Notes from the Diablo III Beta: Auction House Fees

I know it's been a while since I've posted on the blog. Sadly there's just not much going on in WoW with regard to professions. I have been putting in a good bit of time on the Diablo 3 Beta and I'm working on a review post for that. In the latest patch they wiped all our characters, so I'm having to start from scratch. Luckily I'm taking the time to document more of the crafting process this time, so that will improve my post in the long run.

Meanwhile, there's been a significant change to the Auction House which I thought many of you might not have heard about. Blizzard has changed up some of the rules that could affect your decision to dabble in Diablo 3. Here are the newly announced policies on the Auction House, straight off the Blue post:

  • The gold auction house is once again available for testing
  • The listing fee for all auctions has been removed
  • The transaction fee for auctions in the currency-based auction house has been increased to 1.25 Beta Bucks
  • The minimum listing price for an item in the currency-based auction house has been increased to 1.50 Beta Bucks
  • Players may now only have 10 active auctions per auction house
  • Tooltips have been added which will allow players to compare items on the auction house to the items they're currently wearing
The items I think our players will be most interested in are the 3rd and 5th items. There will be a transaction fee of 1.25 "Beta Bucks" on each real money transaction and a minimum listing price of 1.5 "Beta Bucks". At this time there is no hard information on the exchange rate of Beta Bucks versus actual dollars, but many are assuming a 1:1 ratio. This means it probably won't be worth listing low value items. The consensus is that this is intended to cut down on "junk" listings.

The second item that may cause concern for goblins is the hard limit of 10 active auctions per auction house. I believe the gold auction and the real money auction houses are being counted separately here, but that still would mean a total of 20 active auctions. I believe this will be another huge limiting factor to the "mass posting" style of auctioneering that is currently viable in WoW.

I felt it was important to share this information because I know a good number of folks in our community are eyeing Diablo 3 specifically for the purpose of playing the auction market. These changes could greatly affect your interest in Diablo, so I think it's worth keeping an eye on this before you drop $50+ on a new game.

Feel free to discuss in the Comments!


  1. I've assumed since they announced D3 that it wasn't going to be anything like WoW. The real money AH is something that will reward luck or farming, not active trading/crafting. The D3 economy is going to be limited, I suspect, to find/trade/use with very little in the way of "value add" and professions.

  2. That's part of the reason I was happy to get into the Beta, to see crafting is even viable here. So far I'm enjoying the crafting, but the markets are "beta-fied" so it's hard to assess that part. On the other hand, I read that Markco made so much money in such a short time that he got banned for it. Even though they plugged the hole he used to produce items, it doesn't change the fact that someone was buying his goods. I'm skeptical but curious at this point, we'll see how the new changes play out.

  3. I have a WoW topic for you: Has LFR destroyed the crafted BIS gear trade?

    I invested 10K in the recipe, scraped together the 16K in mats and sold one in just a few days for 24K. SCORE!

    So I bought enough mats over about a week to make one for myself, and another to sell, leaving me with about 2K gold.

    It has been posted for the last 3 weeks and nothing. I dropped the price to 15K at one point. Meanwhile the Essences have come down to less than 3K. The only other seller of this gear isn't even posting anymore, although likely because he posted every 48 hours and I checked several times a day, undercutting him significantly.

    I advertise in trade several times a day.

    Could it be that LFR drops and the valor gear is "good enough" and people won't shell out for better? Or that since they are successful in LFR with the gear they have, they aren't reaching anymore? Reforge deflation, no dailies so nobody has cash? Got the LFR cheevo, why try for regular DS?

  4. That's an interesting topic and something I have my own thoughts on. I will put something together in the next day or two and then we can talk about it :)

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Returned to WOW after about 8 months off and found copper modulators missing from low level engineering. Any idea why they would bother?

  6. They have been making small tweaks like that throughout the Cataclysm expansion, modulators are just one of a number of similar changes. I suspect they are doing it to streamline the leveling process for new players. They have also been removing more oddball ingredients from crafted items, including some (but not all) specialty leathers.