MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Jewelcrafting

First, a shout out to Flock for commenting on this and bringing it to my attention! I was so caught up in Farming that I didn't do my usual trainer check after the last Beta patch. I had no idea that Jewelcrafting and Engineering were finally in!! My bad, sorry folks :) At any rate, I'm on it and I have a preview for you.

I know lots of you are waiting to find out about Zen Jewelcrafting, so I've tried to dig up as much as I can. The trainer is mostly offering uncommon gem cuts, a handful every 5 points up through 575. Right now there are no recipes on the trainer beyond that. Here's a sample recipe for a green gem from the trainer:

You can see from this pic that the new MoP gems will require an item level of 417. This is well past Cata gear and most of the leveling gear found in MoP. I haven't gotten anything with sockets anyway, so it's not a big problem.

The uncommon quality gems will give you one skill up per cut when crafted. Currently the Cata epic gems are listed as yellow in the tradeskill book, so they could potentially be a source for easy skill points early on. You can see a sample image here:

Bear in mind that this may be changed before launch, so stockpile at your own risk :)

We are also getting a new [random] necklace recipe, although I noticed there was no ring equivalent. I posted in the Beta forums about this, because I rather liked having the random jewelry recipe as a way to use up extra gems. Especially the occasional rare proc! But even without that, it's a handy way to get extra enchanting mats for my enchanter. You can see in this pic:

that the new recipe uses three different gem colors (huzzah!). If we get a ring recipe that uses the other colors, we'll have a reliable way to use all six gem types. I don't know about you, but I am constantly running out of red/green/purple and yet swimming in yellow/blue/orange.

A big change for Jewelcrafters is our next set of recipes: River's Heart and Sun's Radiance:

These two recipes are learned right off the bat at 525 skill. Then at 535 you learn two more: Vermilion Onyx and Wild Jade. At 545 you learn Imperial Amethyst and then at 550 you finally get Primordial Ruby.

You can see from the description here that you'll learn a new gem recipe when you use this recipe. You are unable to use this (or any other recipe in this group) more than once a day. You get three skill points each time you do it, which is nice but probably won't be too helpful to Realm First seekers. So it appears that in MoP we'll be moving away from the daily quest/vendor method of acquiring recipes and toward a discovery mechanic.

I did one test with this today (Sun's Radiance) and learned the recipe for the Smooth (+320 crit) cut. It's my understanding that each discovery recipe will teach you a gem cut within the same color family, based on Beta commentary. I will continue to test this each day and confirm that information. Once you start learning the rare gem cuts you'll get 2 skill points for each one you make.

Crafting the research items also creates a Facets of Research object which contains cut gems inside. In today's cache I got two rare Sun's Radiance gems, one with +320 Resilience and one with +320 Dodge plus some junk. So the gems you use to do research aren't completely wasted, apparently you'll get some back as cut gems.

I'm already seeing some angst on the forums about this situation, but honestly I don't expect Blizzard to abandon gating anytime soon. There are also folks complaining about the fact that this recipe uses 3 blue gems for each discovery, but I don't have a problem with that either. In Cata we waited 3+ days per recipe, now we are sacrificing 3 rare gems but can learn a new recipe once a day. And with the Facet cache we actually get some of those gems back in cut form. IMHO the rare gems were a bit too free-flowing in Cataclysm and I think we're gaining ground in MoP. I still remember BC when a blue quality gem was worth something, so seeing our rare gems slumming at 10-20g makes me kinda sad. I don't mind using some of my rares to learn recipes and that gem sink may even cut down on the glut we have currently.

Moving on! There's another recipe you'll learn at 550 skill which gives you a way to speed up the discovery process somewhat:

With this recipe you can learn a rare gem recipe off the daily cooldown by farming Spirits of Harmony. This will be great for folks who play their JC as their main, but could be frustrating for those who don't. Either way, it provides an alternative to the daily gating mechanic if you want to utilize it. I think this is a nice compromise solution and I'm glad the developers included it. Those who want to learn recipes quicker can work for it, those who don't care can use the daily cooldown.

I also found a new item type on the trainer which you guys may find interesting, it's called a Scrying stone:

It uses a roguestone (personally I'd prefer we stay away from purple gems for novelty goods) and it makes a limited use item. I'm not exactly sure what it does to be honest, but I'll play with it when I have a better supply of gems.

