Horde Horrors of The Shattering

This weekend I've spent a good chunk of time visiting vendors in classic zones. I've been trying to document who disappeared/moved/survived the Cataclysm. I'm only about 25% through my list of several hundred vendors, but I found a particularly sad situation in Ashenvale that I was moved to report.

If you haven't been to Ashenvale recently, you may not realize that Silverwind Refuge was taken over by the Horde. There were several vendors and trainers there, including two that sold recipes for Cooks and Alchemists. I received an email recently, letting me know that this town was no longer Alliance controlled. So I flew out to investigate.

Cooking Goodie Bag... Coming Soon!

Not a huge news event, I know :) But I wanted to share my information on the new goodie bag that will be added to the Cooking vendor in the next patch. These bags cost just one daily token. By the time the next patch becomes available, most Cooks will have the bulk of the recipes they plan to purchase. Apparently that means it's time for something new to buy, hehe.

Lunar Festival = Recipes!

The Lunar Festival started yesterday and I wanted to remind all you newly minted Tailors and Engineers out there that you can grab up some fun recipes during this event! If you've been a Tailor or Engineer for a while, you've probably already collected these novelty goodies. Tailors can purchase recipes to create versions of the Lunar Festival clothing. And Engineers can pick up schematics to make a number of fireworks AND the cluster launcher that is unique to this event!

For more information about the coin requirements for recipes, check out my post from last year. We also have a full list of the recipes sold by the Lunar Festival vendor in Mooonglade on Crafter's Tome. And finally, you can get full details of the event itself on Wowpedia.

Justice/Honor Vendor Wares (4.0.6 PTR)

By request I've collected information for you guys on the new Trade Vendors from the Test Realm. There are two of them, one who accepts Justice points and one who accepts Honor points. You can purchase a variety of goods from them including enchanting materials.

Here is the Justice Vendor with his goodies. In case you can't tell, he's standing to the left of the Justice/Valor vendors:

Alchemy Recipes & Changes in 4.0.6

I'll bet all of our Alchemists are excited to see the new selection of Alchemy trinkets coming in the next patch. They're all learned from the trainer at 500 skill, same as the existing trinket. Each has a different primary stat: Intellect, Agility or Strength. They each require 50 volatile life + 36 herbs. If you've already crafted the current trinket and you're not a tank - I'm sorry. Maybe you can hold onto it for your PVP set?

Here are the screenshots I took of the new trinkets and their mats:

New Glyph in 4.0.6 - Dark Succor

I've been perusing the profession changes on the PTR - most of them you already know about if you follow MMO-Champion. There's one item that hasn't gotten much play and that's the new Glyph of Dark Succor. I'm seeing some speculation about this new glyph recipe that I wanted to lay to rest. I can confirm that this is currently learned from the trainer. You can see in this screenshot that it's available at 275 skill:

I can't say for sure what the market potential of this item is - I don't play a Death Knight. Since it comes from the trainer, it's likely that it will go down in value pretty quickly. Those of you who are interested in cashing in on this should get your ethereal ink stockpiled and be prepared to crank these out as soon as the patch goes live.

Personally, I'd love to see a few more Inscription items added to the mix. Other professions are getting some love in this patch (Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting) and Scribes could use some additional market goodies. If nothing else I hope they implement the Origami Beetle that's been floating around the rumor mill.

New Changes to Alchemy Cauldron Achievements

In case you guys missed this yesterday, MMO-Champion has a blue post with some hotfixed changes to the Cauldron guild achievements. Previously guilds were required to create 10,000/25,000 Cataclysm flasks in order to unlock two Cauldron recipes. Apparently Blizzard has hotfixed both achievements to require only 1000/3000 Cataclysm flasks.

Based on this information, it looks like Blizzard has been monitoring the rate of flask creation in typical guilds and realized that we just weren't cranking out flasks at that level. Right now my guild has only made a few hundred flasks - we aren't raiding yet though. But even 25 man raiding guilds who raid 15 hours a week would be hard pressed to use 2000 flasks after a mere four weeks since the release of Cataclysm. Creating 10,000 flasks would involve serious effort on the part of any guild.

What I find encouraging about this post is that it demonstrates Blizzard's attentiveness to our progression through the content. And not just raid progression, although it could be argued that this issue has an impact on raiding. Even with that, I'm comforted by the fact that the Devs aren't just looking to take things away and/or slow us down in our mad dash to the finish line. In some cases they may actually ease the path for us if their original plan turns out to be too harsh.

Yay :)