MoP Beta Files: Tradeskill Overhaul Inc!

MMO-Champion is showing a new Beta build for today and there are a slew of changes for professions. Some of these changes may be purely related to components, but I'll be certain to check them all out when the servers are back online. The big news is that Spirit of Harmony is being dropped from quite a few recipes. Blood Spirit has also been dropped from Leatherworking and Blacksmithing.

Stay tuned for more information as I find it!


Alchemy: All MoP recipes removed from the trainer except 2 @ 500 skill.
Tailoring: Imperial Silk no longer requires Spirit of Harmony. Now uses 8x windwool bolts and has a 1-day cooldown. A new recipe has been added at 600 skill which also creates Imperial Silk and uses 5x windwool bolts and 3x Spirit of Harmony. This second spell has NO cooldown.
Inscription: Appears to be largely unchanged.
Engineering: Still MIA, no MoP level recipes available.
Enchanting: Appears to be largely unchanged, all recipes still clumped at 525/550/575/600
Jewelcrafting: Still MIA, no MoP level recipes available.
Leatherworking: Confirmed that Sha Leather is now Exotic Leather, all Sha Leather in my bags has been coverted to Exotic. Spirit of Harmony removed from all PVP gear and greatly reduced on PVE gear.
Blacksmithing: Spirit of Harmony removed from all armor recipes, PVP and PVE. Spirit of Harmony still used on weapon recipes. Epic recipes appear to have been removed from the trainer and are not on the SW vendor.


  1. TYVM.

    Inscription being unchanged means all the DMC & BoA staves have c/d & SoH? Hopefully that will get changed.

  2. Notice that one of the enchanting recipes is marked as 'scaleable', with reduced stats for characters less than level 90. This looks like a good direction to take enchanting.

  3. (sorry level 85)

  4. "Spirit of Harmony removed from all PVP gear and greatly reduced on PVE gear": This is the best thing I've heard all day.

  5. Hagu: Yes the staves are still 5x SoH + 20 Scrolls and DMC cards are still using 1x Scroll. I assume they were not changed because those recipes are not required to level the skill.

    Hoddie: That's an interesting find, but currently I'm not seeing it on the trainer. The shard vendor has only Cata items in this build. We'll have to see if this makes it into the final release for MoP. If so it would be a great change for Enchanting :)

  6. Just had a question on Imperial Silk come in which highlights the fact that neither Wowhead nore MMO-Champion are showing this in their tooltips. Imperial Silk (both the regular recipe and the "song" version) is BoP. Tailors will be unable to trade or sell Imperial Silk. The only improvement over Cataclysm is the addition of the Spirit of Harmony version that has no cooldown. If you're willing to farm motes you can make as many Imperial Silk as you like.

  7. I dislike this type of mechanic because it incentives the player into a one gathering profession/one crafting profession mechanic. It penalizes people who are dual gatherers because they have motes they can't use and if you have two crafting professions its inefficient to kill mobs and not be out collecting anything else.

    If Blizzard is worried about market mechanics the best answer would be to make them BoA, not BoP.

  8. Yes! I would Love to see more BOA in general. It allows for so much more flexibility to play different toons and classes. Of course, no one can do someone's learning for them but they can surely buy the books!

  9. According to MMO-C they just made all enchanting recipes use the copper rod, no higher up rods! If you have a stock you've been selling from BS, make sure you get rid of it before MoP!

  10. I saw that too, looks like the overhauling isn't over yet :) So glad I didn't level Beta professions before now!

  11. I actually received some Kyparite ore from something, don't remember what, and was able to mine quite a bit of it in Townlong Steppes, especially the three isles. I prospected quite a bit of Ghost Ore and was able to craft green quality gems until 590 when the recipes turned green. I don't remember if they turned yellow at 585 or 580, but this also includes the fact that I'm Draenei, so that number will need to be adjusted. At that point, I was able to do the "daily" which involved turning 3 blue quality gems of the same type into a Facets if Research ( You get 3 JC points for it. I opened it and received 2 PvP blue quality green gems as well as learning a blue quality green gem recipe in my spellbook, Effulgent Wild Jade ( Cutting one of them gives you 2 JC points.

    The other thing odd about Kyparite ore, which I think will probably be changed is that twice, I noticed I had 22 pieces of ore in one stack. The next time I'm on the beta, I'll see how many I can get into a single stack before it jumps over to the second stack.

    I was flying back to Halfhill and just crossed over into Vale of Eternal Blossoms and saw a Trillium Ore on the mini-map. Before I could land, it disappeared from view and from the mini-map. I moved back across the wall into Townlong and it reappeared. Moving back across the wall it disappeared, so it's phased. I just love that.....LOL


  12. I forgot, while prospecting Ghost Ore (and possibly Kyparite), I occasionally received Sparkling Shards ( 10 of them combine to make a Serpent's Eye (

    My previous comment about Kyparite needed further research. It apparently stacks to 200 and is used to make an Engineer mount (

    I'm probably rambling at this point....LOL


  13. Latest patch removed the cooldowns on Alchy transmutes was just now able to do 5 red gems and a trillium.

  14. Just ran a new test on all the items below.
    Trilium = NO cooldown
    Truegold = NO cooldown
    Mop and Cata gems NO cooldown
    all other midnight cooldowns linked

    Only cooldowns found now
    MoP = living steel
    Cata = living element and pyrium
    LK gems and elements
    BC = elements
    Classic = metals