MoP Beta Files: Cooking Tidbits

Just wanted to share part of a Blue post from Wryxian that went out this morning in response to a Cooking question:

"Oooh, a cooking thread! Quelle surprise! *mock gasp*

I actually don't have the answers for you on that. However, in place of them I do have some more information that might be of interest.

So you might have heard for Cooking in Mists of Pandaria we will have specializations. At the moment we're looking at around 5 branches of cooking, for example: broiling, steaming...etc.

Each of these specializations will focus on a particular stat. So let's say the Steaming specialization allows you to create Agility food. A rogue would find that very interesting, and would probably want to max that one out first. At which point, said rogue would be able to create Agility buff feasts for groups. Cool, huh?

But worry not, once you max out in one specialization, you can then work on the other specializations. :)"

I'm looking forward to this idea of Cooking specializations, that seems like fun. It also seems like it might encourage more folks to get involved with Cooking since they'll be able to increase their food buff by doing so. What I'm most curious about is whether this would potentially change the dynamic of the buff feast such that players will expect to bring each variety to raids to access all of the different boosted buffs. That's definitely something I plan to check out once I get into the Beta :)


  1. You would think this would suck and Blizzard would have a "Raiders Bountiful Bounty" or something that did "your" stat.. but in general I like the idea of specialties as long as I can get them all! I have been a Chef for ever in WoW and have every recipe except two -- Dirks, and the Fishing Guild Reward. I would be a little pissed to not be able to continue this tradition.

  2. Well luckily it mentions being able to max more than one specialization, so I think you're in good shape there. I do wonder if it would be better to tie the stat bonus to the character rather than the feast, but we'll have to see how this plays out.

  3. It would make sense to make it possible to have more than one cooking specialisation. If not that would be very inconvenient for players of a druid with one caster and one feral spec or a paladin who's got holy paired with retribution or protection, for example.

  4. off topic... Just ran across a quality of life change in engineering. The tinkers are now labeled by slot.
    Glove Tinker: Synapse Springs
    Synapse Springs