Decision 2012: Mists of Pandaria!

I've taken all the feedback from our "complaint" day and built a poll for you guys to vote on. I've included everything that was mentioned in the Comments except for some of the bug fix type items (I figure we don't need to vote on whether bugs need fixing!). So go and vote for the ideas that are most important for you. It's kind of a long list, but I hope you take the time to read through it. I've set it up so you can select as many ideas as you like.

Feel free to share this poll with other crafters, the more feedback we get from our community the better!

Thanks for participating!

Complain About Professions Day!

Let's talk about what we don't like with our professions =) I'm sure every one of you has at least one thing that bugs you about one of your trade skills. I want to hear about the things you don't like. So I'm putting a call out to you guys. Add a Comment below and tell me everything you dislike about professions. Feel free to list as many as you want. Sometimes it's easier to identify a problem than to come up with a solution, so I thought we'd start with that for now.

Blizzcon Wrap-Up

So Blizzcon ended yesterday and there's a lot of buzz flying around about the new Pandaria expansion. One thing I'm noticing from our crafting circles is some apparent misinformation about what was said in the panel discussions. I watched every panel that might have touched on crafting issues (Opening Ceremony, Intro to MoP, Dungeons/Raids, Items/Prof and Open Q/A) and my take on those discussions is different than what's being reported.

Day One: No Profession News

I just finished watching the last of the WoW panels from today and there has been no information released about professions in the Pandaria expansion. I still have the Diablo auction panel to watch, so maybe some useful information will come out of that.

We also have an actual class/item/profession panel tomorrow at 1pm, so I'm hoping there will be some legitimate news there. Stay tuned :)

Next WoW Expansion Announced!


With the MONK Class!!

Diablo III & Next Beta Available Free to WoW Subscribers

Just announced that WoW subscribers who commit to a full year subscription to the game (can be billed monthly) will receive access to the new Diablo III game FREE. They will also receive guaranteed access to the next WoW expansion beta!

This is the chance for our crafters & goblins to play around in Diablo III without spending more money. Also, I know many of you would love to get into the next beta. This is your ticket in :)

Sign up will be available on the web site here.

Semi-Live Blizzcon Reporting

I just wanted to let you guys know that I've purchased a virtual ticket for the Blizzcon Live Stream and I'll be watching the events through the weekend. I'll be reporting any relevant tradeskill news here on the blog. I may not be able to catch every panel as it's shown live, but I plan to watch as much of them as I can. So stay tuned and we'll see what kind of news we get :)

I'm so excited - it's like Christmas!

Epic Gems Show Up On 4.3 PTR

MMO-Champion has posted this evening that there is a new epic gem recipe vendor in Orgrimmar. I ventured out to Stormwind and sure enough, there's a new gal behind the daily quest lady. She has 51 new recipes to cut epic gems at a cost of 5 daily tokens. For just 4 daily tokens you can purchase a "tome" which will teach you a random recipe from her list. The tome functions much like the books of glyph mastery, in that you click it to scribe a new recipe to your book (it doesn't open up and give you an actual recipe).

Currently it would take 255 tokens to learn all of the epic recipes that are available. If you opted to go the random discovery route you could learn all of the recipes with only 204 tokens. I like that Blizzard has given us this option. If you just want to collect the recipes at your leisure, you can do it in less time.

There appears to be some new varieties of gems as well, not just upgrades of current flavors. This includes Crafty (Expertise/Crit), Champion (Strength/Dodge), Stalwart (Parry/Dodge), Wicked (Expertise/Haste), Energized (Haste/Spirit) and Misty (Spirit/Crit). I think most of these were used in previous expansions but were not retained for Cataclysm. I guess the designers have opted to bring a few back. Each gem has +25 of two stats or +50 of one stat.

Also, the gal in Stormwind is named Farrah Facet. Cute :)

Faction Rewind: Thorium Brotherhood in the Cataclysm

As part of my preparations for Patch 4.3 I've been collecting some classic recipes I don't already have. This includes the full set of Black Dragonscale gear from Leatherworking. Most of the recipes are drops, but one of them is purchased from the Thorium Brotherhood vendor and requires Exalted reputation. I thought I had the correct reputation on the appropriate characters, but it turns out I did not. So I set out to correct this problem and ran into a few roadbumps. After searching for current information that reflects the Cataclysm changes, I decided to run the full process myself to verify how it works.

Tailoring Outfit for "Mogging"

I've been trying to come up with awesome outfits for my gals and I spotted this striking "mage" set on the Visual Roleplay site. They call it the "Scarlet Wizard". It looked pretty simple to put together and my mage would really stand out. Unfortunately I started tweaking the look. I wanted to find a robe with some gold in it, to match the hat better. Luckily for me, there's a Tailoring pattern for that! Then it needed a belt and some gloves. Once again, Tailoring has me covered. By the time I was done, I thought that I may as well share my outfit since it's heavily crafted. There's just a bit of farming needed to get this look, so I consider it a crafted set.