Crafter's Tome site updated with 4.2 changes

I'm happy to let everyone know that I've just posted a bunch of changes to our web site with many of the "stealth" corrections that were added in Patch 4.2. This includes the reintroduction of Magnus outside Scholomance, a new drop location for Dig Rat Stew and new vendors for Undermine Clam Chowder! I've also corrected some problems with the new Bloodthirsty gear not showing up correctly. The drop recipes for the Firelands raid are also in the lists now.

I also did a big review of the Jewelcrafting recipes, which had a number of items that were "retired" in Cataclysm due to obsolete stats. I've tried to purge the duplicate items and confirm the correct training location for the remaining recipes. There are a few that are still missing a proper location and I will continue to track down those items.

I'm hoping to get a new TradeTrak build put together with these changes later this week, so the new Firelands recipes will be available there as well.

Let me know if you spot any problems with the latest recipe lists!

Molten Front Vendor Wares

We had a question a while back asking about vendor prices at the Molten Front. I'm sure you guys know by now that once a vendor is unlocked we can buy any of his/her wares with gold. That doesn't mean these items are cheap however. I managed to get some screenshots of two of the vendors while the PTR was up. Hopefully these will give you an idea of what your target items are going to cost...

Dig Rat Stew is Back!

The other big undocumented discovery in Patch 4.2 is the recipe for Dig Rat Stew sneaking in. I got an email from a Horde player who successfully farmed it in the Southern Barrens. The recipe now drops from the combatants in Bael Modan. It binds when picked up, so you have to farm it on the character that needs it. If you're Alliance, you need to kill the Taurens in the dig site. I was able to get the recipe four times with the average drop taking about 7 kills. I did have one aberrant drop that took 93 kills, but I suspect I was overfarming the spot at that point.

Magnus the "friendly ghost" vendor is back!

I hope you guys are enjoying the new content with Firelands trash runs and daily quests at the Molten Front. The undocumented fixes started trickling in last week and I just investigated a new one for you. One of our readers left an anonymous tip that Magnus had been spotted recently at Scholomance, so I trekked out to Western Plaguelands to check it out.

I decided to take a new character on the trip because most of the folks who were upset about losing Magnus were playing new toons. They had no way to purchase his recipes because the trinket from Eva Sarkhoff was no longer obtainable. In fact, Eva has been completely removed. So the classic quest to get her trinket and use it to see Magnus the friendly ghost has been gone for a while now. Unfortunately this didn't stop folks from wanting his recipes, specifically the Transmute Water to Air recipe. It seems that Essence of Air is fairly difficult to collect in bulk, so Alchemists were hoping to use the transmute for it.

I happen to have a mage that I've been leveling who is also my junior Alchemist. Since she's been a bank toon for the last 5+ years, she's done very little classic content. I took her out to Western Plaguelands to see what it would take for her to purchase from Magnus. As it turns out, not much. I found him inside the Smithy at Caer Darrow as soon as I arrived. I didn't need the trinket or any quests to see him. He's a ghost NPC, so he's not very visible unless you know to look for him. He is friendly to Alliance and Horde characters, and there does not appear to be any prerequisite quests to interact with him.

For those of you who missed out on the transmute recipe, be sure to visit Magnus the next time you're in the northern part of Eastern Kingdoms. He also has a rare pattern that might be of interest for our Blacksmithing completionists out there.

Please let me know if you run into any other undocumented tradeskill changes and I'll feature them in a blog post as well!