MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Engineering

In addition to Jewelcrafting, Engineering was also activated on the Beta realm last week. Today I'm bringing you some of the highlights from Tinker Town :)

The first item that caught my eye was these nifty gathering goggles:

By carefully reading the tooltip, you'll notice two very important features of these goggles. The first is that they DO NOT require Engineering. This means we can actually sell these babies to other players! Second is that you don't have to equip them to get the perk. I assume it's similar to the mote extractor and can just be in your bags. Unfortunately my gatherers are still level 86 or I would test these out for you guys.

Another nice item I wanted to share was this new trinket:

Personally I love the engineered trinkets and I wish we had multiple versions like Alchemists so we can get appropriate stats for our toon. However, this Panda trinket is a pretty good alternative. No stats on the trinket, but we get three cogwheel sockets to play with. This may not end up being a raid-worthy item, but it should at least be a powerful leveling trinket with a good bit of customization going for it.

This next item is pretty typical for Engineers, but I thought I'd share it anyway:

What I found interesting about this gizmo is that it doesn't require an equipment slot and it can be used while moving. I'll be curious to see if the players out there end up devising creative uses for this given the lack of a movement restriction.

Our next item is one of the new tinkers Engineers will get and it's purely a fun one:

From what I'm seeing, fireworks are coming back in a big way for Engineers. This is just one of several goodies we get in MoP and I'm glad to see it. This tinker is even better because the show is combined with a damage ability for extra awesome!

Another tinker that combines fun with utility are these Phase Fingers:

You can increase your dodge and you become partially phased! I can't wait to use these just to see how amazing I look with phasing tech :)

We're also getting an updated version of the current Synapse Springs, a tinker that buffs your primary stat:

This next item is something I'm particularly proud of! Many of you will recall that we submitted suggestions on the Blizzard forums with our wish list of new tradeskill items for MoP. And here is one of those items!!!

The idea of a portable anvil was submitted by one of our readers, and lots of you voted in support of it. This may even be a case of double win as it appears from the tooltip that this item may also be sellable.

Another tinker that provides good utility is this one:

It may seem like one of those items that you really wouldn't use, but having been in Pandaria for a few months now I'm tempted to argue otherwise. There's a lot of water in certain zones and you can't avoid navigating some parts of it. Plus, once you've done the rafting quest, you'll be looking for excuses to do it again 50 more times :)

This next item is a gun, pretty typical for Engineers:

This will likely be a leveling recipe, but I'm hoping the socket will help keep it relevant enough to retain some value to buyers.

Next up is a brand new wormhole device! I love our teleporting tech and I was bummed that we didn't get one in Cataclysm. Luckily they are back and I'm hoping just as fun as ever:

This next item has me pretty excited as well because it looks like Engineered pets are here to stay as a money-maker for us:

Not only are we getting a new pet, but it's one of the most appealing critters in Pandaria. A dragonling!

In some ways I don't know what to make of our next item. It's called a Blingtron 4000 and it has a very interesting (if vague) tooltip:

What will end up making or breaking this new gizmo is whether it gives out nice stuff or crap. If it's mostly crap, no one will use it after the first few tries. If it gives out nice stuff then it could be a great item to have. I'm hoping the fact that it's super-expensive means my skepticism is misplaced.

Our next two items are very exciting and I'm so happy to see Blizzard lending more support to this product line:

That's right, we're getting not one, but TWO new mounts for Engineers to craft. This is super-awesome in my book! Yes, they are seriously expensive to make. But we're used to that with the Chopper. As far as I'm concerned this has "win" written all over it.

Finally, the last item is one of the new Engineering helms. This is the plate helm since my Engineer is a warrior:

You can see from the tooltip that they didn't even bother to put tons of stats on the helm. They just put some basic stats and then gave us three sockets to play with. I just hope that this expansion gives us the option to upgrade our helm with each tier of content. I love my Engie helms and I feel bad when I have to shelve them.

I don't know about you guys, but I am ridiculously tickled with all the new goodies Blizzard is giving Engineers. I don't think we've ever gone into an expansion with as many new items and old favorites being added to our arsenal. I mean, we're getting several completely new types of marketable item with the gathering goggles and the portable anvil. On top of that -- two new mounts and a new crafted pet! I don't know about you but I just can't wait to play!!!


  1. 1) Wait where is the tragic fatal flaw on the engineering helm? I am still annoyed and appalled at the QA that let a requires 80 BoP helm pattern that was crafted from BoP orbs from 85 instances. Can my 85 engineer actually make one of these? Or is the recipe a drop from a 90 raid?

    Sorry still bitter.


