Noob's Guide to Mists of Pandaria

That's right folks, it's time for the famous Noob Guide! For those who haven't been with us long, during each Beta test I compile a list of tips and facts to help out on launch day. I publish it as a "noob" guide because it typically includes all of the endlessly repeated questions from the chat channels. I also try to include locations for relevant vendors and trainers.

How Do I Get To Pandaria? 

Be sure to camp in Stormwind or Orgrimmar the day before launch. Starter quests are activated here which will lead you to the new continent of Pandaria.

The starter quests are automatically triggered, they will pop up on your quest tracker as soon as you enter the city. If for some reason this does not happen, Alliance players can fly into Stormwind Keep to trigger the quest. Horde players can enter Grommash Hold to trigger their quest.

After you activate the quests, you will be sent to a ship on the outskirts of the city. For Alliance this is at the northern end of the Stormwind docks. Horde players can find their ship waiting directly west of Orgrimmar at Bladefist Bay.

You will NOT be able to fly in Pandaria when you arrive. This requires special flight training that you can only learn at level 90.

What Zones Are Here? How Do I Get There?

Jade Forest: Scaled for 85-86 players, Horde players will teleport in on the northern side and Alliance will start out on the Southern side. Most quest hubs appear to be neutral.
Valley of the Four Winds (VotFW): Scaled for 86-87 players and is accessible to those on ground mounts by riding west from the Serpent's Heart in Jade Forest.
Krasarang Wilds: Also scaled for 86-87 players, this zone is a little tougher than VotFW and mob density is higher in most areas. Can be accessed by taking the road south from the Thunderfoot Fields in VotFW
Kun-Lai Summit: Scaled for 87-88 players and can be reached by following the Veiled Stair north from the Grassy Cline in VotFW, up the path of a Hundred Steps, past the Tavern in the Mists, up the Spring Road and through the Ancient Passage.
Townlong Steppes: Scaled for 88-89 players, this zone can be accessed via the quest chains in Kun-lai which will open the gates through the wall.
Dread Wastes: Scaled for 89-90 players, this area is also blocked off by walls and must be unlocked.
Vale of Eternal Blossoms (VoEB): This is a level 90, phased zone. Players must complete quests to unlock content here.

Where are the Trainers/Bankers/Auctioneers?

Profession trainers in any major city will let you unlock Zen level recipes, but some recipes may not be available until you reach Pandaria. Make sure you train any abilities you wish to use before take the boat to Pandaria (gathering skills or Archaeology). Zen trainers are spread all across the Pandaria zones, so it's best to take care of this before you ship out.

There are no bankers or auction houses in Pandaria until you reach the level 90 zone, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Once you reach VoEB you'll also have access to portals leading out to other major cities for your faction.

There are plenty of inns and mailboxes at various quest hubs. If you need to get back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar from Pandaria, there are portals at the starting towns in Jade Forest.

Pandaria Trainers (Alliance)

JC = Mai the Jade Shaper is at Greenstone Village due North of Dawn's Blossom. She is standing just north of the town's center
BS: Len the Hammer is in Jade Forest at Greenstone Village (north of Dawn's Blossom)
LW: Clean Pelt is located at the Grummle Bazaar, due east from One Keg. He is standing in the center circle of gazebos, directly across from the mailbox.
IS: Inkmaster Wei (Arboretum @ Jade Forest on the north end of the camp) or Scribe Rinji (Greenstone Village, west hut on upper level)
EG: Sally Fizzlefury can be found at Nesingwary camp in the far southwest corner of Valley of the Four Winds.
AL: Ni Gentlepaw is at Dawn's Blossom, by the small gazebo across from the flight master.
EC: Lai the Spellpaw is located at Dawn's Blossom, in the tower at the very top on the northeast side of town.
Skinning: Located at Paw'don Village on the lower level
Mining: Located at Paw'don Village on the lower level
Herbalism: Located at Paw'don Village on the lower level
First Aid: Located at Paw'don Village on the lower level
Cooking: Sungshin Ironpaw (and friends) are located at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds
Fishing - Nat Pagle @ the Angler's Wharf on the southern coast of Krasarang Wilds.

