Mists of Pandaria Compendium, the All-In-One List of Guides!

We're just over a day away from the launch of Mists of Pandaria. So it's time to start putting everything together so you guys can jump right in and find exactly what you need for Tuesday! Below you'll find a list of all the profession-related guides I've written in the last two months:

Pandaria Noob Guide - answers basic questions about Pandaria
Zen Herbalism Guide - tips on leveling Herbalism to 600
Zen Mining Guide - tips on leveling Mining to 600
Zen Skinning Guide - kill stuff... skin stuff... done!

Zen Archaeology - tips on leveling to 600
Zen Cooking - tips on leveling Cooking to 600
Zen First Aid - tips on leveling First Aid to 600

Zen Tradeskill Leveling Guides

Zen Alchemy Guide
Zen Blacksmithing Guide
Zen Enchanting Guide
Zen Engineering Guide
Zen Inscription Guide
Zen Jewelcrafting Guide
Zen Leatherworking Guide
Zen Tailoring Guide

For young Pandas who are starting from scratch, our "Classic" Guides:



  1. So much selfless goodness of information compressed into one space that I fear for the space-time continuum!


  2. hip hip hooray! Thank you Ms Kaliope:)

  3. You are a gem Kaliope! An epic, one of a kind, 0,0001 prospect chance one! :))

    1. Thanks you guys - our wonderful community plays a huge part in the results here!! I'm so grateful that you guys jump in with suggestions, questions, ideas. And we've had some absolutely awesome Beta folks sharing their information as well. It's been a really terrific Beta cycle and I'm so excited to hear all of your stories on Launch Day!!

      You guys rock =)

  4. Hallo there my hero! You have been so helpful all this years and you have outdone yourself this year! So much great information :)

    But I guess I'm not going to get my Realm First: Tailor this year after reading this:
    "You'll need at least one SoH to purchase a higher level recipe from the vendor in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms"
    And after reading all your content today it looks like I need to level a few levels to be able to get to Vale of Eternal Blossoms and by the pattern, is that correct?
    I want to spend weeks with levelling to explore all, I don’t want to power level :( But damn, I want my Realm First: Tailor again!

    1. No, you don't need to level up. Follow the instructions in the Mining guide for how to get to Townlong. Go to the opposite side of the wall to get into VoEB. It's not hard and you can get there at 85.

    2. Are you 100% sure you can still do that, i don't want to waste time i might be lvling to try. And if you can can you mark the spot the map.

    3. I can't promise 100% on any of this. If Blizzard decides to chance things before the launch, there's not much I can do to warn you. Realm First is always a risk in that sense. Most folks will go for it anyway and hope they can make it work.

    4. Thanks for the tip! I guess I just need to test it!
      I was going to focus on herb and do tailoring tomorrow when there is possible to spam trade for cloth, like I did last time.
      But after reading that we only need 85 bolts this time (17 stacks) I think that I maybe need to focus on tailoring tonight. (last time it was around 350 bolts).
      So I will test this tonight and get back to you all if it works!

      But again thanks and I hope you are right! :)

    5. Yeah, i just hope they didnt do any last minute changes now, since i tried it on PTR and it worked.

  5. Hey Kaliope, quick question - for those of us going for RF and jumping off the boat at the beginning, how do we get started leveling again once we're done with the RFs? That thought somehow escaped me the whole time on the beta, because I typically did the quests on the boat before starting herbing. Can we abandon the quest and go back to SW and take the boat again, or do we have to skip the first part of Jade Forest and start farther on in the zone, or level via dungeons until we can start in KW or Vot4W?

  6. A tip for US RF tries where you have to get to
    1: You don’t have to logout, the MoP is just there (and it started a few min before my clock was 0:00, so I was in the bathroom).
    2: If you have to go to Valley of the Four Winds first, try to get of the boat /quest. I did jump in the water, swimmed to the shore and mounted up in INSANE LAG. As soon as I entered Valley of the Four Winds, we were only 2 there = no lag! :)

    1. Im now stuck in SW and HS set to Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I have no clue how to get back to the boat quest, so mabye not that good to skip it :)
      So same question for me as Flock! :)

      But on the positive side, I did get to Vale of Eternal Blossoms as 85 :)

    2. Aha! There is a portal at the panada place in SW close to old portals.

  7. Thanks so much for the info. I'm about to jump in HEAD FIRST starting with the Noob Guide, lol.