MoP Beta Files: Zen First Aid

I've decided to be brave and try testing some of the implemented professions in the hopes that more changes aren't going to roll out. For my first foray I've chosen First Aid. I have backup toons I can use if First Aid gets updated again, so it's not much of a risk. That said, after leveling to 600 I think it's possible that they will tweak it. It was a bit too easy and I'm always suspicious of too easy.

I chose to use Kayree for my first test. Her current First Aid skill is right at 500. Since the Zen level of First Aid is also available at 500, this gives me a good chance to see what the progression looks like from the first new recipe. Many of you will already be 525 when you go through this process, but I don't think that will matter much.

The first Zen bandage recipe you can learn is available at 500 skill and it's the Windwool Bandage. It takes only one Windwool Cloth and this recipe stays at orange difficulty all the way through 550 skill. Yes, I'm shocked too! But you can rock out 50 skill points with no skips - pretty generous I say :)

Here's a pic of the trade window at 550 skill:

As soon as the regular Windwool recipe turns yellow you gain access to the next recipe: Heavy Windwool Bandage. This recipe uses 3 windwool cloth but luckily you get 2 skill points for each item you make. The kicker is that this recipe also stays orange until 600 skill. So basically you can zoom all the way to the skill cap on orange recipes. Once you reach 600 skill the Heavy Windwool recipe updates to require only 2 windwool cloth, which will be nice for folks who need to keep making them.

Here's a pic of the trade window at 600 where you can see the Heavy Windwool recipe has changed:

All told I used a little over 6 stacks of cloth to go from 500 to 600 skill in First Aid (125 cloth to be exact). Those of you at the skill cap can do it with 5 stacks of cloth since you'll be starting at 525 skill. That's assuming of course that nothing changes before launch. I will try to run this again closer to the end of Beta to see if any changes occur.

For those of you who want to stockpile embersilk to bust out some points, the Heavy Embersilk recipe is yellow at 500 skill, turns green at 517 and gray at 535. The trainer on the Beta realm is not offering the Dense Embersilk recipe at this time so I can't comment on that possibility. On Wowhead the Dense bandage is yellow at 525 and green at 530, no promises that it will remain that way in MoP.


  1. Is this a sign that we may be having aneasier time leveling our professions?

  2. After all your hard work, I wanted there to at least be a comment. Thanks!

    Although my tailor crys over people making bandages week 1.

    My new question is where do Motes of Harmony come from?

  3. Thanks Hagu - I appreciate the nod :)

    I'm with you on the Tailoring thing, I'm still hoarding cloth for mine. Meanwhile no one has capped their FA. With all the self healing going around I really haven't needed it.

    I don't know where the new motes are coming from but perhaps I can figure it out in this new build they released today. I'll be sure to post when I find out!

  4. I've gotten motes from killing mobs. None from herb picking, and I'm pretty certain I didn't get any from fishing. I farmed all of my feast mats (turtle meat was the meat I used) and got 6 motes I believe.
    I also did some leather farming on my hunter and received 4 motes in about 6 stacks of leather.
    So not a much better drop rate than the normal Spirits of Harmony. My hope is they're intending for it to be better, but haven't reached the drop rate they (we?) want yet. My alchemy leveling is stalled because I'm at the point where I need either Spirits of Harmony or Golden Lotuses. I haven't seen a Golden Lotus in weeks, and as I only have a few Spirits I'm too afraid to use them yet.

  5. Also, don't level tailoring yet. I think it's completely bugged - I was able to go all the way to 600 making one of the first recipes that required the fewest bolts and gave the highest skill ups (5) all the way. I believe it was the bracers. It was the easiest profession leveling I've ever seen, and definitely can't be as intended.
    Thanks for the first aid leveling, that's pretty much the experience I had as well.

  6. Thanks for the info Flock, I was going to do some leather farming myself and see what the drop rate on motes was. Sounds like not so good :(

    I will hold off on Tailoring as well. I was eyeing the progression this weekend and it looked solid. But if the recipes aren't changing difficulty properly, that's not good. I may move forward with Archaeology under the circumstances, there are just too many primary professions that are still in need of tweaking.