MoP Beta Files: First Look at Krasarang Wilds

As you may have noted from my latest tweets, the current Beta build is quite buggy for most of us testers. The application is crashing every 1-5 minutes for me, which makes it difficult to test some things. That said, I've been leveling Mining on a premade Monk in the hopes that I can avoid copying my own JC/Miner to the Beta realm. This build also unlocked a third zone for us: Krasarang Wilds. Since one of my dig sites was there, I was able to finally access it and get my Archaeology back in gear again. I mentioned in a tweet that Blacksmithing recipes are in, but I'm hesitant to share them since no item information was included. At this point each recipe is just a name and list of components. I'm on the fence about how useful this is to you guys since they will clearly need to do another pass on it.

Now that you know what I've been up to, I received a couple of emails yesterday from our friend Shamanana. He has opted to stick with exploring in the latest build, which make the frequent crashes a bit less disruptive I think. He visited the islands that are off the southwest coast of Krasarang and found a couple of interesting mobs there:

I'm not sure why's he's called "Death" but I love how the Blizzard folks are using tooltips to share information with each other. It makes for some entertaining discoveries for us testers :)

Here's another NPC who is clearly a work in progress. So far the poor fella doesn't even have a name.

Finally, here's a temple of some sort. It looks like the texture guys haven't hit it with their magic wand yet. Even without the detailing - it still looks cool :)

And finally, Shamanana submitted another video fly-thru of the new zone for your enjoyment!

Be aware that the crashing problems didn't allow Shamanana to get a full length video, this was his best of three takes.

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