I discovered another new item while I was prospecting Ghost Iron ore that I think is much more exciting:

If my guess is right, these will be used to make our new JC-only gems. I haven't actually found any recipes for Serpent's Eye to confirm this. But I got four of these from prospecting stacks of ore. They seem to drop around 1-2 per stack. I'll try to do some volume tests with prospecting to get you guys some reasonable numbers for this as well as the gem drop rates. From what I've seen so far, the drop rate for rare gems is fairly high at this point (6 rare vs 9 uncommon gems in my initial prospecting sample).

Finally, I lucked out while I was farming ore in Valley of the Four Winds and someone linked a JC recipe in general chat. I took a screenshot for you guys:

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and hypothesize that the new JC meta gems are zone drops. From peeking through Wowhead, they all bind when picked up. Given that someone looted one of these in VotFW, that would seem to support the zone theory. Some of these may end up being faction or dungeon drops, that's hard to say at this point. But if they all remain BoP then they are likely to have a pretty reasonable drop rate in their respective locations. I'm actually happy to see this because I did not enjoy paying 5000+ gold for the Cata recipes.

That's all I have for now, you other Beta folks are welcome to share additional information in the Comments. And you non-Beta peeps can shout out some questions if you like!


  1. "This will be great for folks who play their JC as their main, but could be frustrating for those who don't."

    I think that's my general reaction to all the changes in JC. My JC is far and away my least used of alts and these changes likely mean I'm going to mothball him. There is no way that I will spend the time farming mobs for spirits of harmony on him and if the only way to get the meta gems is by...wait for it....farming mob what's the point. Yes, it's true that I can still do the daily but the problem there is that the results are random. I liked the old mechanic because that way I could use the tokens to buy the cuts I needed on my other toons and ignore the rest.

    One other point that I would note is that in MoP the level minimum for the profession was only raised to 80. So again, if I have a level 80 JC how on earth can they play this system when both the meta gems and 1/2 of the way to get patterns are closed to them.

    In the end, I think these changes are great if a JC is your main but for alts it's horrible. The time to benefit ratio is abysmal under the new system.

    1. I somewhat agree with you, I leveled my JC from 80 to 85 just doing JC dailies, and some quests from 2 holidays.

      However, Blizzard has a tradition of starting expansions making it hard or impossible to get everything to level a profession without leveling the character, and then relaxing it after a month or two. It seems to be their way of preventing any one person from getting all professions maxed in the first week.

      If you'll remember, alot of recipes and materials were BOP and only available in the city in the Twilight Highlands, and that couldn't be unlocked without a quest with a minimum required lvl of 84.

      Similarly, except for the ridiculous cost of Spirits of Harmony when making cards for deck/trinkets, their need in recipes is remarkably like the chaos orbs were. Chaos orbs were BoP at the start of Cata, but became BoE eventually.

  2. Do we have the full shuffle yet: prospect, jewelry, disenchant. It would be nice if there were an "alicite pendant" for every color gem. Do you think all the jewelry is in?

  3. So you
    1) train
    2) optional any cata skillups allowed
    3) get ore and prospect
    4) cut gems with vendor recipe until 550
    5) do rivers heart preferably before 3AM 9/25
    6) make whatever pattern you learned until 600

    So #6 requires 50 rare gems of the type you have a pattern for, which could be an alchemist with 50 SoH. Do we know if these also come from prospecting? Averaging 4 common and one rare per stack is what I am guessing.

    1. I'm not convinced that the rare patterns will get you all the way to 600. The meta gems are 575 and I think a RF seeker will need to farm one of those to hit 600. Just a guess on my part, but that's my leading theory.

      And no, from the small sample I did it is not 4 common + 1 rare per stack. The ratio is closer to 2 rares per 3 commons.

    2. If I remember correctly I had to do 2 researches to make the final push to 600.
      I have done several hundred ore prospects ratio is right at 2 rare 3 commons

  4. I been at doing JC since the first day so I will try to help out here a bit.
    Before the new JC stuff was in I was able to get to 540 using Cata stuff.
    JC trainer in Jade forrest Center of map little north of Dawn's Blossom at Greenstone village
    This trainer has more designs to train than all the other trainers. (I think it was like 5 or 6)
    Meta/Head gems are drops BoP and you need JC to get the drop.(So far seem to only be dropping in VotFW)
    10 sparkling shards to make one serpents eye/JC only gem.
    Gems from research do not fit in gem bags.
    Research will give you design of another random color if you know all of the cuts from the color your actually using.
    I love research as the new way to learn so much less work and time.
    That's all I can think of at the moment.
    Not to mention with the new gem itemization I foresee a lot more gems being in demand not just the reds and a handful of others!

