Faction Rewind: Timbermaw Hold in the Cataclysm

A while back we started revisiting some Classic factions and reviewing how they can be leveled in Cataclysm. I recently found myself working on my reputation with the Timbermaw Hold to pick up some new leather recipes for a twink druid. In the process I noticed some significant changes, so I thought I'd share my findings with you guys. This will mostly be of interest to completionists who want to chase down as many recipes for their professions as they can find.

The quests for this group are largely the same, but as with so many things they've been reset. So you can redo the Timbermaw quests you may have already completed. In addition, the reputation rewards have been boosted dramatically. This helps the process go really fast on a high level toon. Most of the quests are available in Felwood, so the easiest way to get started is to head to the Emerald Sanctuary. This will let you follow the natural progression of the quest chains, which eventually takes you out to Winterspring.

The first quest you pick up is called A Talking Totem and just that breadcrumb quest gives 300 reputation. Every furbolg you kill gives another 20 reputation and rares/named furbies give 40-100 reputation. Completing the quests at Emerald Sanctuary should bring you through most of the Unfriendly portion of the grind. It also unlocks the repeatable turn-in for Deadwood Headdress Feathers (x5). Once you finish the small number of quests for Grazle you can fly north to Timbermaw Hold.

Nafien and the wee Ferli have quests to offer you up north, so pick those up and head for the Deadwood Village. You'll have to kill another 15 furbies here - be sure you loot a Deadwood Ritual Totem to activate an extra Timbermaw quest. Also, make a point to kill the Chieftain each time he pops up as he's worth 60 rep per kill. Completing the quests for Nafien will unlock the repeatable turn-in for him (the same items as Grazle) and a new quest to meet Salfa in Winterspring. By the time you leave Felwood you should be nearly halfway to Honored. This whole process takes 20-30 minutes. If you managed to pick up enough Deadwood feathers you can give them to Nafien and receive another 2000 reputation before you leave.

Head through the Timbermaw Hold tunnel and give your Deadwood totem to Kernda for 1400 rep and pick up the Runecloth quest from Meilosh. Then head east over the wooden ramp to Winterspring to meet Salfa. She'll give you a quest and send you to Donova Snowden, who'll keep you busy with a handful of quests. Make sure you complete every quest she has, but you can safely ignore her Witch Doctor friend. You should also be sure to loot the High Chief when she sends you to kill him, as he drops an item for another quest. While you're in the furbie camps, go ahead and kill enough of them to collect the Winterfall Spirit Beads quest from Salfa - you'll need the rep to finish off this grind.

Completing the bulk of the quest chain from Felwood to Winterspring should take you to Revered with Timbermaw Hold. You'll only need to do each repeatable turn-in once. If you want to press on to Exalted for achievement purposes, the repeatable quests in both zones are now unlocked. But all recipes are available at Revered, so there's no reason to keep going for recipe collection purposes. The entire process can be done in less than 2 hours, possibly closer to one hour if you're incredibly efficient. This is an easy grind that can be knocked out in no time. For Leatherworkers it's truly worthwhile as it gets you the recipes for the Warbear gear, an excellent set of items for leveling players as well as transmoggers.

For those who are interested in going for Exalted, there are a couple of additional quests at the furbie camp directly east of Everlook which give another 2400 rep. Tailors have a special quest they can do for Meilosh which will enable them to learn the recipe for Mooncloth Boots and grants an extra 1000 reputation.

Have fun!


  1. I did that recently with a level 48 mage, and was amazed at how fast I get reputation with Timbermaw. I think it took about 4 hours to get to Honored with them before, to pick up the 2 BOA agility weapon enchants. This time, I was revered before I even knew it. I was giggling maniacally as I did it, constantly thinking it had to be a mistake.

  2. I had the same sense of disbelief when I first came through the area to snap up the awesome trinket from High Chief Winterfall (still one of the strongest DPS items from Classic WoW). I hit Honored just from Donova's quests. That peaked my interest, so I went back with Kaliope.

