guides! I used them at Cata launch to get Blackwater Raiders RF herb/alchemy on my druid (Tauren, of course). This time I was able to snag herb/alchemy again as well as JC and enchanting, DE'ing rings and necklaces from my jewelcrafter for the mats.

    Finally, just a little while ago I was able to finish guild RF Working Better as a Team, for Enlightenment. I was surprised none of the larger BWR guilds had done it by now, as I think all of the individual profession realm firsts were completed on Tuesday.

  69. Thank you for your wonderful site, as always Kaliope!

    Usually I don't have access to the expansion at launch, but this year I did and managed to bag Cooking RF.
    The guild that I am part of also managed to get Working Better as a team RF, something we were eager to achieve as we had the Working as a team RF as well.

    Once again thank you for all the hard work you do here :)