  5. I just read the following comment at MMO Champ which would be a big deal if true:

    "You see I came across an NPC today ( not sure if new with this patch) that sells crafting materials for Spirits of Harmony. He/she was located in the new capital, on the upper deck, outside I think. So if you get Spirit of Harmonies on your gatherer just turn them in for even MOAR mats."

    Can you confirm this and if what you get in return?

    1. The names of the NPCs are Krystel and Danky.

  6. Yes vendor just like fronzo in Daleran.
    Yes location is Vale of Eternal Blossoms capital city upper tier outside.
    1 SoH to buy other crafting mats.
    Only one I recall is 1 SoH buys bag of random Herbs. (no idea how much in the bag)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ok updating the list from the vendor herself:
    1 Spirit of Harmony will buy you:

    1 Ironpaw token
    1 Restored Artifact (arche)
    1 Starlight Ink
    20 Windwool cloth
    20 random herbs
    3 Golden Lotuses
    20 Dusts
    5 Essences
    1 Shard
    20 ghost iron
    20 kyparite ore
    5 white trillium ores
    5 white trillium ores
    20 exotic leathers
    20 prismatic scales
    1 serpent's eye

    This is the whole list for now.

  9. Obviously, the second "white" trillium ore is in fact, 5 black trillium ores :)

  10. Thanks to all who are adding all of this great info! When folks talk about doing the initial leveling with Cata mats, is there a list somewhere where I can take a look at the mats? I would like to buy them now while they are so cheap.

    And as a Special Side Note, I would like to say congratulations to Kaloipe on her fine sleuthing skills on behalf of all hunters everywhere! The WHU hunters are ecstatic!

    1. There is a risk, blizzard has been known to change the ranges on older recipes after the last beta patch and without telling anyone, making such leveling plans obsolete.

      Keeping that in mind, Epic Gem cuts, the 3 vicious necklaces and Rhinestone sunglasses give skills upto 535.

      If you don't mind tying up your money and bankspace, I suspect there will be a market for cut red epic gems in February (the date they become valuable again is an educated guess), or so, so you could recoup your costs. I'm not going to bother.

    2. When I do my official leveling guide for Jewelcrafting, I'll mention the best Cata recipes for early points. And as Neil mentions, that may change but it gives you the opportunity to prepare if you want to go that route.

    3. Okay, thanks for the information about the older recipes Neil and I'll keep an eye out for your lvling guide Kaliope!

  11. Aw thanks for the shout out! I actually wasn't even sure if you were back to the site yet (I think you mentioned being away for a few days), and was caught up in farming too. Side note: I'm totally loving it, especially since it could help with whatever cooking mats you personally need, but I also can't help wanting all of the little tiller peoples to be my friend. Anyway I thought I'd take a chance on the gems and lo and behold it was in!
    I took extensive notes but didn't finish leveling.
    For my draeni, epic gems were still yellow until 540 but I wouldn't want to make them because I expect their value to completely tank. If I had leftovers that I wasn't able to sell, I'd probably cut those and then continue on.
    I prospected 23 1/4 stacks (465 total ore) of Ghost Iron and got:
    Rare quality: 4 blue, 5 yellow, 6 green, 6 orange, 2 purple, 4 red
    Common quality: 22 blue, 25 yellow, 18 green, 28 orange, 26 purple, 18 red.
    So my ratio looks quite a bit different than 2 to 3...mine was almost exactly 5 common:1 rare, but I suppose I could've gotten really unlucky like I have with SoH. I got 74 sparkling shards, so 7 serpents eye gems.

