Patch 4.2 Recipes Are Up!

I just wanted to let you guys know that the new recipes for Patch 4.2 are now on the Crafter's Tome site. I had planned to have them up before the patch hit, but I came down with a nasty head cold over the weekend and spent most of the last two days in bed. I forced myself up today just to put the finishing touches on my changes and kick them out the door :) I'm sneezing my head off but I'm up and the new goodies are up as well. We'll keep working on a new version of TradeTrak, meanwhile I hope you guys are out there SELLING SELLING SELLING!

Rundown of the 4.2 Changes:

  • Jewelcrafters: New PVP rings & necklaces
  • Scribes: New PVP relics
  • Blacksmiths: PVP gear has been upgraded, Firelands vendors have recipes for epic items!
  • Tailors: PVP gear has been upgraded, new PVP cloak, new gem bag recipe from the Firelands vendors!
  • Leatherworkers: PVP gear has been upgraded, new PVP cloaks, new leg armor for tanks, new bag recipes from the Firelands vendors!
  • Engineers: New pet achievements, Firelands vendors have new gun/enhancement recipes!
  • Alchemists: Make truegold and volatiles for other crafters
  • Enchanters: Make enchants for all the new gear :)

Don't forget that access to the Firelands vendors requires 31 days of daily quests, which you can read about in my previous post if you haven't seen that yet. Feel free to add your own crafty suggestions in the Comments!

Check out a Reader submitted survey on RPG Gaming

I received an email last night from a reader who asked if I would post a survey he's created to help him with a school project. Here's what he says about it:

"The hypothesis for my project is that "adolescent males are partaking in pseudo–rites of passage involving role-playing games as compensation for a lack of definitive rites of passage within Western Culture." For this research project I am conducting a survey as part of my primary research. This survey is set up on survey monkey which you can find here:"

If you're interested then pop over and fill it out =)

For Beloved Leaders Everywhere

Last week in our BoT farming run, our raid leader discovered after several pulls that he was having aggro trouble. Apparently his fishing pole was still equipped and he was trying to give a beat-down to the Twilight Cult with it. We all had a good laugh at his expense, even though I know many of us (me included) are guilty of the same thing.

A couple of days later, I had the good fortune to find Nat Pagle at my side on the PTR. In a moment of pure comedy, he proceeds to beat the crap out of my elite targets with his fishing pole. It goes to show that a real man can kick butt with just a stick :)

Guardians of Hyjal Vendors

With Patch 4.2 around the corner, everyone is excited for new content. Luckily this patch includes lots of new crafting goodies for almost every profession. Even if you're not a raider, you can make new gear for the PVP crowd. I think the top of many of our ToDo lists is unlocking the new vendors from the Firelands zone. I've been working on this guide to help you guys out with that. This information isn't intended to explain all the quests to you, there are other sites that will be more useful for that. The focus of my walk-thru is to give you an idea of the progression involved with unlocking new vendors so you can buy their recipes.

Not Gone, Just Taking TOO Long!

I apologize for not putting more posts online the past few weeks folks. I've been working on the new Guardians of Hyjal quests so I could write up a walk-through for you. Unfortunately every time I think I'm close to finishing, I end up unlocking a new phase. I thought I'd be able to publish my information last week, then this week, now I'm hoping for next week. Either way, this thing is dragging out big time. The bad news is that I haven't found any new recipes on trainers or vendors. So my focus is on the Firelands dailies and it's taking FOREVER!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple of screenshots I've taken to tide you guys over...

This is Alysrazor, one of the bosses from the Firelands raid. He decided to pop out and say hello to the questing peeps at Malfurion's Breach (the Phase Two quest hub).

This is a pic I took of Malorne, who stops by his Sanctuary in Mount Hyjal while you're working through the new quests there. I thought he was fairly impressive :) But for some reason the dangling earrings he's wearing look like eyeballs to me, which is kinda freaky.

You can click on both of these to see the full size versions. I'm hoping I'll be able to unlock the first wave of recipes in another week. I may post the walk-thru before that, I'm undecided on that part :)

** UPDATE ** Just finished the "Shadow Wardens" step today. Bad news is... no new dailies. It appears that 25 tokens per day is the maximum available. Good news is that one of the vendors is letting me see his wares without completing his quests! So I can document his goodies now and work on unlocking the other NPC with the time I have left. Woot!!

More Fun with The Undermine Journal

I thought you guys might be interested in this new trick I found when using TUJ for auction alerts. Some of you may recall in the early days of Cataclysm I mentioned that I'd been selling the Hardened Obsidium Bracers with good success. They're not on the hit list for leveling blacksmiths, yet they make a strong item for leveling tanks. This creates a situation where there are rarely any up for sale, but they are snapped up like hotcakes when you post some. I'm still selling 1 or more every day that I remember to post, although I make a point to list just one so buyers don't get lulled into thinking there's a glut of supply. The problem for me has been that I don't always remember to post, especially when I've sold my last one and need to make a new batch.