    2) So is the profession bonus (e.g. the +80 that other professions get on live) that you get a tinker on the gloves or gloves and belt? i.e. are there still belt enchants? And is the tinker in addition to enchants?

    3) Any word on the battlebot or battlebot fuel?

    4) even if they give quite lame gear, I could see lots of blingatrons coming out before tha raid. Why not let 9 other friends get something as well as yourself

    5) I hope the mist goggles work for non-engineers. I was disappointed that the mote extractor perk from TBC/LK became something that my JC eng could not use. I did not know of another profession that required a second to get the perk; it might be simplier or cheaper if your LW skinned, but you did not lose LW capabilites if you were not a skinner.

    It really does look pretty good for engineering; what am I missing :-;

    P.s. I feel guilty about asking so much but I am so curious. You are a saint but don't be a martyr; answer what is convenient and the rest will be known in due time.

    1. 1) For me the tragic flaw is that we have to abandon our helm when when raid gear starts to flow. I'd like an upgrade path that mirrors what Tailors/LW/Smiths get access to. There are usually crafted options for other gear professions, I'd prefer that Engineers not be left out.

      2) There are still some belt enchants, I didn't include all of the new tinkers. I focused on those that appeared new or different in some way. I don't know if the status of the tinkers has changed vs. chants.

      3) Not that I'm aware, but it appears other folks have news :)

      4) When I say lame, I mean common quality or vendor trash level goods. I would be amazed if it handed out uncommon quality items.

      5) I really want to test out those goggles and see for myself, hopefully those servers will come back up later today and I can make a pair!

    2. Do you have to be in party to get a gift from Bling? Could the realm culture evolve so every engineer drops their bling at 5PM in HM - so you can go at one time and get several dozen gifts. I guess it's cool and certainly not bad but my first reaction is ... odd. It seems like a fine line between irrelevant and OP.

      The real let down on helmets were they implemented cogwheels so as gear went from 359 378 397 ... your goggles could grow. But no new cogwheels. But Blizzard could do more for professions at launch, but where they really could improve is keeping professions relevant into the expansion.

  2. Battlebot fuel is in the game but it's created by cooking, IIRC.

  3. Already Engineering got nerfed. They must have read your post Kaliope.


    Incindiary Fireworks Launcher Permanently attaches a mounted fireworks launcher to your gloves, allowing a skilled engineer to deal 238 Fire damage over 3 sec to an enemy at long range. "

    1. I saw that! I thought the 1100 dmg was kind of wimpy but now it's basically a toy. Oh well.

    2. Some minor benefit as a pulling weapon for engineer tanks?

  4. the wormhole generator sends you to a random place currently... I ended up in the water way way way north of the troll island in Kunlai... and Blingitron gave out a grey vendor novel like 5g and some gold... wasn't impressed with either... but... I made 'em.

    1. According to a comment on wowhead Blingtron can give out Fire Spirit which is pretty cool for anyone still leveling professions... Wonder if it gives out anything else

  5. Nice! I may start cranking through some items this weekend, but for now I'm trying to get the recipes into our database. I'm hoping we can start pushing some data to the site over the next week or so :)

  6. Goblin & Gnomish still relevant?

    I see Geosynchronous World Spinner as requiring Gnomish Engineer. Or not. That is the only thing that I even see sometime mentioned with a specialization on. Are specializations still in? They got rid of several specialization in Cata. It would be a bit of a surprise for them to not remove it but not provide any new specialization differentiation.

    1. Yes, the two mount requires specialty Engineering and they are the only recipes I've seen so far that do. The Kyparium rocket is Goblin and the World Spinner is Gnomish. I just got done adding these to my database so hopefully we can get them on the site for you in the next few days :)

  7. Please let us know when you encounter any cogwheels. In particular, we have 2 cogwheel slots in the goggles and 3 in the trinket. If the cogwheels are marked unique, it would be ... frustrating is politer than what I first wrote. Did Bliz not think about MoP now having two cogwheel-able slots or are there more flavors (e.g. int,int+spirit, int+haste...) or?

  8. I did some experimentating with Alchemy this weekend and thought I'd pass it on in case it was of use to you.

    I started at 525 and just happened to have the mats for 8 truegold.

    I gained 5 skill lvls making truegold, because the cooldown seems to have gone. Not sure if this will go live, but I suspect it was intentional. This might have been a waste, because all of the recipes, bar 2, have to be discovered, and the recipe for Alchemist's Regeneration that claims to be the start of the discovery process has the same skill ranges as truegold.

    I made 40 Alchemist's Regenerations, and learned 9 recipes in my first 12 attempts, and then nothing for the next 28 attempts. This was wasteful, as I received only 2 more skill points, but I wanted to see if I would get any more recipes. This took me to 535 skill.

