JMTC Carnival - Specialize or Diversify?

The latest Carnival topic from JMTC got me thinking about the idea of whether it's better to specialize or diversify as a new Auction House player. Obviously folks who've been playing the markets for a while have already made their choice on this question, so its the newcomers who generally face this issue. Given my background in tech support, I tend to follow the KISS philosophy when introducing new ideas to people. It's easy for players to get overwhelmed in a game as complex as WoW, so why not start in a small pond and work your way up? This is why I would advocate specializing for the budding auction house dabbler.

Living Action Potion is Saved

The Zandalar faction disappeared during the Cataclysm and with that many recipes are also gone. One recipe that didn't vanish is Living Action Potion, a "vanilla" recipe that used to require Exalted reputation with Zandalar. Apparently someone at Blizzard felt it was worth saving and relocated it to Winterspring. I'm not certain when this recipe came back into rotation, but I found it during my vendor camping adventure on the 4.0.6 test realm.

Enchanting Change in 4.0.6

As far as I know this is undocumented, I didn't read it in any of the various patch notes including the hotfix notes from today. But yesterday I was planning to take advantage of the new change to Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility, which previously required a Runed Elementium Rod (now a Titanium Rod). Since this enchant is learned before the Elementium Rod can be crafted, this was a pretty annoying problem (which yes, I did report during Beta). So my Enchanter has been dawdling at 473 because all the other enchants you can make here are such awful money sinks, I couldn't bear to throw gold away on them.

I was preparing to make the enchant and I needed more heavenly shards. I've had trouble getting a supply of shards because at 470 you can't disenchant the items that give you a heavenly shard. I've been buying cheap crafted blues off the auctions, but they were just sitting in my mailbox because I couldn't DE them. So I started sorting through my mail to figure out what I had that I *could* disenchant and I noticed that I was not getting the red "you suck" message on those items anymore. From what I can tell the enchanting skill required has been lowered to 450 for all rare items all the way to 85. It looks like 85 epics now require 475 enchanting skill. This is much lower than the previous values, I believe it was 500 skill for 85 rares.

Has anyone else noticed this change or is it just me?

Bug with new Archaeology Sell Prices

This tip came to me from my guildmate, Mamabear of Llane, who asked me to share it so other folks wouldn't get bitten. Like many of us, she saved up a bunch of Archaeology artifacts to sell when yesterday's patch went up. She had some artifacts that were actually stacked in multiples, I think she must be after a particular item...

Anyway, when she sold her stacked artifacts she only received gold for one item. She had to split the stacks in order to collect the money for each artifact. It seems that selling artifacts in stacks may not be correcting calculating the multiplier. So if you have any artifacts stacked up, be sure to split them into singles before you sell to the vendor. Considering that some artifacts can sell for 100 gold or more, you don't want to lose money this way.

It also can't hurt to post any problems you might have in the official support forums so Blizzard can look into the situation :)

Update on Alchemy Trinkets & More

We had some folks express concern about the new Alchemy trinkets when I posted them up a few weeks ago. I said that I would try to find out more for you guys and I did actually manage to scrape together enough volatiles a few days ago. I stupidly neglected to bring volatiles on my toons and had to make a few premades to cover the extra trinket.

Crafter's Tome Updated for 4.0.6

In preparation for the patch tomorrow I've posted all of my PTR updates to the Live web site. This includes all of the vendor research I did - all Classic vendors should be listed at their current Cataclysm location. To see Location information, click on the name of any vendor in the recipe list and you'll get a page with all their recipes plus details on where they are located.

All the new/changed recipes from the Test Realm are also online, including the new Alchemy trinkets, meta gems for Jewelcrafting and enchants for bracers. The Leatherworking recipes have also been fixed with the Highbank vendor that previously showed 425 skill for some items, now the non-PVP gear is listed at 525 skill.

Feel free to post a comment or send an email if you find any classic vendor who differs in location or inventory from our lists :) I'm pretty sure I checked them all... but you never know!

Just Found - Glyph of Colossus Smash!

Many of our Scribes have been trying to figure out how to get their hands on this glyph. I'm happy to say that the mystery has been solved. In the process of checking all the vendors at Highbank, I came across this:

The Skinny on Cataclysm Vendor Changes

Since Cataclysm launched, the vast majority of the emails I've gotten have been reports about missing vendors. While I hadn't originally intended to do a sweeping vendor review during our first post-Cataclysm test realm, I decided to let the masses drive the decision on this one. I spent the last week visiting recipe vendors in the classic zones, all 227 of them.