MoP Beta Files: Enchanting

Today we have the Enchanting trainer recipes from the Beta, thanks to our handy helper Greeneggs! This appears to be all of the recipes currently listed on the trainer, although again the progression is rough. It still gives us an idea of where in the chain a recipe may be, although I expect them to be spread more evenly for release.

525 Skill:

550 Skill:

575 Skill:

600 Skill:

The number of recipes seems a little bit light to me, there are only 30 new trainer recipes compared with 37 in Cataclysm. The two main holes are in the cloak and bracer enchantments. Currently we have five different cloak enchants (not counting vendor recipes), but in MoP only three cloak recipes are available from the trainer. For bracers we currently have six enchants from the trainer, in MoP there are only four. There is also no new +STAM enchant for boots, which would leave +Mastery as the boot enchant for tanks.

Granted, this isn't taking into account any vendor/faction/drop recipes that may turn up. Still, I think it would be good for trainer recipes to have the bases covered in terms of level-up enchantments. The bracer enchants are workable, there is one for each class type (STR, AGI, INT, Dodge). The cloak recipes are a bit skimpy though, only Intellect, AC and +Hit are available. Hopefully we'll see a few more recipes added to this list in the near future.

Gotta say, I love some of the names on the weapon enchants! Dancing Steel... Flowing River. Awesome!


  1. I'm following every word Greeneggs and Kali! Thank you for bringing this to us. This is the first time I've really been into the nitty gritty of a new expac and I would have to credit the LFR for that

  2. I am just as excited for the new info as you guys are =) Big props to Greeneggs for sharing his discoveries with us!!

  3. thank u kaliope and greeneggs!

  4. There is a resilience chest enchant there. I thought resilience was gone?

    1. No gone, it was announced that resilience would become a core attribute like strength. That way, characters could start in PvP activities without the need to first collect a PvP equipment. But to get really involved in PvP, you still need to get some extra resilience

  5. Did you notice that at skill 600 we will still be using the Runed Elementium Rod?

  6. Interesting catch - I didn't check that. Not terribly surprising since BS recipes aren't even in yet. Still, it will mean a revision down the road, which I already expected with the huge gaps in recipes. Most likely the weapon recipes in the 600 range will get the new rod.

  7. Anyone know when we can access the new enchanting materials? Disenchanting the random drop greens and quest rewards is still resulting in Cata materials.

  8. The latest build (the super-buggy one) allows disenchanting of MoP items for MoP mats. The artwork is not in yet but you can collect the new spirit dust. I have a whole stash of gear I've been snatching off the AH for cheap, I plan to work through it once the servers stabilize. Not sure I actually want to try to level Enchanting though, the point spread on the recipes still worries me. Plus I don't know if I will get any mysterious essences yet. I'll be sure to post again once I'm able to do more testing in a stable environment :)

  9. Where can you get the 600 recipes? I can't find any information on the enchanting trainers in MoP