Zen Cooking & Engineering Recipes Online

This is just a brief post to let you guys know that we just added new Pandaria recipes to the Crafter's Tome web site. Zen Cooking and Zen Engineering recipes can now be found in the recipe lists. For the easiest way to view them, make sure you select "Mists of Pandaria" on the Expansion filter. In addition, for Zen Cooking you can use the "Specialty" filter to choose a specific "Way" set of Cooking recipes. More new recipes will be going online over the next few weeks, along with Zen leveling guides on the blog.

Here are links to the new recipe lists:

Cooking Recipes @ Crafter's Tome
Engineering Recipes @ Crafter's Tome

Also, for those following the Comment threads from our Prospecting post, I think I've worked through my issues with Mining and hope to have a post for you guys tomorrow!


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  2. Some things I noticed about cooking quests:

    Each "way" has a similar set of quests and recipes, the first is a quest for 5 of something, which you get back along with a token (which can be used to buy the 5 from another way if they're too troublesom to farm). Then the next quest involves using those 5 items to make 5 dishes.

    An exception is the Juicycrunch carrot! The recipe requires 10 carrots (2 each for 5 foods)

    This is important if you planned to grow your own, as a typical harvest from one of your 4 plots of land is 5 carrots. If you do this, plant 2 plots of carrots.

    I think finding quick ways to farm groceries will be important for the first month. I estimate it would take 30 min (without pools) to fish enough fish to make one grocery from the expensive fish (20 needed), and one grocery from the common fish(60 needed). Someone might auction the common fish at a low price, since in all previous expansions they were practically vendortrash

    Growing vegetables is nice, but you need 100 vegetables, so it'd take several days at lvl 85. I think they planned it so that at lvl 90, with a full field, planting the daily recommended crop, you'd produce just over the 100 vegetables needed for a grocery.

    I've heard rumors of 100% droprates of wildfowl breasts, which I plan to test as this might be the fastest method if the cranes respawn fast enough.

    1. I assume the Blizz folks decided that veggies are easier to get and therefore worth 2x as many vs meat/fish. I would suggest to anyone trying for a Cooking realm first that they carefully analyze the Cooking recipes and plant their 4 farm plots accordingly. You can collect the veggies needed by farming mobs (that's how I did it before Farms were added) but it takes a lot of effort. Using your Farm wisely should make a big difference.

      And yes, wildfowl has a very good drop rate. Shhhh!!

  3. I'm less interested in getting RF with cooking, than I am of leveling it cheaply and getting the 50 token belt. I don't think I've seen it explicitly mentioned, but the Cata daily cooking quests didn't award cooking skill in the MoP Beta (I'm hoping Darkmoon's cooking quest will).

    For those of you similarly interested, the quests from the questchain will raise your cooking to 550 in all specialities. The next recipes will take you 5 points at a time to 575.

    Save this food (consider buying it if it's cheap enough in the AH)! As things stand, you'll need 10 of the "Way of the Brew" output at lvl 90 for rep with Jogu for a one-time quest, and each of the other specialities are needed 5 at a time for the daily rep quests for the other tillers (+1800 rep per stack of 5 foods per day per tiller).

    When collecting mats for leveling cooking, I plan to get enough to make 10 each of the second tier foods, and make them until I reach 579. Then, if I read the sources right, it'll be 3 or 4 banquets to reach 594 or 599, make any remaining tier2 food for later, and hope the Darkmoon Faire will top them all off at 600. I'm going to try to remember to test the Darkmoon quest on beta tonight to see how it affects specialities.

    If not, there's eventually a lvl 90 daily that grants +1 cooking.

    With luck you'll finish leveling cooking just before you finally get more than 4 plots of land on which to grow vegetables.

    They actually seem to have made an effort so that nearly everything you make while leveling cooking will be useful, or even valuable.

    1. If capping Cooking cheaply is a motivator for you, I would also suggest running all of your 85 alts to Pandaria on the first day. Each of them can activate the farming process and start growing veggies. I currently have 4 of my toons in Halfhill farming, 3 of them are only 85 and just have 4 plots. Still, I'm getting more veggies than I would if I just use Kaliope and her 12 plots. Every little bit helps!

    2. The Darkmoon cooking quest has no effect on any cooking specialities. It only raises your overall score, and as your score goes up whenever a speciality is greater than it, there's no point doing it if you plan to master any speciality.

      I imagine the lvl 90 cooking quests will be similar.

      The tier1 cooking food now gives only 1 skill point (instead of 5) and the tier2 gives 2 points (instead of 5) so you'll have to make many more meals than expected.

      Luckily they're worth 360 rep each with a tiller, when you finally get to lvl 90.