More Archaeology Goodies from the MoP Beta

Over the weekend I received two new emails with some additional Archaeology information from the latest Beta build. Apparently we'll be getting two new races in Pandaria, the Pandaren and the Mogu.

Greeneggs sent in some new images of the Mogu racial goodies. Here is a Mogu fragment:

And here is the Mogu page in the Archaeology journal:

Greeneggs also sent this nice pic of the Jade Forest zone map. You can see in the lower left corner a new quest is available at Nectarbreeze Village (you may need to click for the full size image):

I also received an email from Shamanana with info on the new Mogu fragment and this pic of the new Pandaren keystone:

In addition, Shamanana shared this awesome Youtube vid he made of the Jade Forest zone:

Thank you Greeneggs and Shamanana for sharing your Beta finds with us!


  1. Glad you liked the video!!! The first time I took the flight path on that "rocket powered kite," I knew I needed to record it. At roughly 55 seconds into the video you can see a broken jade dragon. When you're early in the zone, that dragon is complete. It gets broken later on. It's actually pretty cool. I'm going to do as much as I can during the beta and will record what I can.

    James (Shamanana)

  2. nothing disenchantable in beta. nothing at all.

  3. The range for detecting quest givers seems to be much larger than in Cata. I like it.

  4. Slottie: Given that most of the gear has "disappearing" stats, I'm not surprised that it also won't DE. I save my greens anyway, in anticipation of those problems being fixed. The only professions that I know are somewhat functional are skinning and fishing. I don't believe they intended us to be able to level professions at this stage of the Beta, which is why Mining/Herb nodes are not in.

    Anon: There are lots of little UI enhancements being added, which is a nice change from the usual lack of attention in that department. I hope the tweaks extend to the AH interface, it's in dire need of some love :)

  5. I logged in tonight after the last patch stuff and did some Archeology. I was digging for the third time in the area and after looting had a mob spawn under me. I was at the flight point southwest of Sha La Village while looting the Archeology item and the mob spawned right where the item was. It might have been a fluke because the world server crashed before I even had the mob at 50% but I thought I'd post that this might be a change. I'm assuming I'll be a corpse when the servers come back up.....LOL


  6. Yeah I was finally able to transfer my skinner to beta, char services have been down for 2 days. Just skinning the quest mobs the wave of panda monks leave behind, I was collecting Tanji leather scraps and some tanji leather, prismatic scale, and a few bloated intestine, which held a couple gold and a vendor trash item.