    The ring gives 1 skill up and takes 4 blue, 1 orange, 1 yellow.
    The neck gives 1 skill up and takes 1 red, 1 purple, 1 green.
    So they're using all gems. It seems a little odd to me that the blue takes so many more than any of the others (I probably would've expected 4 and then 2 for others, and perhaps 1 for red, or just 3 blue, 1 for the rest) but I don't really mind since they are typically insanely easy to obtain (although it doesn't look skewed that way from my prospecting results) and have even less use than the other gems. I still don't think they're quite 3x as useless though...especially since this is common gems which are usually replaced quickly.

    I leveled to 587 through useful common cuts (and honestly, a lot seemed appealing given the huge bonuses and great mixed-gem bonuses now) all the way to 587 before the common cuts went yellow.
    At 590 everything went green for me except for the rare cuts and research. Research stayed red with +3 skill until over 592. You could viably get to 600 within 30 minutes or so if you had enough ore, and you'd need more than 23 1/4 stacks - unless you got really lucky with the research you learned. I didn't want to make a useless gem so I didn't continue. It seems to me that the point of maxing the profession ASAP will be somewhat alleviated if the only purpose of a daily (if there is one) is to purchase JC gem recipes. Since I have no interest in this realm first, I'm going to lean towards waiting and capping with research, unless I get lucky.

    Keep in mind this was on a draeni so other races would be ~10 behind me in terms of start/finish. That should actually make it easier to cap, right? Since the recipes will still change to yellow or green at the same skill point, you just have to go to 600 to get the achievement, right? Or does the point that recipes change difficulty also adjust to draeni starting 10 points higher? Or do draeni get the achievement at 600 and then are just able to keep going above that? Sorry I'm not really clear on this part.

    1. You're right, I was out of town last weekend on a camping trip. So I totally missed the new patch and didn't start farming until late Sunday.

      Thanks for the JC info, hopefully this will give folks a rough idea how leveling goes. Unfortunately the racial bonuses do skew the leveling values somewhat, I have the same problem on my Gnome with Engineering. I've had readers report that my information differed from their experience. But my JC is not a draenei so hopefully we can see some contrast there.

      On the other hand, it does mess up my Engineering :)

    2. Cata Epic gem prices will surely tank. But a year after Cata came out, WotLK Red Epic Gem prices on my server were back at their previous level (Which ignores the inflation that would have raised the price further).

      The price went back up because they were the best that could be put in WotLK armor, and there were a few people who wore socketed WotLK armor, and the supply of those gems was almost nonexistant. There may even be a few people with Cata belt buckle sockets on MoP belts, if their belt is likely to be replaced soon, and the MoP belt buckles are too expensive; they'll need Cata gems. That reminds me, I ought to get a few Cata buckles for my own use while leveling my alts.

      If you do have epic gems when the price tanks, please don't vendor them. Save them for 12-18 months and you might get something worthwhile for them.

    3. The stabalization of higher gem prices for LK grade gems also has to do with the PVP brackets. The 70-74 bracket from my understanding is a farily active one. LK PVP cuts from my experience seem to sell well enough to fill this niche.

  12. And I too am annoyed about the changes to professions that appear to make rep grinding on all required. I'm holding out hope for the patterns being account bound, since rep isn't, but that might be something that keeps me from learning a lot of valuable recipes...which could be the point. Make all the gold goblin production factories go through a ton of work to finish the factory this time around.
    I absolutely hate rep grinding on multiple toons, to the point where my mage that I now raid on the most since my raid team needed it, is still hated with Therazane. I just can't be bothered to go get the shoulder enchant yet another time.

    1. I'm not too happy about the faction requirement either. For crafters, it won't be optional to get some of those recipes (leg armor, etc). Recipes for epic gear I can see but leg armor and buckles I think are a bit harsh as a rep grind item.

  13. Flock, IIRC, my draenei had to hit 610 in JC to get the achievement.

  14. Oddness
    My tailor already knows the leg enchant and my BS already knows the belt buckle !
    It must have been on the trainer to lean. No idea if it still is or not now.
    Think I will redo the tailor and BS server copies and see since I have 5 left somehow.

    1. They are moving recipes around, I just checked the BS trainer and the recipes only go up to 565 now. In previous builds the recipes went all the way to 600. I found some BS recipes on the faction vendors at the Shrine.

      They reset the server copies occasionally, I know I've done six already and still have 2 left to use.

  15. Since this build moved patterns around I thought folks might want to know where the different trainers are located.

    I know the JC trainer in Jade Forrest had more designs than the SW trainer and that was before this shake up of the trainers.
    Now I see the reg SW BS trainer does not have anything above 565 to train.
    Anyway on to the list.

