MoP: Interesting Changes in the Latest Beta Build

Another set of changes in going into the Beta this week and there are some interesting things going on with professions. First - Blacksmithing is getting some kyparite recipes. This may change the outlook for those of you debating over strategy on Mining. It should increase the value of kyparite for your own crafting goals as well as its gold-making potential. I think we need to assume that kyparite is a player in the ore market and plan accordingly.

The other interesting change is in Engineering. It appears that all of the tinker recipes are being upgraded to MoP components when MoP launches. To my recollection this is an unprecedented change. I can't think of a time when old recipes were upgraded to use newer components. Typically they reduce components and remove obscure ingredients whenever they bother to revamp older recipes. I think this is actually a good thing for Engineers, as it will ease the burden to keep a stockpile of older mats.

There are also a few changes to Leatherworking leg armors, but I think they mostly fall into the category of bug fixes. I was pretty sure that 50 magnificent hide bit was not intended :)


  1. The Puzzling Goggles continue to confuse me.

    1. I still see Mist Piercing Goggles on the trainer in the latest build and in the Wowhead database, this recipe object is marked as deprecated. It's not unheard of for devs to make a recipe item, then change their mind. There are a number of Zen Cooking recipes that also have recipe objects. I don't think there's a problem at this point.

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