Pandaria Trainers (Horde)

Mining: Stonebreaker Riuan on the upper level of Honeydew Village, just outside the Inn
BS: Len the Hammer in Jade Forest @ Greenstone Village (n of Dawn's Blossom)
Herbalism: Grower Miao on the upper level of Honeydew Village, just outside the inn
EG: Sally Fizzlefury can be found at Nesingwary camp in the far southwest corner of VotFW.
LW: Clean Pelt is located at the Grummle Bazaar, due east from One Keg. He is standing in the center circle of gazebos, directly across from the mailbox. 
Skinning: Trapper Ri on the upper level of Honeydew Village, just outside the inn
IS: Inkmaster Wei (Arboretum @ Jade Forest on the north end of the camp) or Scribe Rinji (Greenstone Village, west hut on upper level)
JC = Mai the Jade Shaper (@ Greenstone Village due North of Dawn's Blossom, just north of the town's center
EC: Lai the Spellpaw (Dawn's Blossom in the tower at the very top on the NE side of town
AL: Ni Gentlepaw at Dawn's Blossom, at the small gazebo NE of the flight master 
First Aid: Elder Muur at Honeydew Village on the upper level. He is inside the small hut across from the Inn.
Cooking: Sungshin Ironpaw (and friends) are located at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds
Fishing - Nat Pagle @ the Angler's Wharf on the southern coast of Krasarang Wilds.

Faction Vendors

Klaxxi - Ambersmith Zikk is in the Dread Wastes at Klaxxi'vess
August Celestials - At the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, lower balcony of the Shrine of Seven Stars/Shrine of Two Moons
Golden Lotus - Jaluu the Generous, located in the center of the lake near Mogu'shan Palace

Lorewalkers - Tan Shin Tiao is on the upper balcony of Mogu-Shan Palace, near the tiger.
Shadopan - Rushi the Fox is located at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes
Anglers - Nat Pagle @ the Angler's Wharf on the southern coast of Krasarang Wilds.
Tillers - Gina Mudclaw is located at Halfhill in the center of Valley of the Four Winds
Cloud Serpents - San Redscale can be found at the Arboretum, west of Dawn's Blossom in the Jade Forest.

Is There A Hub City in Pandaria?

Yes, there is a city zone in Pandaria, but you'll probably be level 87-88 before you unlock it via quests. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms has a separate city for Horde and Alliance, as well as small hubs for some of the new Pandaria factions.

And finally...


Just in case anyone missed that the first time I said it :)

If you have any questions I haven't covered here, please mention it in the Comments and I'll add it!


  1. Path suggestion for crafters?

    What I read it is
    JF then your choice of votfw or kw.
    then KLS
    then ?

    I.e., what zones will you be leveling in? There does not seem to be a HF/BT or Hyjal/DroppedOnHeadAsChild choice for the first zone but there is for the second.

    Would a herber/miner who has a hungry family of scribes, alchemists and a JC at home have a preference?

    1. As a crafter, I would stay in JF only as long as necessary. As soon as you hit 86 - head for VotFW. The gathering is so much better there with pretty much any resource. I would also stay in VotFW and skip Krasarang if you can. I don't know how well the quest progression supports that plan since they have tweaked the XP numbers quite a bit since I hit 90.

      I plan to spend as much time as possible in VotFW. That's where the bulk of the farming action is, even for level 90 players. I know because I see them out collecting. There may be better spots once you reach 90 and unlock some of the phased faction areas, but VotFW is the best option starting out.

    2. Kaliope,

      Long time reader, first time poster here. First off, thank you so much for the great information you provide on your site. Second, I am wondering if it is a viable option to just skip JF and go right to VoTFW in order to quest while mining/herbing. Any insight would be appreciated.


    3. Awesome - thanks for jumping in! If you have no interest in leveling I would totally get out of JF as fast as your mount will take you :) Head straight for VotFW, don't pass GO, don't collect $200.

      Early in the beta you could start questing at 85 in VotFW, but in looking at Wowhead earlier today it looks like the majority of the quests have been set to a requirement of 86. So I don't know if it's viable to completely skip JF, it used to be but they may have changed it. Quite unfortunate IMO.

  2. Hey Kaliope,
    was reading through your blog. I ve found really useful info here, but you do not mention more about Realm First Zen Master Mining.I am now testing locations where is the best to do that damn realm first. I think Jade forrest is the best choice to level to 550/560, easily i can skill to 600 but i was wondering if is there any other option to skill it even faster. When i was skilling in jade , i dont know if i were so lucky but i got skill up even from Grey Node. So my question is - What do you suppose? To just stay in Jade forrest till i skill it to 600 or move somewhere else? However it s really hard to skill up in lvl 90 location just because of High Dmg and density of mobs and there s not much of kyparite anyway.

