Panda Info is Rolling In!

First, I apologize for being so quiet this week during all the Beta hubbub. I picked up a nasty head cold that decided to go rogue and infect my sinuses, so I've been pretty out of it. I've managed to keep up with the news via my iPad, but have not been functional enough to actually do much else.

On the plus side, I received a lovely email from Greeneggs of Doomhammer offering to send goodies our way from the MoP Beta! He was kind enough to put together a bunch of screenshots with some Alchemy and Cooking recipes from the trainers. Based on what I've seen so far, I would say that professions are currently in a pretty rough state. They are using recycled icons and the leveling progression hasn't been worked out yet. The good news is that they have new recipes with names and descriptions, and that tells us a lot!

As a teaser, I thought I'd share a couple of the more interesting items with you:

If there are other readers already in the Beta who would like to contribute, feel free to submit your information to 'kaliope at crafterstome dot com'. You are also welcome to guest post if you prefer :)

Stay tuned for more to come!

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  1. - The new MOP colth piece is named : Windwool.

    - Currently there is a bug in beta that you need BS to be 500 skills to train for enchant over 525 skills.

    - the new 600 skills enchant pattern for bracers : +170 agi/str/int

    - the higher level MOP food buff is +300 stats

    - Pet fighting system (Pokemon system) is not yet in the game yet, however there is already a trace option added to the mini map and it allows you to trace wild small animal. There are various new wild small animal around the world, some of them are rare also.

    - 2 types of new bandages, 500-550, need 1 windwool to make, 550-600, need 3 pieces to make, but after you reach 600 skills, the second type will need less windwool to make.

    - The new type of rare matel in MOP (similar to Titanium and Pyrium) will need 4 uncommon ores to make : 2 wihte ores and 2 black ores.