MoP Beta Files: Early Enchanting Functionality

A new build has been deployed on the Beta servers and it appears we have a stable game :) Since I had already discovered the new enchanting dust was dropping earlier this week, I decided to do a bit more noodling with that today. I'm not really in a position to level Enchanting just yet (the recipes are still pretty spread out) but I can at least test it.

I disenchanted a bunch of BOE greens I bought/looted over the past few weeks and luckily both the spirit dust and the mysterious essences are dropping. You can see here the current Enchanting requirements for some of the BOE loot I have:

You can see here that this level 83 item requires 475 Enchanting to DE. Not to mention that it is a 364 ilevel item, pretty beef for an 83 BOE drop. The lack of stats is due to a bug on the Beta not displaying the values on these items.

This is a level 85 item I picked up which has the same Enchanting requirement as the 83 piece. I suspect I'll need to score some 87-88 items to see this number change, but that's just a guess. So far I haven't seen any loot above level 85. Also, note the 390 ilevel on this bad boy. Based on these numbers, I think we can safely say that the gear reset is going to invalidate any max level BOE items from the Cataclysm era. If you are planning to save items to sell to new monks, I would avoid anything over level 82 (even that might be iffy).

For those who are curious about how the recipes are looking at early levels, I took a screenshot of my spellbook.  Bear in mind that the display of the spellbook is messed up, but here's a peek anyway:

It looks like a couple of the recipes have already been flagged for multiple skill points, although I'm not convinced this is final. In Cataclysm the multi-point recipes were weapon enchants, so I think there's a good chance this could change.

Finally, I did an actual enchant just to see if it would work. Luckily it did work and I got an actual skill point for it. You can see the scroll I made here:

In this image you can see that MoP enchants will require a minimum of 372 ilevel on the target item. It appears they are sticking with the ilevel specifications for enchants, so I guess the best we can hope for is that they roll this back through the older items.


  1. It is too soon for even someone with my legendary impatience to ask specific questions, but are there are any impressions you get?

    Were you expecting more/fewer items? Did anything seem surprising, good or bad? (Ofc a lot is yet unfinished.) Does any of the gear seem useful or will it be the usual spend hundreds of gold to for something that sells for a few gold just to get a skill up.

    How far along do professions seem relative to past Betas? Is this consistent with shipping in a bit over 100 days. My new theory is Blizz wants the 90 day RAF to be over by MoP and they recently announced RAF mount was going away soon.

  2. Hagu: You are correct that it's too early to really get a feel for professions since so many are not implemented. Despite MMO-C posting some leather recipes in the latest build, there is nothing on the trainer. There are no Tailoring items either. Blacksmithing has recipes, but they aren't showing the items you'd be creating. Right now I can't say if any crafted gear is useful because I can't see it. Even Wowhead is lacking item data on gear professions.

    For Enchanting itself, I thought the amount of mats I got were pretty good. I DE'd about 2 bags worth of BOEs and got 5 stacks of dust and 3 stacks of lesser essence. I believe that averages out to at least 2 dust per item, without guild perks.

    The professions seem less complete than in previous Betas, but this is also the earliest I've gotten in. That said, I think shipping in 100 days is optimistic. We still have at least 3 zones that haven't been revealed yet and we are currently capped at level 87. No profession is functional enough to level except Skinning and possibly Fishing and Archaeology. There are no herbs and no ore to collect, so there are no materials to craft with.

    For comparison purposes, I got into the BC beta about 2 months before it shipped. All professions were implemented at that point as was the full leveling experience. With Cataclysm I got in earlier, about 4 months before the launch date. At that point all Gathering was implemented but tradeskill recipes took another month before they started rolling in. I think we can assume the current status of the Beta is at least equal to the Cataclysm timeline, so it appears we are at least 4 months out to my mind. I'm still leaning toward a September launch date.

    It's certainly possible that Blizz will try to drive their promotions such that subscriptions are maximized prior to MoP's launch. I wouldn't be surprised if they cook up a new promotion to get more players back over the summer and boost their MoP launch numbers as much as possible.

  3. Hi are any of the enchants from Cata orange at 525 in the Pandacraft?

  4. I haven't been in other betas but I agree with your assessment about MoP launch not being until September or later. From a development standpoint, I followed you (and other testers) all throughout Cata beta and this does seem awfully comparable to (or even behind) that. In particular the lack of gathering seems odd to me, but it could be that they wanted to focus on questing/zone design first.

    I think October. My guess is they've been planning on October (or maybe November) all along, so the majority of the annual passes will have almost (or completely) run out. I don't think they'll release it later, because a lot of people who would've quit but had annual passes and got sick of waiting might not re-up and purchase the new expansion, after having gotten to "try" it for "free." I don't think they'll release it earlier because they want to milk every last ounce out of Cata, and that includes people being stuck in their annual passes. Maybe September, because school has started up again so kids/parents have less crazy schedules, and college kids will start becoming bored with the newfangledness then, and get their WoW interest back.

    But those are just my thoughts, I could be completely wrong.

    On a separate note, I was leveling First Aid before the latest builds, and now I can't. Sometimes it just shows me the 2 skill point part, and other times it shows me a really odd name that I'm forgetting now. I've been slowly leveling Arch, but have already gotten frustrated at how slow it is, again. And this time I don't have the Vials of the Sands to work towards.
    Have you gotten any non-common artifacts yet? Just curious if they're implemented.

  5. Evlyxx: I did a search on "hypnotic dust" in the tradeskill window (the filters aren't working atm) and no recipes were higher than yellow difficulty. I think it's safe to say that none of the Cata recipes will be orange difficulty when MoP is out. Whether you want to plow through some yellow recipes is up to you, typically I will include a few recommendations when I do my leveling guide for those that want to use up some older mats.

    Anon: September is really the earliest I can see MoP going out, but I think anytime in Q3 is fair game at this point. They still have another tool in their player retention arsenal, which is the pre-release patch. This could very well come out in July/Aug to energize the troops and suck more players back into the fold.

    It looks to me that this latest build may have broken some aspects of the tradeskill window functionality. That could be why you're having problems with FA leveling, but I haven't tinkered with it myself. I'm currently hoarding cloth for Tailoring :) So far I'm pleasantly surprised at the drop rate of cloth, it's much better than previous expansions.

    I haven't actually trained Zen Arch yet, I was trying to cap out my fragments first. That is one of the things I plan to tackle in the next week, so I'll keep an eye out for uncommon artifacts. So far I've only made two artifacts and they were both common.

    I think the lack of gathering is probably part of this staging of content they're doing. They are purposely locking down whole zones, which they have never done in past Betas. I think they want to be certain we only get into the areas they want us in. I suspect we won't see profession content until they are ready to let us be distracted from questing zones, but I could be wrong on that. Just my gut feel at this point :)

  6. My husband has made an uncommon artifact (Pandarian). The item has no functionality (and no indication of what it is supposed to do).

  7. What I'm seeing in the Wowhead list for MoP is a few rare items with flavor text but no indication of use and a dozen or so common items. From what Patience is saying it appears that they are implemented but are just placeholder items.

    Under the circumstances I may hold my research until more goodies are patched in.