Cooking Question from the Mail Room

I got an anonymous email yesterday from a reader who had an interesting question that I thought might be worth sharing with everyone. Anon writes:

Have I not researched enough? You folks seem to REALLY know what is up.
I have reached 300 fishing + gear to 335
I know I can't increase til lvl 40?
But cooking is 300 And I can't find a trainer to increase my skills is there a level cap there also??

In Other News....

Maelstrom Crystals are 3750 Justice Points (or 3750 Honor Points) and the new Jewelcrafting recipe, Punisher's Band, costs 5 daily tokens from the token vendor.


More Profession Changes in 4.1

Additional crafting changes went up on the PTR last Friday night and the bulk of these seem to be tweaks to 'classic' recipe ingredients. The key villain in this wave of changes appears to be flask of mojo (and its big brother, but for some reason not its powerful brother) with a side of gorilla hair and long elegant feathers. This seems like a strange change to be making in 4.1, I was expecting modifications like this in 4.0. Perhaps it's just that recipe revamps didn't make the Cata cut for release. The bigger question for me is why just three weird components? Why not the whole enchilada?

A couple of nuggets in 4.1

Don't know how many of you picked up on this today, but a couple of minor crafting tweaks have made it into the 4.1 patch notes. First is a reduction in the price of trade goods from the Honor Point and Justice vendors by 50%. Those of you who want to make those purchases will probably be happy with the lower cost. Personally I'm not so thrilled about it because I've already noticed some price slumps with gathered materials in recent weeks. The idea that more of these items will be dumped into the market isn't appealing to me as a crafter because it also affects the prices I can charge for finished products.

The other change I expect will be universally hailed and this is the addition of Maelstrom Crystals to the vendors. I know some of you were bemoaning the lack of them in the original implementation and will be happy to get them now. This change I think is more reasonable because Maelstrom Crystals are still going for about 2k on most servers. That feels really overpriced to me when you consider the fact that weapon enchants are using 4-6 crystals and costing players 8-12k per weapon enchant. For this particular item I think deflation is appropriate.

So what do you guys think of the changes? Excited or annoyed?

Hunting Recipes The Easy Way

Since The Undermine Journal has gone back online I've been using them more and more for my auction house camping and letting them do the grunt work I typically to do manually. I haven't relied on Auctioneer in ages, having ditched it two expansions ago when it got too bloated for my taste. All of my auction activities are done manually which involves lots of one-off searches and a gut feel for prices. Needless to say it's more of a time sink than I would like, so there are times when I don't focus on selling due to that.

Check out our New GAME!

Yep, you read that right... hubby and I made a game. A Facebook game, to be specific. I know some of you are going to groan and gag at that, but I still have a comment from Tobold rattling around in my head when it comes to Facebook games. It's essentially the perception that Facebook games are bad because they have no actual "game" to them. I like to think that our new game does have an actual game to it and I hope you guys agree.