Alchemy Recipes from the MoP Beta

This is our first look at new Alchemy recipes from the trainers on the Beta server. You can see from the skill level requirements that all the recipes are basically clumped into four groups. Likely this is not the way they will remain, but it gives us a rough idea of the intended progression.

We can make some interesting observations - the flask recipes only use 4 herbs and a "golden lotus". This is pretty light for flasks, depending on what a golden lotus is. Perhaps we are abandoning the volatile/eternal plan? Muddying the waters a bit is the "Potion of Plunder" recipe which uses 3 golden lotus as the only herb. Still possible that we're talking about an elemental component, but maybe the lotus is making a comeback? Also note that the gem transmute recipes are using an item called "Spirit of Harmony". Traditionally this material should be collected via Herbalism since the gems are not, but the name doesn't match up well with our lotus. So there's definitely room for speculation :)

525 Skill:

550 Skill:

575 Skill:

600 Skill:

Feel free to add your thoughts and impressions in the Comments!


  1. I have done a list of all the Enchanting recipes that have been added today, plus detail from the Mining Trainer :D is where you can find it :D

  2. The current beta version is still a very early version.

    Tons of the things are in PH only.

    I think at this point only the material names for some professions can be confirmed, and I beleieve there will be tons of new changes on the patterns in the next few patch.

  3. My bet is that the spirit of harmony is the heroic "orb" and that herbalism is being cut out of that loop entirely.

  4. I think there's also some speculation that Spirit of Harmony is the new Primal Might, since all of the elemental items are Spirit of X.

  5. The Spirit of Harmony is a blue item. I picked up 2 while questing in the Jade Forest! So, it should not be that difficult to obtain.

  6. I logged onto my 525 alchemist for the first time in beta today, and found that my Transmute Living Elements wasn't in my recipe list anymore. Have they removed the idea of transmuting elements or of daily transmutes?

  7. Would be nice if we can get new alchemist stones so that we have trinkets we can make and be worth something.

  8. Where are our new Alchemist stones those were great an expansion ago or so now we have nothing that really sets us apart like the perks you get from Leather working or Blacksmithing. were getting hosed lol