    I remember back in the day it took many hours of grinding and multiple sessions to reached Revered, which I did the hard way on my Enchanter. Now it's a breeze! I really think Blizzard tweaked these quests to get anyone to Revered just by completing the full chain, allowing new players to pick up those recipes without the pain we went through. Which is probably the only way a new player would ever bother with this old content now that it's so far removed from the end game. I'm glad that they are taking the time to revisit these older factions so recipes like this don't die out. I sometime wonder if I am the only crafter on my server who still makes this stuff!

  3. Not to be rude, but that they completely killed-off basically all the 'Classic' Reputations post-Shattering was noted on the official Forums & WoWhead within a week after The Shattering. Only Cenarion Circle requires anything remotely close to pre-Shattering procedures, the others have been an all-but complete waste of time for those who grinded them (one of the reasons I stopped subscribing Dec 2010).

    Personally, for othe rplayers I hope they bring back a lot of the specialist Blacksmithing Recipes in one way or another (including the TBC weapons). Then again, if I'd subscribe again I'd probably could get a lot of money for some of those plans (inc. Ornate Mithril and the Horde Mail set whose name eludes me atm).

  4. That's the thing though NetherLands, as Kaliope pointed out, those classic factions are so far from end game now that people simply wouldn't bother with them without these changes. Completionists aside, there's absolutely no reason to. Back in the day most people picked up these reps while grinding for end game, not because they simply wanted them and certainly not because they liked the grind. Timbermaw and Winterspring aside probably.

  5. Just for the sake of debating your point NetherLands, I'm not sure how any of the Classic factions were still alive prior to the Shattering other than the brutal grind being intact. In every other sense they were dead the day BC dropped and make the bulk of the Classic recipes obsolete.

    My main motivation in raising the point now was simply to let folks know who hadn't already discovered the Shattering changes that this faction is now an easy grind. For those who may want to pick them up on their alts or newer toons rolled since that time, this is now a quick, easy project.

    I'm with you on the Blacksmithing thing though, I'd like to see them reintroduce all of the specialty items that have been lost. On the other hand, Blacksmithing has been very good to me with the recipes I still have, Imperial Plate, Thorium and Fel Iron outfits are selling quite well to transmoggers.

  6. Two reasons they were/are relevant:

    - Social

    Some people like to be able to play all the content they bought/like a certain Expansion better than later ones, and, due to the way the Reps worked, you'd hook up with others to do that content, also because your average LFD crowd wasn't exactly on the same page with this.

    In fact, you'd meet similarly minded persons doing those grinds and befriend them in those areas in the first place, for example I made my best in-game friends while e.g. grinding Timbermaw in Felwood and Argent Dawn in the Plaguelands (I started paying the game during WotLK, to put a timestamp on it).

    -Recipes for consumables/enhancements.

    These always stay(ed) relevant to one degree or another, and most notably Heirlooms and their ability to recieve Vanilla-end game Enchants meant/s that Timbermaw and Thorium Bortherhood are more relevant than they were during TBC.

    (while we're at it, although some might call me tin-foily with this, the absurd buff to Enchant Cloak -Stealth was imo a bit too conveniently timed to the introduction of Cloak Heirlooms to be a coincedence, with all the bad results for newcomers that entails. But of course Blizzard doesn't really care about those)

  7. Ahh, interesting analysis :) It sounds like you didn't play when the content was end game, so your perspective on relevance differs from mine. Heirlooms certainly increased the usability of Classic enchants from TBC levels, but definitely not close to the popularity they enjoyed pre-BC.

    As for the social aspects, I think Archaeology fits that description more than faction grinds do, at least from my own experience. I suspect your server may be quite different from mine as I rarely saw other high level players in Classic zones prior to Cata. Now that we have Archaeology, I see more players going back to older zones and regularly cross paths with them when I'm out digging. Is it possible that this side of the game didn't die, it just shifted to a different activity? I can't really vouch for your server on that, but that seems to be the situation on mine.

    Then again I'm totally anti-social so I may not be the best source on this ;)

  8. Right now the enchants are more for the completion of enchant collections and a few sales. once people start to level toons, they will be a fat money maker for those that post the enchant. Pick up a blue weapon with a viable stat, slap the proper enchant and you never have to buy another weapon til you hit Outland, and you end up with a large boost in power/healing ability.

    Plus, who can say no to smacking around teddy bears.