New UK Auction Tracking Site!

I received an email earlier this week from Acy on Hellscream, who's just launched an auction data site for EU players. This site works a bit differently from our Undermine Journal, in that Acy is relying on crowd-sourced data. Wowhead uses a similar system, where users upload their data files to provide the raw numbers for statistics. So the site is only as good as you guys make it! I know there are lots of EU players out there who've been begging for an auction data site of their own. Now is your chance to jump on the gravy train =) This new site uses Auctioneer files for the raw data. Since I know all of you are using Auctioneer anyway for your own personal price tracking, this is a painless way to contribute to the EU community.

You can visit Acy's new auction site @ He also has a blog for the site where he announces new features and other interesting tidbits. The blog is hosted at

New TradeTrak Available!

We've just posted a new, 4.1 friendly version of TradeTrak on WoWInterface and This latest version includes all the latest goodies such as the Origami Beetle, Glyph of Frost Armor and the two specialty items for Engineers! As of today TradeTrak is actually more current than Crafter's Tome :) I'm still working on correcting redundancies with the Wrath gems, so we're not quite ready to update the web site yet. However if you want the latest and greatest information, you can nab a copy of TradeTrak at:

TradeTrak @

TradeTrak @ WoWInterface

Both sites are now showing the latest file that I posted this morning, so feel free to use either link :)

Dev Chat on Professions

Yesterday a new post came out from Blizzard on Professions in their "Ask a Dev" series. I found the information interesting but not earth-shattering. Some of the items they mention are things we've been talking about for a good while now. Unfortunately they give no timelines, so this doesn't help any of us make plans. I would say the biggest nugget that might influence you now is the understanding that some profession-related items will become easier to acquire "soon". If you are benefiting from the scarcity of those things, you should cash in as much as you can before the change occurs.

Technique: Origami Beetle in the House

It looks like the wayward Technique: Origami Beetle finally made it into the game with the Patch 4.1 content. I've gotten two user reports (thanks fellas!) about this dropping in Uldum for Scribes. I'm also seeing similar comments from posters on Wowhead. The recipe appears to be a zone drop in Uldum. One of my readers got it from a croc near the Lost City, but from the Wowhead data it looks like it can drop from any mob.

The recipe binds to you, so you can't farm it on a different toon. Unfortunately I can't test out this information because my Scribe is only level 70. If you haven't managed to get a copy of this recipe yet, give Uldum a try!

Nice People Actually Exist!

I want to give a quick shout-out to Cashani of Thunderlord for popping onto my realm to whisper me after we did two BGs together. She was kind enough to thank me for my heals and invite me to look her up on Thunderlord. I was very tickled to get a whisper from a random stranger and just wanted to say:

You made my day!

Thank you for your kind words - I had a blast keeping you alive even though we didn't manage to win either battle :)

And I thought I would share with the rest you that there are still nice people out there!

New Tailoring Recipes from the 4.2 Test Realm

As promised, here are the screenshots I took last night from the PTR. This looks like two full sets of item level 358 PVP gear purchased from the trainer and the cloth vendor (11 trainer/6 vendor). The Embersilk set appears to be slightly more healer-focused with two of the pieces sporting Spirit. The Fireweave set is probably intended for damage casters, although the distinction is pretty small with these items.

New Inscription Recipes from the Patch 4.2 Test Realm

It came to my attention yesterday that there are some new Inscription and Tailoring items showing up on Wowhead, which I had somehow overlooked on my first pass of the trainers. I went back and found three new items for Scribes, some PVP oriented relics. It's not a huge number of new items, but these also have an item level of 358. I think this will make them quite appealing to players who are conscious of their gear levels.

New Jewelcrafting Recipes in Patch 4.2

We had a comment yesterday indicating that there were some new Jewelcrafting recipes on the Test Realm, so I popped in this morning to track them down for you guys. It looks like Jewelcrafters will be able to pick up a handful of PVP-oriented jewelry items from the trainers in the next patch. There are three new rings and three new necklaces with some caster and melee flavors. These items also have an iLevel of 358, which is the same as the leather gear I wrote about yesterday. Here are the items with recipe information:

Major Change in Patch 4.2 to Crafted Leather PVP Gear

I tweeted this morning that I was going onto the 4.2 PTR to track down new recipes. I started with the Leather trainer+vendor and found something pretty surprising. Instead of the new epic recipes I was hoping for, I found a huge number of changed items on the Leather trader. It appears that ALL of the crafted PVP gear will be getting upgraded when 4.2 goes live. I can only assume that it will coincide with a new arena season. I'm also going to assume that plate and cloth gears are getting a similar boost, although the PTR went down on me and I didn't get to check in with those vendors yet.