Patch 4.3 is Alive & Kicking

We're getting Patch 4.3 today and with it comes a decent amount of content related to professions. Epic gems are probably the biggest addition to the recipe pool - as well as one of the most anticipated profession upgrades. Armor professions are also getting updated versions of the crafted PVP gear. Inscription is getting one new glyph and some changes to other glyphs which may affect their popularity. And Enchanters will finally be able to shatter maelstrom crystals into heavenly shards.

Some unofficial changes that are supposed to be going into this patch are the unbinding of Chaos Orbs and a major shift in how Alchemy specialization changes are handled. There have also been some UI improvements made to Archaeology and the Auction House.

Last night we updated Crafter's Tome with all the new patch recipes that we were aware of. This includes the epic gem recipes, the new raid drop recipes and the new minor glyph for Scribes. I will continue to monitor for unofficial changes and additions as well.

The feature I'm most excited about is Transmogrification. Armor professions have a lot to offer players in the way of transmog gear and I am happy to provide! Over the past few months I've done a few posts that highlight crafted items for "mogging", here's a quick list of them:

Transmog for Leatherworking
Transmog for Tailors
Transmog for Blacksmith Part 1 & Part 2

Patch 4.3 Bring Tweaks to Auction House Display

I've been keeping an eye out for new recipes on the Test Realm through the Auction House and I spotted a nice little change that snuck in under the radar. It seems that the Devs have added the recipe skill level to the display of the list. Where "Level" used to be it now shows the skill requirement. Here's a pic I took of the new display:

Star Wars: The Old Republic Crafting (aka Crew Skills) Review

I was one of the lucky folks invited to the most recent "stress test" weekend in the SWTOR beta. For those not familiar, this is a short term invitation that's only good from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. After that time the servers are shut down and you can no longer access them. As a result, my window of opportunity for testing professions in SWTOR was quite limited.

I determined to make the best of this by restricting my adventuring to the bare minimum and trying to unlock tradeskills as soon as I could. But this is in pretty direct conflict with Bioware's game design. One of the big features they are touting in this game is story: lots of voice acting to enhance immersion and better story-driven questing. While I made a point to search for trainers at every "city" location I traveled through, the first actual opportunity to train professions was not available until level 8-10. Professions in SWTOR are called "crew skills" because they are largely executed by your companions (aka crew).

New Priest Glyph in Patch 4.3

I finally got my maxed Scribe onto the Test Realm so I could check on the Glyph of Shadow. You can learn this recipe via Minor Inscription Research. I already knew all the minor glyphs, so I was able to get Glyph of Shadow on the first try. This recipe uses Lion's Ink, which matches some of the other minor glyphs. Here's a pic I took of the recipe:

New Alchemy Specialization Quests in Patch 4.3

You lucky Alchemists are getting a revamp of your specialization quests in the upcoming patch, although I'm not sure you feel particularly lucky. This change seems more designed to address economic issues than tradeskill problems. The upside is that you can visit a normal trainer in any city to switch professions. Not that I visited every trainer, but I did visit trainers in Stormwind and Ironforge to confirm that the more common trainers were viable.

Maelstrom Crystal Shatter Coming in 4.3

I'm sure most of you know by now that Enchanters will be receiving a recipe in the upcoming patch to turn a maelstrom crystal into heavenly shards. One of my readers posted a question about this, so I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick little post on it. This recipe can be learned from the trainer at 515 skill and it's still yellow at 525. For folks who haven't yet leveled their Enchanter this would actually be a decent leveling recipe. When you shatter the maelstrom crystal you get 2 heavenly shards, which economically is actually a good deal. I'm sure once it goes live the heavenly shard prices will start dropping though. I didn't really expect this to have a cooldown of any kind, but I went ahead and tested to make sure. There's no cooldown on this recipe :)

The DIVA Gets Her JEDI On!

That's right folks, this morning I got an invite to the SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) Weekend Beta! I'm pretty darn excited, not because I love Star Wars but because I'll be able to bring you the scoop on crafting in a new and highly anticipated game =) I'm not sure how much information I can actually share while I'm testing, from what I'm reading the NDA is still in effect. If I'm not able to publish right away, I can still compile the information for you and have it ready to roll when the NDA drops or when SWTOR launches next month.

Patch 4.3 Preview of the Darkmoon Faire Profession Quests

It looks like the Darkmoon Faire was activated on the Test Realm yesterday, so I was finally able to check it out and see what they had to offer for professions. You may recall that the preview article posted on the official site mentioned that there would be a "plethora of profession recipes", so I've been looking forward to seeing that. I wandered the new Faire grounds quite a bit and checked every vendor and quest giver I came across. I was able to locate the new Profession quest givers and it appears that they vary their offerings depending on which tradeskill you have. So check in with all quest NPCs when you arrive to make sure you pick them all up. If you're on a toon that has all possible professions available to them, you should be able to find six crafting quests. Here are some screenshots I took of the quests I found:

Gem Stacking Fixed in 4.3

I just got a tip from the Profession forums the other day indicating that gem stacking is working on the Test Realm. I logged in to check it out and sure enough! Gems are now stacking properly when you cut them :) I tried this on a couple of different cuts I had and made sure there was no room in my bags for gems to hide. It looks like one of our most popular Pandaria wishes has already come true!

I should test Alchemy as well, shouldn't I?


aaaannnd Living Elements still not stacking. I had a stack of Fire in my bag, did the transmute which made 14 Fire and proc'd 12 more fire. Each in a separate stack. Oh well.

Update on Decision 2012: Mists of Pandaria

I'm so impressed with you guys voting in the poll, at this point we are over 100 votes cast! We're already seeing some great movement in terms of which ideas are more popular with the community. You can pop over to and see the current results if you haven't been keeping an eye on it. I'm also using the poll information to present a "Top Ten" list to Blizzard. At Blizzcon they invited players to post in the forums with their suggestions for Engineering. I've taken that one step further and created a post that covers all professions, based on the ideas you voted on. I'm hoping that by collecting all the ideas we had and voting on the ones we like best, we can incorporate a sense of priority of all the suggestions we had. This should give them some idea which items are most important to us. You can see the post I submitted on the Profession forums here:

By all means I encourage you guys to send in your own suggestions for professions. Blizzard won't know how important tradeskills are to us unless we get involved and share our ideas :)