Lunar Festival is Almost Here!

In case you guys aren't following the seasonal calendar, Lunar Festival is kicking off this weekend on Sunday morning. For those who've rolled new toons or just started playing in the last year, there are collectible recipes available from this seasonal event. The bulk of the recipes are for Engineers, they are able to buy schematics for a bunch of fireworks recipes. They also get access to recipes for fireworks launchers! In addition, Tailors are able to purchase recipes to make Lunar Festival style outfits.

There are rumors that the Lunar Festival has been updated this year, although I'm not seeing any new information on Wowhead just yet. From what I've seen in the Armory, new pets may be available for you pet collectors! The Elders are spread across all four continents, so the main activity involved is traveling. On the plus side, you can get 75 Alliance/Horde rep for each Elder you visit. This is a great way to beef up your city factions if you're still lacking.

The recipes are sold in Moonglade and require Coins of Ancestry to purchase. You collect coins by visiting Elders, they each give you one coin. Collecting for Tailors is a fairly easy task, as there are only two recipes available. Each recipe costs 5 coins, so you can purchase everything you need for 10 coins. Engineers have a tougher project ahead of them, as there are 14 Engineering recipes available. Luckily the fireworks recipes are bundled in threes, so the total needed to get all recipes is 30 coins.

If you'd like to see a full list of the recipes associated with the Lunar Festival, you can check them out here.

Participating in the Lunar Festival is a fairly low-key activity and something that can easily be done in between raids/dungeons/whatever. The event runs for close to three weeks, which should give folks plenty of time to work it into their schedule. I'll be reviewing the accuracy of these items when Lunar Festival launches in a few days, so check back here if you notice any discrepancies!


  1. Hi Kaliope, so glad to see a post from you! I'm facing a bit of a challenge right now with collecting recipes. I have all of the professions maxed finally and would like to spend a little time here and there rounding up recipes. Would you have any suggestions, ideas, guides or add ons that might help me find all, or most, of them? I have the ackis recipe list and it is helping a lot, but it's a bit cumbersome with traveling here, there and everywhere.


  2. That's a great question and a project that I've been tackling myself recently. The main tool I've been using for this is the armory. You can go into your character profile under Professions and it has a separate tab for recipes you have "Learned" and "Not Yet Learned". I use the NOT list to identify recipes to chase. Then if you hover over the "Source" link for the item, you can see where it comes from.

    There are some mild errors in the source listings, for example "Poseidus" really means "Rare Cataclysm drop". Also some recipes are labeled as World Drop when they are more likely to be a raid drop (like the Ulduar patterns). Most of these are not farmable anyway and the static drop recipes are pretty accurately labeled. I've been relying solely on these lists to hunt down Enchanting/Engineering/Tailoring patterns and have only occasionally hit Wowhead for anecdotal drop rate information.

    Not sure I have a recommendation on the travel thing. When I was collecting transmog gear I was hitting almost all of the Outland dungeons. To cut down on travel I would focus on one or two zones at a time (like Coilfang/Hellfire) and only move on after I had gotten those drops. It made the travel more tolerable to stay in one part of the continent each day, you might try that.

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I've been stumbling around WoWhead and out dated blogs. I'll definitely give them a try:)

  4. Ackis Recipe List addon, yes I know you love me for for showing you this:

    It even shows you the coordinates of where the vendors are who sell the recipes. Not 100% accurate but then what is?

  5. Hmm, I think she mentioned that she was already using the Ackis add-on, but it doesn't hurt to share the link for those who need it :)

  6. There is a pet. You can buy it in Nighthaven.

  7. Yup, Lunar Festival lantern companion can be purchased for 50 coins. All recipes appear to be the same price as previous years, so the totals above should be accurate.