More Transmogrification: Answering Reader Questions

After my post from yesterday I got quite a list of follow-up questions from folks who wanted to know more specifics about transmogrification. I started to respond in the Comments, but it was getting pretty darn huge. Plus, I was capturing some images that really would have been helpful to share and that doesn't work in the comments. Click on the images to see the more detailed, full screen version.

Fun with Transmogrification

In which I take my old Horseman's Helm from the bank and transmog it onto my current helm (well current as of when I last copied my warrior to the PTR). The tooltip for my equipped helm indicates that it has been transmogrified. Click for full size image.

In which I do not have a 1H mace to test, so I make a craptastic one with mats on hand from my blacksmith and mail it to my warrior. In the pic you can see the woeful Volcanic Hammer which has been moggied into the Tankard O' Terror! Click for full size image.

Now to come up with the perfect armor set for this look =)

4.3 PVP Gear Upgrades for Smiths, Tailors & Leatherworkers

As I was visiting the various profession trainers last night, I noticed that the crafted PVP sets had already been upgraded with better stats. Since this is the second round of upgrades to existing recipes, I'm not going to post every single one of them here. Instead I've picked a few example recipes from each profession to give you guys an idea of how the stats have changed. All of the crafted PVP sets have been renamed to "Vicious", which has replaced the "Bloodthirsty" designation. In addition, they've all been boosted to 377 item level with appropriate stat increases.

New Jewelcrafting Recipes in Patch 4.3

I just got onto the Test Realm this evening to try and confirm some of the rumors that are flying around about epic gems. Right now there are no transmute recipes on the Alchemy trainer for epic gems. I also did a transmutation to see if something might pop up as a discovery, but nothing happened. There are also no epic gem cutting recipes on the JC token vendor or the JC trainer. I did find some new recipes on the JC trainer for updated PVP jewelry:

And a fun little item that finally made it out of beta, too bad it uses one of the harder gems to keep in stock (at least for me):

There are also updated PVP items on the Leatherworking, Smithing and Tailoring trainers. I'll be putting them up as I have time tomorrow :)

Transmogrification and Blacksmithing, Part 2

This is my the last of my series of articles featuring unique crafted items for transmogrification. Today I want to look at armor sets made by Blacksmithing. There are over a dozen sets and partial sets that can be crafted, so I picked out some that I thought had an appealing look to them.

You know you're a nerd when...

You use the speech from the Headless Horseman as your ringtone, but only in October.

Your iPad has SSH on it

Your bookcase is full of Asimov, Clarke and Uncle Orson... with no sign of Danielle Steel or Harold Robbins.

Your kids have never been in football or soccer, but they have been in Lego and GameMaker classes.

You're more likely to ask for a new gaming mouse than a new piece of jewelry.

Your movie room has posters of The Princess Bride and The Fifth Element.

You've been an Amazon shopper since 1998 (possibly longer, that's as far as the records go!)

Web sites ask for feedback about their site and you give it!

4.3 Epic Gem News

MMO-Champion has an interview blurb from Ghostcrawler that states epic gems will be dropping from the new raid in Patch 4.3. This would seem to confirm that epic gems will not be available via any crafting mechanic. Apparently things are reverting back to the Burning Crusade model of gem acquisition, which none of us wanted to see. There's no information on how the recipes to cut these gems will be acquired. It might be safe to assume that these will also be raid-based (in BC they were unlocked with raid faction initially). So there's a good chance that non-raiding Jewelcrafters will be left out of the epic gem frenzy.

I know many of you will be unhappy about this development. Given the slow rate at which the Devs claim that epic gems will drop, the market for rares may stay reasonably viable for awhile. But at this point you guys might want to brace yourselves that your JC alts won't be able to do epic cuts. I certainly hope that Jewelcrafters will gain some new items in 4.3 to make up for this loss. Further into the post, Ghostcrawler mentions that new profession recipes will be added as well. I gotta think that some type of JC love is appropriate here to make up for the loss of epic gems.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the Comments, I'm sure you have some. Here's hoping we get some good news soon to make up for this whammy :(

...In Which Good Will Is Rewarded

I hesitate to admit this, but my guild still hasn't unlocked the Seafood Magnifique recipe. I know this sounds terrible, but we lost more than half of our regular raiders to Rift and other games. Those of us left are struggling to keep a weekly rep farming raid afloat. As a result we tend to keep thing low key and this includes raid prep. We only got the first battle cauldron during the summer and we've been making slow progress on the fishing achievement. In the past few weeks my guild leader has been putting in a lot of spare time on the fishing. A few times I've jumped in to help out so he's not the only one fishing. But let's get real, he's done the lion's share of the last 2000 fish caught.

So last night I decided to pitch in a bit more before I logged out. I went to Twilight Highlands to see if I could collect some guppies for the guild stash. It was slim pickings along the river, but the lake in the north of the zone was showing promise. I fished up a couple of pools there and before too long the Sea Turtle popped out of one! I was completely surprised because I'd forgotten you could even get those from pool fishing :)

Here's a pic of Kaliope on her cute Sea Turtle!

Transmogrification and Blacksmithing, Part 1

Ok so I've been going through the Blacksmithing items and there's a ton of stuff. There's over a dozen weapons and even more sets of gear, which would make for a crazy-long post. I thought it might be better to break this down and do weapons in one post, armor in another. This way you won't have to wait days and days for me to compile all the images and links for a big mega-post.

Transmogrification and Tailoring

There was a great response to the first Transmogrification article I posted earlier this week, so I'm moving forward with a list for Tailoring. Tailoring is an exciting profession because it has lots of styles available, a few of which even mock other armor's looks! Personally I'd rather walk around in some of these sets than most of the garish Tier sets for Mages and Warlocks, but that's just me. Tailoring is also chock full of everyman looks that will let you stand apart from the "blinded by shinies" crowd. Want to look like a pirate? Got it. Prefer to dress like a fisherman or barmaid? Check and check. Cloth wearers will have the widest variety of styling options available to them.