MoP Beta Files: Inscription Dribblets

So the latest Beta build went up yesterday and I found some new items on the trainer. The bad news is that there's nothing over 525 skill, which leaves us still in the dark about Zen level Inscription. The good news is that some of the new staff recipes were added to the trainer and will be available immediately to Scribes when MoP hits (or possibly even a pre-MoP patch).

The monk recipes are also on the trainer. From what I can tell the Monk glyphs kick in around 155 skill, easily in reach for current Scribes. What we don't know is whether Monk glyphs will also be rolled into the various research abilities. I'm still unable to copy my Mage/Scribe to the Beta realm (copy service is still broken) but once she arrives I can try to answer those questions.

There are a fair amount of changes to many class glyphs, so I'm not going to try and detail them here. Suffice it to say that enough glyphs are being modified that at least a minor surge in purchasing may occur with the pre-Panda patch. What I can share about the glyph changes is that my druid has all but two of the prime druid glyphs on my Live character and on the Beta realm she is still missing exactly two prime glyphs. Players who already have all their class glyphs now may not need to purchase anything else.

On the other hand, my hunter knows all of the Prime/Major/Minor glyphs on the Live realm but is somehow missing one Major and four Minor glyphs on the Beta realm. So there are some holes here and there it would seem. While the glyphs themselves may be changed, they seem to be primarily updating the existing spells instead of adding new glyphs to be learned. As a result I'm not sure how well we can predict what kind of buying spree might occur.

I went ahead and nabbed screenshots of some of the more interesting glyphs and items I saw on the trainer. Here are a couple of the new glyphs:

I think this Vanish glyph is just plain cool :) I can't wait for my rogue to play with this "clone" thing!

What I find interesting about this glyph is that it grants a new ability and the tooltip for that ability is built right into the glyph tooltip. I realize this may not be very interesting to some of you, but color me impressed that they improved their tech enough to embed the new spell data, including the icon, right into the glyph itself.

The very first staff recipe can be learned at 480 skill, the Staff of the Planes:

You can see here that it's your basic, entry-level Cataclysm staff. This one is BoE so you'll be able to make and sell these to newly minted Monk players.  There is also a "kitty" staff available at 505 skill:

Perhaps we need a better way to specify AGI-based DPS class, but I can't think of one off the top of my head. At 515 Scribes will learn two more staff recipes, both of which currently have AGI stats. I can't help but think one of these is wrong since it makes no sense to have two AGI staves with 346 ilevel and zero caster staves. Here are the images, for now I'm going to assume that one gets changed:

The final item I wanted to share was this odd little goodie at the tail end of the Cataclysm range:

There's no item tooltip here, so we can't really see what it might be. The name would indicate that it's a new type of scroll but I think that's misleading. Looking at the ingredients, they seem pretty beefy for a scroll. The Cataclysm scroll recipes used only one ink and two parchment. If I'm reading this correctly, this recipe uses three regular ink + one uncommon ink. That's fairly expensive for a mediocre buff scroll. Feel free to speculate amongst yourselves :)

As I said up front, none of these new trainer items reflect Zen level goodies and all are learned below 525 skill. I'm still tickled that they finally got staves into the crafting mix and look forward to seeing even more recipes (I hope!) in the future. I just hope they manage to fix the character copy soon so my Scribe will be ready to roll when the new Zen recipes debut.


  1. "priest on a page" a/k/a Runescroll of Fortitude II took an Inferno ink So perhaps it is some rune scroll (party buff) replacement ?

    Do we know much about glyph remapping? I.e., if you have all the glyphs learned and one of each in your bags, what happens? Sometimes glyphs of X become glyphs of Y; sometimes items become "damaged" grays and spells go away.

  2. The Scroll of Wisdom is an inscription-only item used in construction of some of the higher-end stuff. Like an engineer might need to make a mithril tube before he can make a gun.

    Wowhead has a list of the items in the database that require it.

    I have every inscription recipe in the game (as of pre-beta) and when I went to the trainer yesterday, I saw nothing new about a staff. They are the recipes that replaced the relics, since relics are out of the game. They even use the exact same materials to create as the relics do. So if you already know how to make the relics, you'll be able to make the staves when the beta finally goes live.

    That being said, there were about 25 or so new glyphs (mostly for monks) that were trainable.

  3. the plain wooden staff that some of these recipies is missing from the supply vendors, the vendors have a different staff on them.

  4. I'm curious as to the fate of the Books of Glyph Mastery. I know all the glyphs on my scribe, and have 11 books in my bank. I plan to make sure all my crafters have them in their inventory when I copy them over to have a healthy stock to experiment with.

  5. I also have a couple on the Beta realm, I plan to do some testing with them once I get my Mage copied over. Hopefully I'll be able to report something useful.

  6. re: glyph books
    I had all glyphs on my mage + I had bought all the available monk and random classes glyphs from the beta trainer = clicking on a book I get the message ~"there is nothing you can learn from this book" and northrend research only gives me random scrolls.

    Did not check if those are ALL monk glyphs that can be made, will check it and post.

  7. Ok, I just checked, I am missing 8 Major and 7 Minor glyphs on my premade 85 panda after making all the glyphs available from the trainer.

  8. I'm liquidating 150 glyphs that will be charred and look forward to making the new monk glyphs
    as well as new glyphs for everyone else. Many glyphs will convert to something else. Making staffs and shoulder enchants is kind of exciting. I wonder if the staffs can be disenchanted?

    As always, I enjoy reading your blog Kaliope and thank you for updating us with what's happening on the ptr.

  9. Hopefully I can try to get in there and document stuff like that, perhaps do a reference post for Scribes. I don't know if the staves can be DE'd but I can certainly try it!

  10. I leveled my DK to 75 before Cata so she could get to the 525 profession cap. In MoP, what is the highest profession level supposed to be and what is the minimum character level required to reach that profession level?

  11. Currently most are showing level 80 (some have nothing at all). That seems pretty reasonable to me so I would expect it to stick. The new skill cap will be 600.

  12. My 2nd scribe who missed out on easily available Book of Glyph Mastery is now getting discoveries via Northrend Inscr Research. Woot! I am a little disappointed that the ink vendor currency has changed to an ink that isn't available yet. I wish they had waited for that until MoP launch.

    1. Interesting, I'll have to check into that!