    BS = VotEB - Setting Sun Garrison - SW corner of the map
    LW = Kun-Lai Summit - Grummie Bazar - NW of One Keg
    Eng = VotFW - Nesingwary Safari - SW corner of the map
    JC = Jade Forrest - Greenstone village - north of Dawns Blossum - center lil north of map
    Tailor = VotFW - Silken fields - lil south of Halfhil - center lil south on map
    Scribe = VotEB - Seat of knowledge - Mogu palace - center NE on map
    Enchant = Jade Forrest - Dawns Blossem - center of map
    Alchy = Dread Waste - Klaxxi'vess - center of map

    Hope this helps you all out!!

    1. Thank you for sharing this list! I'm in the process of tracking down the various quartermasters since that's where some of the recipes went to. Unfortunately I think some of them are phased, I cannot find the Golden Lotus fella. I think I'll add both of these to my "noob" guide so that folks can find them when MoP is out.

    2. Currently MIA trainers.
      Tailor trainer = The npc I believe to be the trainer has no dialog when clicked on.
      BS trainer = The area he is in is phased for all my toons now idea how to open it.

  16. I love the site.

    Do you agree with my analysis that you will spend more time on leveling JC than your toon?

    What I have read is that it will take a couple of dozen hours to get to 90.

    My JC can do a daily and learn a new cut a day for 68 days. However, the estimates seem to be 1-3 hours of mindlessly grinding on mobs will get you the Spirit of Harmony to learn another cut and save a day.

    I would remind you to recall when the new meta patterns were added. The first day, you could get 2000g more than the uncut price. In a couple of days, the profit was down to 200 and today usually half the cut red gems on my server sell for less than uncut prices i.e no profit.

    I think it is reasonable to say that someone who has a cut in late September will probably make more profit in October from that cut than they will make from November until the end of the expansion. After Thanksgiving, when a few hundred JC have the pattern, how much profit do you think there will be in cutting it? I.e. ego and economics mean the JC had a lot of incentive to go grind on mobs. While probably a poor life choice, I can see someone grinding 20 or 40 or ... hours the first week to get more and more cuts. And if your hated competitor is getting the new cuts, there is even more motivation for you to do so.

    It just strikes me as odd that leveling JC non-casually will take more in game combat than getting from 85 to 90.

    1. I really haven't crunched any numbers on leveling JC, but I'm not sure the comparisons you're making are applicable to how Blizzard views the situation. IMO I don't think they put a lot of emphasis on how much money one crafter makes vs another or on how quickly one person learns recipes vs another. In fact, if I had to guess I would suspect they dislike some of the sketchy leveling tactics that go on in crafting.

      The reality is that Zen Jewelcrafting will be significantly less gated than Cata (a new recipe every day instead of every 3 or more days) and most will consider that an improvement. On top of this, they added the option to grind mobs for extra recipes with Spirit of Harmony for those who want to invest the time. They do not like crafters who sit in town and don't adventure, so clearly this is their way of distinguishing between those who play their JC and those who don't. If you play your JC, you acquire recipes faster.

      In all likelihood, they feel they've made improvements to JC and attempted to address the complaints with daily tokens. I don't see them feeling compelled to make more corrections beyond that until they see how this system plays out on live.

      Just my opinion, of course :)

    2. This is basically how it has always been.
      Tons of gold early on less the further into the xpac you get. (same goes mostly for all crafted items).

      Somethings to keep in mind:
      New gem cuts are not going to be selling much until tier gear comes in due to cost.
      I don't think buckles/added slots will be using new gems due to cost till later gear comes in.
      (The above may be totally wrong cuts may not be to expensive due to sheer numbers/ease of getting cuts.)

      Personally the way I will handle this is.
      My dual gather will be the first to lvl 90.
      1st 55 stacks of ore go to my JC. (Amount that currently seems to be needed to lvl JC to 600)
      After that 1/3 to 1/4 of gathered mats to diff professions to lvl up.
      The rest goes to AH.
      Convert his MoH/SoH to mats for lvling my other crafts (mainly Golden Lotus 1SoH = 3GL)
      2nd Alt to lvl my JC/BS combo.
      MoH/SoH converted to JC research.