    Thank you for answer,

    1. It's a known bug that gray nodes will give you skill points with Mining. Whether that bug will remain after launch is anyone's guess. I personally wouldn't stay in Jade Forest because of the competition factor. I realize that JF has lower mob aggro, but to my mind that's not worth the trade-off.

      In many ways Realm First is a crap-shoot. You can stay in JF and work the gray nodes or you can go to Townlong and collect the kyparite. In a head to head match-up I would put my money on the Kyparite plan. But they are really close (like 5-10 minutes difference) and mob aggro is a variable in Townlong. Part of it comes down to your comfort level and which route you feel you can execute best.

      At this point I think CRZ lag and competition will be way more of a problem than other players. I know Blizzard says CRZ won't be active in MoP but I'm starting to feel like it will be a variable on Launch day and not it a good way.

    2. FYI the Mining Guide has been updated with some new information. If you want to know a bit more about getting a Realm First, make sure to read the "Update" section at the end!

    3. 1) I would always be concerned about CRZ. Some of the problems like fishing tournaments and group lead changes seem quite obvious and did not get fixed prior to launch. So there is no reason to expect it to be a robust feature for a while. What I did not read about was whether split zones are even in and would be working? E.g. if there are too many people in JF to some people claim that Bliz has the feature to split it into different instances/phases/? like other MMOs do these days. i.e. a third of the people on your crowded realm would be in the JF with you. Has anyone read anything official about that?

      2) I just had a duh! moment reading something and it may not have occurred to some of your US readers - see the future through Europe. I.e. will grey mining nodes give skillups? what route did RF use? How long did RF take? Ink trader? Are those two Jadefire and IOTS glyphs still there? ... All of these will be known many hours before the US GMT-7 launch. The secret is just to follow the most helpful/verbose European RFs seekers. Who will you and your readers be following?

      3) Back on CRZ, can level 1s get to Pandaeria, if not through quest then through boat? Can level 1s on free accounts get to Pandaria? Regardless, if you are on a highpop server, then the way to get RF would seem to be have a friend, hire or second account invite you to low-pop server. You then gather all the nodes there. Probably safest to get to 599, then ungroup, return to highpop realm, and get your last point and RF. Don't you think that a lot of the success in getting RF in a gathering profession or one dependent on one will involve picking the correct realm through either skill and luck. I certainly can't see why anyone going for RF on a PvP realm would gather on that realm.

    4. 1) The official word I read on CRZ is that it will not be used to merge in Pandaria, only split. So assuming they have it functioning correctly next week, CRZ will only be active if a zone is split. Sadly, many players have so much lag when CRZ is active that I think it will be a factor for a lot of players on launch day. That's my main concern, the lag and confusion (achievement spam) it creates.

      2) Good point and not something I thought of. Are we certain that EU has a separate launch time? The official email I got said 12am PDT, but it may have been referring only to US servers. Hopefully our EU readers will come back and share! I plan to write up a compilation post tomorrow for folks to get one-step access to all the Beta content.

      3) I haven't tried it, but I really don't think a level 1 could reach Pandaria unassisted. The boats to fly out are in the air - super high. If nothing else you need a flying mount to reach one. It's also possible that the boats are phased out unless you have the quest.

      You have an interesting idea on using CRZ to your advantage, but I saw a blue post yesterday where they said they were working to disable some types of realm hopping. Not sure exactly what that will entail, but something to keep an eye on. It wouldn't surprise me if they nip that sort of thing by Monday night.

    5. Yeah we get MOP at midnight Paris time (11pm London time) so that's something like 5 hours ahead of East Coast USA.


    6. Awesome, you'll have to pop back by and fill us in on any changes that go live. I also noticed that MMO-C posted a nifty countdown clock that shows EU exactly 9 hours ahead of the US. That's quite a lead you guys are getting :)

  3. How does one get to the profession vendors in Vale of Eternal Blossoms? Are there any sort of level restrictions/quests to do or is it just 'get on a mount and run for it'?

