MoP Beta Files: Archaeology Changes & More

I just got an email last night from Greeneggs with some new goodies he found from Archaeology. Apparently he started visiting dig sites in Pandaria and took some screenshots for us! And apparently he was able to dig at one site nine times before it was tapped out, which let him collect enough fragments for two artifacts. So it sounds like some much needed tweaks have been made to the digging process :)

Here is a map of Pandaria with the dig sites showing:

This is an image of what the Pandaren fragment looks like:

Here you can see the Pandaren page in the Archaeology book:

And this is a pic of the Detail page for a Pandaren object:

And just for fun, we got an extra screenshot of Greeneggs flying over Pandaria on a very delicate-looking contraption:


  1. Will there be keystones for pandaren artifacts? The screen shot shows a cheap one without keystones, but that might be an exception.

  2. I think it's fair to say that Archaeology is broken at the moment. There are two digsites in the starting area and the second is utterly borked. As we're less than two weeks into the Beta I'd expect an awful lot of this to change, and I severely doubt you'll be able to dig like that or you'd have your Archaeology maxxed before you hit 90. I dug in Azeroth and all those sites are still giving the same number of fragments and digs, so I'd give it a while for them to iron the Panda bugs out... :D

  3. I agree, we are so early into the Beta that almost nothing for professions has been implemented. The information we are able to share is very early (aka first draft) data. The only profession I've been able to level at all is skinning and it's still pretty buggy. Unfortunately it's going to take some time for us to have solid and meaningful information to share.

  4. I just got a Pandaren Oracle Bone which is the Pandaren Keystone. I'll send the screen capture to Kaliope.

  5. As Archaeology is now in beta then you will dig 6 times per digsite.
    Also, when solving something, you only gain 1 skill now instead of 5. That means you need to solve a total of 75 to get capped. Tried solving old content but it gave no skill and I hope it will stay that way aswell.

  6. Sadly I'm not in a position to test Archaeology on Pandaria, all of my dig sites are in the zones that are currently locked. As soon as some of those areas are opened up I'll start investigating the changes more fully :)