MoP Beta Files: First Aid

Last night I also received some screenshots from the First Aid trainers in the Beta. You can see in this first image that Zen Master First Aid requires level 75 to learn and can be picked up at 500 skill:

The first bandage can also be learned at 500 skill - the Windwool Bandage. This bandage heals a whopping 54k health! I can definitely see where the item squish motivation was coming from :) Strangely the bandage requires level 85 to use, odd when we can unlock it at 75. This is the sort of discrepancy we can expect to be tweaked during Beta:

Then we run into another potential hurdle - the next bandage recipe isn't available until 550 skill. Not unheard of, the Wrath and Cataclysm bandages had the same spread. But I think gaps like that certainly challenge our ability to power level First Aid, I guess we'll see a continuation of that:

You'll also note some interesting language in this tooltip. When we cap out First Aid, the materials for this bandage will be reduced. That would also seem to support the idea that we want leveling First Aid to be more of a challenge. Also, check out the healing numbers. You could heal some classes to full HP with this bad boy!

*** UPDATE ***

I just received an email this evening from Jr. Reporter Greeneggs with this screenshot:

It would appear that the old Cataclysm bandages will be granting TWO skill points for those who haven't capped First Aid yet. Nice!


  1. Interesting, but I don't see the point of having a first aid skill when so many classes (and even a race, Draenei) already have some form of heal.

    Those that don't, have easy access to food and drinks.

    Having levelled afresh from 1 to 85 in Cata, I can say that the health and mana regen ticks so fast bandages are pretty useless, especially at the lower levels.

    Is this skill trying to fill a demand that is no longer there?

  2. Back in the day (Classic WoW) First Aid definitely had more value, which has been eroded in recent expansions. The early Cataclysm "survival" model had the potential to bring that back, but unfortunately forcing each player to guard their own health didn't work. If, during a dungeon encounter, you needed a heal but the healer could not spare time/mana for you, FA would have been an option. You can't eat in combat, so a bandage or a health pot is the only way to regen and get back into a fight. Sadly the triage healing model didn't resonate with the players after too many expansions of massive overheal. I guess you can't put the genie back in the bottle.

    At this stage, I would say bandages are primarily useful for just a few classes and mostly during the leveling phase. Another nail in the coffin of FA is the relatively low drop rate of cloth since Wrath, which for me personally has curbed my ability to level FA on my toons and keep my Tailor supplied. When push comes to shove... Tailor wins. So yes, I would agree that FA needs a looksie to improve it's viability.

  3. Great article. Keep the MoP info coming! Not being in beta is bummin me out but your posts help fill in the gaps.

  4. I feel ya, I'm checking my account every day to see if I've been activated. I can't wait to get in there but I'm happy we have a little helper sharing info with us :)