    1. Basically it's get on a mount and run for it. If you follow the instructions in the Mining Guide on how to get to Townlong, you just drop down the opposite side of the wall to get into VoEB.

  4. Kaliope,

    Many thanks for your guides, especially this one.

    You said there are no bankers or auction houses until we hit level 90. I'm guessing this lack of facilities also includes inns where we could set our hearth.

    So presumably we commute by ship / airship every morning to start our day of questing and gathering.

    1. No no, plenty of inns for you to set your hearthstone. I would say at least half of the quest hubs have an Innkeeper. There are also plenty of mailboxes you can use to send stuff back and forth while questing.

      Realistically, while the banks and auctioneers are in a level 90 zone, most of you will probably access it between 87-88. So it's really just a few levels that you'll be minus the usual conveniences.

      Also, there's a portal back to Stormwind in Paw'don Village. I believe Honeydew Village has one too. I think that needs to be in the guide :)

  5. Hey Kaliope, I was going to email you a question but for some reason by browser is bugging it out.
    Could you please reply to this with your email so I could drop you a line? Thanks!

    1. You can use kaliope at crafterstome dot com to reach me :)

  6. Your trainer list is missing fishing, archaeology and tailoring trainers' locations. I guess I can just go to Stormwind for the fishing and archaeology trainers though.
    Also, is there a new ink trader in Pandaria or do I have to go back to Dalaran for that? Maybe the Pandaria trainers will also let us trade inks?

    Thanks for an awesome blog!

    1. I don't think I've actually seen Archaeology or Fishing trainers in the lower zones. There's an Arch trainer at Mogu'shan Palace, but you can't get to him until you have flying again. I think Nat Pagle may have some trainers at his camp, I'll try to confirm that. But none of these spots are terribly convenient, I'd do it before I leave SW/Org honestly.

      There is not an ink trader in Pandaria that I've spotted. You may well have to portal back to the current cities to do that. I'll check VoEB tho, I may have overlooked the IS vendor there.

      The Tailoring trainer has been MIA for most of the Beta. It's possible that he went in sometime in the last week or so, but I've been checking for him regularly. There's a suspicious group of folks at the Silk Fields that are probably the intended NPCs.

    2. Did a check again for the Tailoring trainer and I'm still having no luck. I also checked Wowhead to see if they were turning up any helpful information, but no. I think Tailors will just have to use the trainers in the existing cities.

      Nat Pagle will teach Zen Fishing - he's located off the southern coast of Krasarang Wilds.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. How do you get back to Pandaria a second time (assuming no hearthstone there)? I played a mage on the beta and it didn't occur to me to find out... Thank you!

    1. Well I generally set my hearth to Halfhill, so I'm centrally located to the other zones. It's also a good place to keep your alts for farming veggies, collecting herbs/ore, etc.

      If you don't want your hearthstone set in Pandaria, you can still get back to Paw'don Village by using the portal that's available in Stormwind near the Monk trainer. Apparently this portal unlocks as soon as you reach Pandaria via the boat. My druid has access to the portal and she didn't even complete the first Jade Forest quest (it's still in my quest book).

    2. Thank you for answering! I will of course set my heart in panda land on my leveling toons, but my crafters/bankers will only venture there for the harmony so will be hearthed back in the capital cities. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I was reading your updates to the Mining guide. You talk about the alternative to the alternative strategy of going to the Dread Wastes but you don't explain how to get there from Jade Forest where you mine Ghost Iron.

    1. Dread Wastes is south of Townlong. If you decide to go there instead, keep following the Wall south until you are parallel to Dread Wastes. Then jump down :)

  9. iv got my tailoring to 576 but my orig trainer wont ever teach me anythin new again so were can i learn more stuff or do i have to make loads of greens and hope it boost my lvl to 600 if not were can i learn more stuff been silken fields and cant find anything

  10. Thanks so much for the helpful info. I'm having a ton of trouble finding an auction house in the lvl 90 area. Would you know where it is located?

    1. I don't believe there is one. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms has a lot of niceties but an Auction NPC is not one of them.

  11. Okay i did the main quest and came back to sw. Now how do i get back to pandaria?

    1. There should be a portal available to you in the Panda part of town, near where the Cataclysm portals are located :)

  12. Great guide. Please correct location of enchanting trainer, which should be Dawn's Blossom. Dawnstone is a gem that jewelcrafters use..not the name of a village.