MoP Beta Files: First Look at Tailoring

Another new build went up on the Beta servers today and we finally have some Tailoring recipes on the trainer! (sorry Engineers, Scribes and Jewelcrafters -- still nothing for you just yet). Just like the Blacksmithing recipes, these recipes have no item data. A name and a list of components is all we get to see. For that reason I'm not going to post every recipe, it's a lot of work when half the information is MIA. But I knew you guys would want to see what's in store for Tailoring so I selectively grabbed recipes to give an overview of what's available.

I've got one sample item from each step in the leveling process. Basically, I'm leaving out the extra items that we typically get in a new wave of recipes. So you can check out the sorts of items we can make at each point and get an idea of the materials involved.

Here is the first item - one of the starter recipes at 525 skill. You can see that it's a cloth recipe, based on later items I think it's the new high-end cloth:

And here's an actual item made at 525 (the other recipes are basically the same mats):

The next wave of recipes kicks in at 535, here's an item from that group:

We get our first spellthread recipe at 540:

At 550 we get another spellthread recipe that uses the beefier cloth:

And more cloth gear:

Then at 555 we started getting what appears to be the new-fangled PVP gear:

A bit more at 565:

And at 575:

With even more at 590:

Finally at 600 we see what I presume is pre-raid crafted gear. This is a compilation of ALL the recipes from the trainer at the Zen level cap:

I realize this is not terribly helpful in terms of item analysis with the information we have, but I hope you enjoy perusing and speculating anyway :)


  1. I tried to make bolts today and it told me I didn't have the right item equipped.

  2. Hmmm, Royal Satchel. Could we be getting a new bag size?

  3. Anon: I haven't even tried to make any of the Smithing or Tailoring items. My assumption that if the item data isn't hooked in then the odds are high that it's non-functional. The lack of item data clearly means that the recipes don't have a completed product defined yet.

    Raax: That is certainly the conclusion I would make, too bad we can't see how many slots it is!

  4. There are cooking recipes/quests in halfhill now.

  5. TY for the tip! Off to investigate :)

  6. I was surprised at two tiers of cloth. Not opposed just used expecting the Cata model. Any speculation why? Impressions?

    Is Imperial Silk like leather scaps/leather? A replacement for bolts? DreamWeave?

    At first I thought TBC/LK Imbued XXX then I realized that it takes an elemental so this is the new EbonWeave/Moonshroud/Spellweave.

    Then I realized that nothing seems to use enchanting mats like prior expacs do. So it seems to be no enchanting (Imbued) and a single version of the E/M/S (i.e., TBC,LK had 3 flavors that combined cloth, enchanting and different "eternals"; I guess this is like dream cloth except that only one eternal is used) You have not mentioned a cool down. Which could go into live but be left out of Beta as a convenience.

    P.S. Have you encountered Blood Spirit yet? Frozen Orb?

    I guess I should just stop stream-of-conciousness questions and accept that it is what it is. But any comments or analysis are always welcome and valuable, even when things are this early.

  7. My thinking is that Imperial Silk is like Dreamcloth, since it requires 3 Spirit of Harmony. Other professions are also using Spirit of Harmony in the high-end recipes, so this fits that pattern. To me it looks like a throwback to BC/WotLK specialty cloth. I have not seen a CD yet but this list looked like a first pass. I would say it's very likely that a CD or other gating mechanism will be implemented for Imperial Silk.

    I've seen no sign of Blood Spirit or any type of Orbs. This isn't terribly surprising since I'm not running dungeons and only questing when content is functional. Right now they are making sweeping changes to the Beta content on a weekly basis, so anything we see is very much subject to change. At this point I'm just trying to go with the flow and enjoy what I manage to find :)

  8. Hubby and I have 2 spirit of harmony as world drops. We are 87 and about 1/2 from mostly questing - one dungeon. Enchanting seems to level reasonably well (been making scrolls of whatever). I'm at the second to last tier - just ran out of materials from DEing quest and world drop greens. Tailoring is a state still without being about to make bolts.

    I have leveled cooking "of the pot - intellect" through the Jade Lungfish (first recipe). I had to use the darkmoon faire to hit 530 to get to that point.

    As a tailor, I don't level first aid until after the tailoring. Archeology levels well. Fishing is leveling well (Jade Lungfish are a rare drop open water fish in Jade Forest - ~20%.