    Of the 9 recipes, only 3 were listed on Wowhead as having less than 550 skill, nevertheless I was invited to make any of the nine recipes, three of which were the primary stats flasks (Str, Agi, Int). The flasks required golden lotuses which I didn't have, but the ingredients of Potion of Jade Serpent (525 540 552 565) were cheap enough, so I made 20 of those.

    For the first 13 pots, I discovered nothing, but once I hit 549 skill I started learning 4 more recipes, including the other two flasks. I stopped at skill 552.

    There's something very odd about the chance to learn a new recipe, that seems completely different to all of the past expansions. When I was learning recipes, I was learning them more than 50% of the time, but there were periods where it looked like the odds were 0%, and they seem to be skill and potion related.

    There doesn't seem to be a minimum skill anymore, and the first recipe I learned was a flask recipe. Getting skill into the 590's seems really easy provided you have the lotuses and other herbs. I did not learn any transmutes; I suspect they were either unavailable because it was the beta, or only learnable by making either elixers or flasks.

    Assuming you do learn the transmutes and have the lotuses, you could lvl from 550 to 600 getting 2 skill points per lotus every time.

    I'm looking forward to your own observations on this subject.

  9. How do you read the gathering goggles as not needing to be equipped when they say:

    "Equip: Allows you to see additional mining nodes and herbs while in Pandaria."

    1. Nevermind that comment, didn't read the flavor text...

    2. Honestly, I'm having trouble with that too. I don't know how to test the stupid things! I have them in my bag, but I can't think of a way to confirm whether I'm seeing extra nodes or not. The only way to turn them off (theoretically) is to mail them. And the odds of me seeing an extra node near a mailbox are pretty small.

    3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are 3 possibilities.
      1) you have to be wearing them
      2) You have to have worn them
      3) You just have to carry them

      If it's number 3, they never need to be soulbound. The easiest way might be to go gathering with an accomplice, and hand the goggles back and forth. When I'm playing, I'm on Lost Isles, and could be there most evenings, Eastern Standard Time, or weekends.

      I can't see how to easily differentiate between possibility 1 and 2, but a bunch of us could follow you with portable mailbozes. Can you mail soulbound items at all?

      Running around with an ungoggled partner could also give a rough idea how many of the nodes are invisible.

      The sad part is that I did almost no farming for mats after the first week of Cata, and I probably wont get the 2 spirits of harmony on my engineer until I'm done farming in MoP.

    4. you could find a node, drop a moll-e, then mail off the goggles, see if the node is still there

  10. Here is how you could test it.

    Have goggles equipped on self.
    Find a spot with many nodes.
    The more nodes on screen bigger chance of one or two being from the goggles.
    Mark on paper where nodes are.

    Move goggles to your bag (Take them off)
    Move a little / reload to make mini map refresh.
    Make note of any node changes.

    Destroy goggles in your bag (dump them)
    Move a little / reload to make mini map refresh.
    Make note of any node changes.

    Get new goggle from mail.
    Repeat in a totally different location if you like.

  11. Leveling engineering without Spirits of Harmony (SoH) or Living Steel was disappointing.

    I was a gnone (goblin speciality) so I effectively learned all recipes 15 levels early.

    I didn't make the guns or the scopes because I had no lapis lazuli, and my past experiences tell me it will be vendortrash due to high supply, low demand. Especially with guns going in the mainhand slot, and a vendor in Valley of the four winds that sells complete sets of ilvl372 gear.

    I made bolts and gunpowder until they went grey, and still needed more during the leveling process.

    I made a few gears, and the dragon trinket (which can't be used until lvl 87)

    I ignored the flame thrower, since I couldn't think of a reason I'd use it.

    Then there was only Thermal anvils (1 skill pt) and Dragonling trinkets (+5 skill points) that were red or yellow until I reached 585 (+15)/600 .

    I vendored 7 dragonling trinkets.

    There are some very nice recipes, but they require SoH and Living Steel.

    I know it will be harder for non-gnome engineers. I wouldn't try it as another race without a few SoH. Luckily there are several really useful +5skill recipes that are red all the way to 600, but they either need (1 or 6) SoH or 6 Living Steel.

    When I play it for real, I won't bother leveling engineering until I either have a few SoH, or 6 Living Steel for my helmet.

    I reread what I wrote, and it sounds like I'm complaining about Blizzard. I think they did a much better job than either WotLK or Cata, especially since you don't have to run heroics to get the Spirit of Harmony. I just didn't have the SoH, and I'm irked I vendored dragonlings.