Winter's Veil Challenge!

Now that Winter's Veil is upon us, it's time to dust off our old holiday recipes! Those of you who haven't been playing long may not have the Winter's Veil recipes, so now is the time to grab them. As the days pass the recipes that come from Greatfather Winter's gift packages will start to flood the auction houses. So resist the temptation to overpay for something, you'll be amazed at how cheap they get by New Year's!

For recipe collectors, this is a rare opporunity to test your mettle. In the past, we've explored the feasibility of purchasing the Winter Outfit from the opposite faction so your Tailor can make both colors of the awesome winter set. I did this run back in 2007 and wrote a couple of posts about my adventures. I highly encourage you to read Smells Like Green Spirit and The Mage Takes The Cheese for tips on how to do this. Lowbies can also do this, so don't be intimidated!

Here are a few fast tips for the impatient:
  • Use the Wondervolt Machine in your home city to disguise yourself before you head out!
  • Make sure you ride a faction-neutral mount within Horde zones
  • Pick up some Invisibility Potions or Free Action Potions just in case
  • Embark on your expedition during off-peak hours to minimize interference
  • Choose a less populated city such as Exodar or Silvermoon
  • If you die, corpse-rez on top of the vendor to avoid visual detection.

Good luck and make sure you come back and tell us about about it after you collect the prize!

UPDATE: Our friend Raxx has discovered that there is a Goblin vendor in Shattrath City who sells the Green Holiday outfit to both factions. This doesn't help Horde players, but Alliance can get their hands on the Horde recipe quite easily this way :)

How Has Transmogrification Affected Your Sales?

We're almost two weeks into the newest patch and the frenzy seems to be settling down a bit. I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a blast with the new mogging functionality! And not just as a player, but as a crafter too. Even though I did a series of posts on some of the special items that crafters can make, I'm really having fun exploring the new market and finding great items to sell. If you've been focusing on end-game gear and consumables, consider dabbling in "classic" items for transmoggers too.

Random 4.3 Factoids & Undocumented Changes

The number of fragments dropped from Archaeology artifacts has been increased, you can now get 5-9 fragments instead of the 3-6 you've gotten in the past.

Seeing dig sites on the mini-map is very helpful for navigating around the borders of a dig area.

Profession quests at the Darkmoon Faire appear to require a skill level of 75 according to posters on Wowhead.

Those who fish can find a new (and awesome!) Sea Pony from the waters at the new Darkmoon Faire! Visit El's Anglin to learn more about it.

The rare Burning Crusade enchant Executioner is now available in unlimited quantities from Dealer Jadyan at the Stormspire (Netherstorm). Previously this recipe dropped in the now defunct Zul'Aman raid.

Some classic vanilla recipes that required unusual ingredients (such as silithid chitins and copper modulators) were changed to use more common items. Make sure you double check older recipes before purchasing materials.

Dungeon quests in Outland have been reset. If you need a transmog item from one of those quests, you can repeat them to get it. A good example is the quest War on the Ramparts, which rewards a plate shoulder item that matches very nicely with the Fel Iron Plate set.

Feel free to share anything new you've found this week in the Comments!