Transmogrification and Leatherworking

I thank you all for your patience during my recent absence for a family trip. Some news about Patch 4.3 came out during that time, which I kept tabs on from afar. Since none of it was related to crafting, I chose not to comment on it. In the past few days I've had more time to mull over the introduction of transmogrification and I've come up with an idea that may have merit.

Gone Fishin'

Just an FYI folks -- I'll be out of town for the next two weeks, visiting family "down South". I'm taking a netbook with me just in case anything big comes up, but for the most part I can't play effectively on it. In all likelihood things will be quiet on this front. Just letting y'all know ahead of time!!

Sorry, just had to work that y'all into the conversation ;)

TradeTrak for Patch 4.2

I apologize for taking so long to get a new version of TradeTrak out the door, but I kept trying to add "just one more" undocumented change before releasing it to the wilds. I finally forced myself to let it go last week and now it's been uploaded to major news outlets near you. If you'd like a new copy of TradeTrak you can go to:

TradeTrak 1.09 @ WoWInterface

TradeTrak 1.09 @ Curse

This new build has all of the vendor recipes from the Molten Front dailies as well as the drop recipes from the Firelands raid. Enjoy!