MoP: Breaking News on Shoulder Enchants

Ghostcrawler has just posted a response regarding head enchants (not relevant to professions) being removed in Mists of Pandaria. But this little nugget at the end of the post IS relevant:

"Shoulder enchants can now be provided by scribes, so those still exist, but they are also not part of the faction reputation system."

Now I can't be certain, the way this is worded, but it sure sounds like Scribes will be able to make shoulder enchants for everyone. This doesn't specifically state how they will be provided, I'm simply assuming it will be an item similar to enchant scrolls or armor kits. If so, it would be a new item type for Scribes AND a welcome consumable.  I gotta say, I think this is pretty awesome for Scribes :)

Let me remind everyone that new Inscription recipes are not in the Beta so we don't yet know what's in store for the profession. But we now know that at least one new product type is on the table. You can read the full posting from Ghostcrawler here.


  1. Yeah^2 - no more Hodir/Therazane & new inscription item.

    I believe Blues have said scribes also were making staves and they were data mined in a previous Beta. Which made for grumpy Paladin scribes.

    I hope DMF decks are awesome.

  2. I've heard the "staff" rumor too but so far no further movement on it. I sure wish we could see the final recipe lists on the Beta. I sure won't miss farming rep for shoulder enchants though!

  3. For those interested, Wowhead posted some info on Inscription yesterday:


  4. I am so happy about removing the faction rep shoulder enchants! I didn't really like Deepholm so 3 or 4 of my 85s are lacking shoulder enchants - including my mage who took over as my raiding toon in the past few months. Several of my friends did the same thing. We're lucky our guild hasn't noticed/doesn't care at this point.
    I didn't really mind the rep for head enchants though since they were BoA, but I did dislike having to go out to various vendors to get them.

  5. The removal of rep grinding for shoulder enchants is THE best news of Pandacraft so far.

    Lets hope enchanters get wands to make as well, although I guess if scribes get staves the wand is also likely to be sourced from scribes as it is only a miniature stave ;p

  6. I'm with you Flock, I only had the lowbie Deepholm chants on two of my toons because I didn't want to grind anyone to Exalted. Had they been BoA I might have sucked it up, but no way for soulbound enchants.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Scribes get wands, but it could go either way. Or they may decide to let Enchanters keep it since there's already precedent on that item.

  7. An interesting thing is the staves data mined are B2BN (BTW, I love that everything is now battle net account not WoW account.)

    Which is very, very cool if my shaman scribe can mail this around to priests, mages, locks.

    But this is the first I have seen of player-craftable B2BN gear. In your travels, would you mention if you see any other B2BN gear or if this goes away.

  8. I haven't actually seen the B2BN staves yet either, so I'm curious to actually confirm that one myself. I certainly haven't seen anything else of that nature so far, but I will post if I do!