MoP Beta Files: First Look at Zen Leatherworking

Today a new Beta build was released and with it we got some Leatherworking recipes! There are still some functionality issues with tradeskills, so I'm not going to try leveling up or anything. But at least we can see what's in store for us :)

 The first thing I noticed about the starter recipes is that they have no stats. Strangely, they also do not have the "random" flag on them either. I still think we're looking at random stat generation though, my guess would be that the devs are just tweaking the mechanic behind it. I tried crafting one just to see what would happen, but all I got was a blank item:

This really isn't unusual on the Beta since all of the BOE loot drop items are also blank:

I did want to point out that our crafted item is slightly better than the loot drop with an item level of 393 vs. 390. I'm hopeful that this will make our items more appealing to buyers since the crafted leather will be the strongest green items you can equip before going up a level. In terms of the current 77-80 BOE market for Cataclysm items, I think the new crafted gear will hold up well by comparison when Pandaria goods are available. From the loot drops I've gotten so far, they range from level 83 (364 ilvl) to 85 (390 ilvl). In the first two zones I got mostly 364 and 377 drops.

Another interesting item I thought I'd point out is the leg armor recipes I found. It appears that there is more tinkering going on in that department, as the Panda recipes feature some new tooltip information:

Apparently our (self only) leg armor is going to scale now as well. This will be a very handy change to combat recipe glut.

At the higher levels we start getting into what I can only assume is PVP gear. These items are marked as being "Season 12". Here is a sample image of one:

Now contrast that tooltip with this cloak recipe which has no such designation:

There are also some epic items on the trainer, presumably our "crafted epic" starting raid gear. Here's a sample item from that group:

You can see that this epic item uses the Spirit of Harmony component, which is rumored to be a random loot drop. It also requires something called a Blood Spirit which I had not seen previously but is also used in Blacksmithing. Since Wowhead shows it going into Mining bags, I'm going to assume it's similar to a volatile fire.

In anticipation of questions, I also grabbed a shot of my recipe book with the new recipes listed. Currently these recipes are set up to grant 3-5 skill points per craft. I'm not convinced this is a sure thing, since these are uncommon quality items that only require 8-10 pieces of leather. That just seems really generous for Blizzard:

Finally, I wanted to show this cute little pic I took of our recipe book. Clearly they are making more tweaks to the tradeskill window (support for nested categories from the look of it) and here are the current categories:

Ninja Gear..... ROFL!


  1. I already have five Spirit of Harmony in my bags on Beta, they look like a 1% drop from any mob currently. There was a datamined item that identified Spirits of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, I'm betting Blood Spirit will replace Fire (as you suggest)

    I have about 300 leather stocked on my hunter, off to do some crafting :D

  2. I had enough leather stockpiled to get up to 570 last night, at which point all the recipes seem to need Spirit of Harmony.

  3. Wait I have to hunt ponies?!?!

  4. Hehe, Mahna! I haven't actually seen any equine mobs but I wouldn't put it past them with the "cuteness" action they've got going in MoP.

    Strangely, I've quested Kaliope through almost 2 zones and haven't seen one Spirit of Harmony. I find that discouraging in light of the 4 dozen or so of them I estimate we will need to cap out Leatherworking. Right now I'm sitting on about 130 leather, so I've got a ways to go to collect the full amount needed.

    But I don't intend to level up until they fix the tradeskill UI, it just makes me nervous to mess around with a broken system. You never know what kind of "restore" they'll opt for that will completely hose your toon! I'd hate to use up my leather just to find out they reset my Kali back to her pre-leveled status :(

  5. I got 4 spirit of harmony in the first zone, but none since. Maybe they were removed, or have gone MIA by accident?

  6. It's possible that the drop rates are still in flux at this point. But I find the seemingly low drop rate troublesome considering the high number needed to level.

  7. where is trainer LW in MoP ????

    1. You can visit any trainer in the current cities, or there's a Pandaria trainer at One Keg in Kun-lai Summit.